I’m Getting Tired Of My Little Sister Being A Smart Ass

Well, today is the last day of November. And it’s now at the edge of December. “Christmas in, Christmas in, Christmas in July! Open up our presents. And find a hairy guy.” I just had the need to sing that melody. But, that’s copy written from Cartoon Network. But, what the hell. Okay, in the morning I was suspecting something to go wrong as usual on my un-lucky day, Tuesday. This day always ends up bad. But, I tried not to hide from most things and do whatever I could. And to tell you, actually nothing really happened much besides the fact that mom hit my brother in the head because he was being stupid, and annoying during homework. I on the other hand, was doing good. I was working on my brochure. So, far I have a picture put down, and two paragraphs. Well, not as much, but good enough for a start. I chose Brazil and Venezuela for my travel brochure for three reasons.

1. So, that I can write about a country in Latin America that I enjoy learning from (I love Venezuela’s climate, elevation and precipitation [I also love Brazil un-weary wet forests, cold climates, animals, and history {which BTW, I think it was when they mentioned about the Aztecs and the Incas when it involved Brazil history}]). 2. It’s a lot easier to learn things from those two countries. They just keep it simple, but when it comes to Columbia, Puerto Rico or Haiti, they just mention to much fruits they have in different temperatures and hwo the economy works. While Venezuela is kept simple, and Brazil’s economics a little easier to catch up on. 3. Because I just adore Brazil. Reminds me of a lot. I guess I like Venezuela because it sounds like a complicated, and interesting name of a country. At first I could pronounce it. Lol.

Well, once I took a break from my Brochure, I worked on first, my Literature (I’m only one lesson ahead on finishing the book), and then took care of my Vocabulary. It’s so hard to note down the words, but in the end, it’s good success. I finished my Math at one point. 🙄 OKAY, I didn’t do my Math, but I put in the results, so it looked like I did it. I am so smart. Lol. The only part was that I couldn’t do my Social Studies because the computers or the school was acting up. So, all I got from it, was that I had to study a special European language/culture called Judaism. I got so fed up with it not working. I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it. Anyways, um… so I was grounded throughout the whole day for not really paying attention to my brother’s mistakes in Reading, which was like WTF?

I got also so pissed today, because Anabelle was being a direct asshole. Yep, I said it. She was being a smart ass. She tries yelling and defending for her friends, even though her friends are people who enjoy talking about sex and like taking of Barbie’s shirts off. Perverted minds I tell you. At least Patricia’s friend didn’t come strolling around. And at least Patricia didn’t give me an attitude. 😀

It’s Almost December

It’s freezing inside and outside like crazy. We have our Christmas tree up, our socks above the fireplace, snowflakes around the leaving room/hallway/kitchen and we also have our Noel carpet. You know what day that represents. December!! Christmas time. Oh God, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year because it starts around the end of the year. Yes, also I’m welcomed to say that it is almost 2011. A new year people. New technology, ideas, games, people, especially new school year. I just can’t wait for all of these special moments. I’m not really going to post about today. I’m just telling you about the near edge were at to December.

It’s Amazing How Days Act Up On Me

Well, today was a victorious day for me, and I guess almost everybody else. But, I’m going to get to the morning. I woke up today around 5 in the morning. That’s actually the reason why I posted earlier yesterday. Anyways, once I woke up I tried turning on some small lights so mom and dad wouldn’t wake up. I worked on my book for about an hour, and then worked a little bit on Facebook. Once 6 o’clock hit, I saw a light in my mom’s room. So, I ate my breakfast quickly, and then ran without being noticed. When I got in my room, I started to browse around and see what was in store for me to do because I wasn’t really in a sleepy mood. I found Harry Potter on my shelf. So I picked it out, and read it. I got a little more progress than usual. Even though, it was kind of a slow start. Once 7 hit, I expected mom and dad was going to wake us up, unfortunately, I didn’t hear a single footstep in there room. All was quiet.

So I took the time, and spared some sleep. That’s when everything goes haywire. Once I started sleeping, it ended abruptly. It felt like I’ve only been sleeping for about 10 minutes, even though by clock, I was asleep for an hour. My mom wasn’t even up when I woke up again. Only my family members. I heard Patricia’s friend’s voice. This early in the morning? I checked, somebody exited the door once I got out of bed. So, I knew Patricia had her here secretly. Once Patricia’s friend came back, I was at the stairs, stunned. PATRICIA’S FRIEND CAN’T JUST BARGE INTO OUR HOUSE WITHOUT PERMISSION. And then she decides waking up my parents. Real nice. We had to take her to church with us, even though it was Leader ship room. Man, it’s like Patricia’s friend has to know everything that’s happening and how what’s what. UGH. She irritates me so much. And yet she tries to befriend me and try having sex with me.

