I Officially Hate Halloween

I am deeply sorry for not being able to post the past three days. I don’t know how to make it up to you. Or maybe I do. Since the past three days, it’s all been revolving on one thing. Halloween. I didn’t really enjoy it when I heard it was coming in a few days. I wanted to skip it for all I care. Until next day came, Nayyir said that he was able to come over for our Halloween party and trick-or-treat time. Boy how I was wrong. I was waiting at church for the moment (since time went directly to Sunday [Hallow’s Eve]). It felt so intriguing, and it I was so happy. Until it came to the last bad part. When everybody was dressed up, even though it was still sunny, I was waiting for Nayyir to come. But, it took awhile, so I decided to call him to see what was going on there. Turns out, Nayyir couldn’t come, because he decided to schedule a different party. Broke my heart. I brought my costume. Only one neighbor realized who I was. Which was fine by me, but Patricia’s friend and the rest of our neighbors weren’t patient, so I had to wait ti’ll everybody was done picking out candy from a house.

The worst turned when my costume broke. My guitar rope grip ripped so I wasn’t able to wear a guitar to show my true identity. 😦 Everybody was like: “Who’s he supposed to be?” and “Who would wear black to Halloween?”. I felt so pissed off. I decided to go to Simon’s house and pick the best candy and go home. Mom was worrying. But, I called my dad to let him know I was home. Turns out I got about 89 pieces of candy, and I didn’t even try getting candy. Picking out all the candy made me sick to my stomach. So, I just dumped it all out. Mom and dad and Patricia’s other nice friend came back. Most of them got more candy because they asked for more candy. I had to discuss with mom about my depression of things.

1. Nayyir wasn’t able to come over at all because he decided to schedule somewhere else.
2. Barely got candy.
3. Got sick of candy.
4. Patricia’s friend’s mom was actually interacting with my mom. I bet they’ll be friends in no time.
5. Patricia’s friend was happy.
6. People insulted my costume.

I was so emotional through the whole day. My mom explained I was going through a hormones stage, which felt really awkward for me, even though I do get really emotional and bitchy at times. The only good part about today was the fact that Patricia’s other nice friend told me Patricia’s friend was insulting Patricia and Patricia’s nice friend’s sister. I got happy that Patricia’s friend actually did something bad. I was only wondering whether our neighbors were still hunting. Oh and next day (which was yesterday) I got a stomach flu because of candy. Ew… not so good. I was about to vomit, but all that came out was a bad stomach and burps. Turns out since I ate candy and started burping constantly my stomach hurts. Now, the next thing was when I overheard that all county schools were being closed for Election Day, but not our school.

So, one of our neighbors insulted our school. And that’s all. I’m going to post tomorrow since I’m tired.


10 comments on “I Officially Hate Halloween

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry about that Andrew .
    I hate Halloween, too .
    I don’t get how mean the people are, I mean like they inject things into some of the candy for the little kids .
    I mean, its stupid !/:
    Poor little kids .lol

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah I feel sorry too.
      You do? Why didn’t you mention it in class?
      Wait, they injected things in my candy?!!?!?! Fuck!!!
      Oh and FYI, you look hot. But, not personally.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Haha, well, they don’t inject things into ALL the candy just the mean people do .
        And ThankYa(; I get that a lot(;

      • Andrew says:

        I know, some candy got me sick to my stomach. I’m really careful with which candy I eat. 😀

        HORRIBLE!! And you must get a lot of boys. But, not me, I’m already packed. Lol.

  2. willowbatel says:

    Sorry your Halloween was bad. Who were you dressed up as (I don’t think you ever said). Lol, 90% of the kids who came to my house wore black. And most of the adults too. Yes, people in their 40’s were trick-or-treating with their kids. It was weird.
    Yeah, the emotional bit doesn’t really get any better, lol. Just have lots of chocolate on hand at all times. Or ice cream. Or pizza.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty pissed. AND YOU FINALLY FOUND TIME TO VISIT. Lol. Actually I was supposed to be Johnny Cash. You may not know that character. Hmm… everybody wore sophisticated colors, like green, bright red and dark blue. Odd, I was the only normal color. Lol. It can be weird, there was this dude who came over to our house because they were driving for their son to trick-or-treat (his son was Iron Man, lol). And I think he was in his 30’s. Yeah, I know you’ve gone through it plenty. I know I’ll have ice-cream. But, not chocolate.

      • willowbatel says:

        Haha, I’m embarassed to say I only know his name, and that he was a rock star.
        I don’t think there really is a “normal” color for halloween.
        It’s normal for parents to go around with their kids, but these women actually came up to the door for candy as well. it was kind of weird. they didn’t look very happy either which was kind of annoying.
        lol, Ice cream and pickles. Either of those will cure anything. Just don’t eat them at the same time.

      • Andrew says:

        Why embarrassed? Because I basically told you. There isn’t? Well, all I was trying to state was the fact that I was the only normal color. Everybody else wore un-normal colors. Halloween is supposed to b about different colors, I know, but I was the only ONE wearing a normal one. Get it? Oooh! That’s gotta be sad, if my friends, especially Nayyir were there and some kid was ordering around his parent, we would respectfully give them candy, and then laugh like crazy when they left. Sorry, I don’t want to get emotional. I’ve been getting TOO emotional lately, I don’t want it to get worse. Ice cream actually works? Okay, I’ll try. Yeah, you’ll kind of get a bad bathroom break. Lol.

    • willowbatel says:

      I meant that I felt bad that I don’t know anything more about Johnny Cash. I feel like I saw a movie about him…
      You don’t seem emotional at all, lol. Perfectly fine actually.

      • Andrew says:

        Oh, I don’t seem offended. I was only offended when people were making fun of me. And I highly doubt that Johnny Cash is in a movie. Yeah, I’ve kind of cooled off now.

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