I’m Going Through An Enemy Vandalism During Election Day?

Well, today was a little fucked up, as my dad would usually say. But, I’m going to skip towards class. Science got really boring because we were studying the Continental Drift and how the gravity works with. So, I decided to grab a piece of candy (Kit Kat) and listen to some music. Lol. I was 6 minutes late for chat, so I listened to some songs from Disturbed and I heard a new song from them called Asylum. Well, basically I waited out the class until chat was open again. Damn. Right now my right arm is swore from typing, and I haven’t typed in days. Ugh. I chatted a little with my friend Elizabeth, since Nayyir wasn’t around. Then, all of the sudden, this guy called Brandon repeated out loud that he was sexy, and there was this other dude called Connor. He said he loved Brandon. So, Elizabeth and I, and probably some other people figured Connor was gay.

We chatted throughout Social Studies class. But, we didn’t really care, cause our Social Studies teacher can be rude at times. I’m just waiting for our next Social Studies teacher. Anyways, we figured out this girl called Sarah liked Brandon, and then me for some odd reason, and then this guy called Adam. Now, Adam was a little surprised because Sarah was repeating “get ready for the wedding”. Weird huh? Elizabeth tried talking to Sarah about going to far in crushes. Instead, Sarah made me the preacher of the wedding. God, I hate when I’m being dragged into situations. Well, the rest of the day was odd as well. I only got a small percent of what we were learning in Math. It sucked. So, I decided to skip homework and go on with the rest of my subjects. The only secret was that I was in my boxers during the school time. It started to feel cold. My feet turned pale. So, I put some clothes on. I also gave Elizabeth my phone number during Science class.

Later on, I finished the rest of my school, and decided to listen to a little more music. But, then I decided to go outside since everybody who was in an actual public school had the day off. I came outside and found one of my neighbors raking for one of my neighbor’s yards. And man, she has one huge yard, let me tell you that. My neighbor said he was getting paid 10$ or higher. So, in order to help him, he asked for some help. I felt pissed that I was actually going to work for him, and not even get one single cent. Though, I helped. I raked up about most of the back part of the yard, which gave him a little boost. Though, I quit immediately so I could compete with my friend, King, in soccer. I won against him by one point, which proved I was better than him. I wanted to ask if he was voting for the democrats or republicans. But, I kept my mouth shut.

My neighbors decided to be in their new ‘clubhouse’. And they said they’d kick me out if I didn’t have a gun. What really pissed me off was the fact that I told my sister to leave, which is what my mom would’ve told me to do. Instead she said ‘no’. And I didn’t want her to make her look like a fool. Simon and I decided to make a new clubhouse. And damn, it’s the biggest thing you’re ever going to get close to. Our neighbors decided to annoy us and commit vandalism on our property. They also called us punks because of our new amendment of neutrality. I got pissed off. They also took my gun, which really got me angry. We got ready for weapons, sticks, rocks, dookie and even dirt. We also got a torture machine. 😀 We set up team A in the tree for shooting rocks, throwing dookie, and then coming down to hit them with sticks. I was on the defending camp for shooting and all. We had lot’s of things.


8 comments on “I’m Going Through An Enemy Vandalism During Election Day?

  1. nayyirnensi says:

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hahaha, that was one weird but awesome day(:
    And ugh, Sarah, idk what she is gonna do ….she never listens !/:
    Oh well ./:

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