I just ignored her, and went to my group. I was still the master at Foozeball. Until some annoying pricks were playing against me and were holding my foozeball players so they could get a ball. The others didn’t realize it. So, I was pissed and decided to go the opposite foozeball table. I won as usual because there weren’t any cheaters. I went with my dad to go and do leader group. I was amazed by how everything worked. And like always, I had to secretly bring myself to the counters, and grab a few chocolate doughnuts. Lol. It was tasty, until I heard that this was this last leader group this year. Aw… that sucks. I went back to my group at church, because mom told me my ex-crush was there. I didn’t really pay attention much. I just stayed cool, and watched behind me or in front of me if she was there. I was only there to do whatever.

Once we got back home, Patricia’s friend’s mom called, and said that Patricia’s friend needed to come back home, and go shopping with her, or she has to stay home with us. Well, of course Patricia’s bitch friend had to beg to stay. Even though we said “no” when we were supposed to clean the house. Unfortunately, even Patricia’s friend messed up the house and broke her mom’s law. She went outside, and went to visit Savino’s. Man, what does she get? SAVINO HATES HER!! Don’t go trying befriend him, you pervert. Later on, I had a talk with Patricia’s friend that made her petrified and made her speechless from trying to look cool. I just don’t get why Patricia’s friend has to put so much sex appeal where ever she goes. Is she trying to see if she finds her horny boy. Sick. I kind of felt bad for Patricia’s friend that she was hurt. But, I rather see kiss the world’s ugliest girl in the world, then see Patricia’s friend. Well, the day ended hurtfully, though I was able to get far in my book. And I have to turn in Pendragon. Boo ho.

The Day Our Enemy Lied

Right now I’m posting this real late. So, I’ll just tell you the details. Remember how I told you that Patricia’s friend was staying at Kentucky ti’ll Sunday? Well, guess what? She begged her mom for her to come back home to play and use BTW. That girl is such a prick. I’m not going to say loser, because that’s the total opposite, and I’m especially not going to call her a winner. She’s a pervert. Basically, she’s lower than most losers. Let me tell you instead the chronological events that happened so I can piece these things out. Well, usually on a Saturday, we have to clean up. Well, today we were decorating the tree and the house instead, for Christmas.

I was at Savino’s house playing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, while Savino was playing his new Grand Theft Auto Liberty. See, whenever he gets new things, Savino tends to get really showing off and a little too selfish. But, I’m not his master, or his servant for that matter. Soon enough, Savino’s mom invited us with Savino and his dad to Home Depot. Oh and I probably forgot to mention that her foot was sprained, so she has to walk with those crane things. On our way there, we listened to my favorite radio station. One of the songs we were listening to, that made King and I go into a head beat, was a song from Godsmack, and it was called “Love, Hate, Sex, Pain”.

Once Savino head the word sex in the song, he would turn nervously to me. When we got to Home Depot, there was nothing really to do for about an hour. Which made it boring for me and King. I think Matthew was the only one enjoying the trip. On our way home, I told King and Savino that Patricia’s friend might be home, because her car was home. Unfortunately, as I wished it not to be, it was true. Patricia’s friend lied about her due so she could play with Patricia. And if you leave family that quick, that means she even lower of a pervert. She’s an asshole.

I figured because when`I got home, Simon was there decorating. So, King and Savino wanted us to play. Unfortunately, we needed to decorate first. So, they helped out. It was then, when Patricia’s friend came into our house unsupervised. She just showed up in our leaving room. I didn’t want to make a scene, so I tried to stay calm. But, how can you stay calm when she’s looking at what’s making a sound, and making those annoying little eye looks. Everybody wanted her out as much as I did. But, she wouldn’t listen. I would know that.

Near the end of the day, Patricia and her friend were stalking on us. Probably not Patricia. But her friend. I don’t get perverted girls at all. She just tries to look popular, and doesn’t notice the people’s insults about her. If you become nice with her, she’ll become your friend immediately. If you’ve been her friend for awhile. She’ll take about sexual parts in the wrong way, and try to talk about sex. I know girls who do that, which BTW, they are attractive, but she’s ugly, and has a perverted mind. She has huge eyes, that are way apart from each other.

Near the end of the day, King, Nicholous, me, Matthew, and my mom were playing Mexican train. Until Patricia’s friend came back. Hideously. She asked if she could sleepover. But mom said no so unexpectedly and yet so expectingly. Then, Patricia’s friend asked if they could sleepover. A no again. And still the girl was stupid. And she asked if Patricia and Anabelle can finish dinner with her back at her house when it was like 8 PM. So dark outside. Mom said no again, and explained we needed to take a bath. Unfortunately, Patricia’s friend was a short-term memory loss person. So, she asked after the bath if they could sleepover. What a bitch.

Add Me Again

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Thanksgiving Day (Must Check Pictures)

Once I woke up, I knew Thanksgiving was today. It was all in my face. It was really annoying. Every time I tried to have fun today, Thanksgiving would be up in my face. Why am I not acting enthusiastic about this? Last time was the best Thanksgiving.

Just before Thanksgiving, Savino traded me his Pokemon Emerald Gameboy game, in return for my Pokemon Leafgreen. We had to keep them for about… ti’ll next Thanksgiving. Okay, now Thanksgiving was on. I knew I was going to have to get pictures of it. So, I did.
Hope you enjoyed those pictures. Once we went to the park, we took lot’s of pictures. But, not me much. I just knew I was going to need the camera at this point. We took a walk, and passed through the park. My dad took these awesome pictures of me and my dirty blonde hair. The hair compared to the sunlight, made it look rainbow like. It looked as if my dad’s tiny phone was the best at pictures. Lol.

Well, time for me now. We all stood around the beautiful grass. And I just decided to take a picture of my sister which looked really beautiful BTW. It was a good picture for my quality of camera. We walked throughout the whole park. And then took a break by playing in the Playground. There were these three girl meanies showing off at my sister. So, I decided to stand up to them. They eventually flinched back, because they thought I was a God with all these words they haven’t heard. It’s fun to have that power. 😀 Logan was unpredictably there. Took me 2 times to call his name for him to realize me. Frankie, Logan’s little brother, was tugging on my shirt, and giving me the monkey noises since he was like 6 or 5. Lol.

When we got back home, everybody was packing for the Christmas tree from the attic. I on the other hand, had to stay, and transport the boxes down. I still can’t believe we used that Christmas tree for about 6 or 5 years in a row. And it’s still standing. It took us awhile to get it done. But, I gave up once the ending was done. I then decided to read Pendragon.

Let’s Just Get This Tangled Day Over With

Today was a bit nice, and then depressing at the end. I’m going to skip the little puny details and get to the main parts. Well, um… Savino and I are hanging out again, we’re playing Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas. One of my favorite games from it. I tried asking for a sleepover at Savino’s house. Turns out, when I called my mom to make sure I could (which BTW, she was so polite to say yes), his mom then said I should’ve asked her first and than my mom. WTF was that all about? Who cares which order it had to be in? Well, because of that, I was sent home at 7, and had to go to the theaters (to watch Tangled) with Patricia’s friend. She was acting crazy the whole time. And I was being a whore honestly. Patricia’s friend expects to come to our house anytime, and be able to watch with us an expensive movie. Oh and FYI, she said she had money, so she was supposed to come with us. That girl is a bitch.

Well, I got ready for the movie (basically ate a huge dinner [with mashed potatoes, broccoli, carrots, some special meat, and some chocolate popcorn]), which took a short amount of time. Patricia’s friend went into the car, and was making annoying noises AGAIN. I tried not shooting her with a bb gun. But, she kept saying MISSED!! God, I want to go to sleep. Okay, let’s just say Tangled wasn’t so good of a movie. Wasn’t even impressing also by the fact that Patricia’s friend ate all the coke, popcorn and made annoying loud laughing that sounded like a pig snorting. LITERALLY. It was 11, and Patricia’s friend’s mother wasn’t worried. What kind of a bitch wouldn’t worry when it’s almost midnight. Once we dropped Patricia’s friend off, she hit her house door so hard, it would’ve sounded like a mob was breaking in. That girl has no manners.

Sorry for a short psot, but I’m tired, and stressed right now. So, good night.