A Relaxing Wednesday

Okay, most of you may enjoy the warm, sunny breeze outside, and you just can’t get enough of it. Well, I have a totally different perspective towards it. I like more grayer clouds, droopy rains and cool breezes. That’s the only reason why I enjoy the Fall season more than anything in the world. I’m going to go with the point of today. I started finally waking up around 6:30, unfortuantely, my dad was in the bathroom. I could tell, my mom doesn’t wake up this late and leave the light on, while being so quiet. So, I just went in there and made sure he knew I was downstairs, so my dad wouldn’t be surprised I was downstairs all of the sudden. I went on the computer and worked on some of my school. Started first with some of my elluminates. After I chatted with “the unknown girl” and with Nayyir I went toward my school work for today.

I wanted to start with Social Studies today, because all I had to do was check this map of Europe’s physical features. BTW, I’m studying on Europe for my unit. I’m going to skip the rest of my work towards my Math elluminate. I had some homework on ratios and some OLS lessons, and then I had a test. So, I took care of it, in less than 2 hours. It was a lot work, just to break it down to you. But, afterwards, I completed the rest of my homework, and practiced on my acoustic guitar. I looked online for some songs to learn, and so far I’ve learned how to play Numb-by Linkin Park. But, it’s decent eh? I have to just play 10 songs in front of my mom and then give her a present for her late birthday and then wait for Christmas to get my electrical guitar. That’s a goal I’m looking forward to.

Fortunately, the sky was grey. The best time of the day basically. I quickly laid on my bed and played a blues on my guitar. Came in handy I guess. I played Yesterday, and it soothed my ears from all of the rock music. I rested my head, and read the Riddle a little bit. Fell asleep, and got woken up so abruptly because of my mom, because I didn’t pick my book. Oh, good grief. πŸ˜€


6 comments on “A Relaxing Wednesday

  1. Prima says:

    Nice! I love grey cloudy day! When I was kid I like running on a broad meadow nearby waiting for rain. I like the wind and the darken cloud… just standing there, closing my eyes, but without music, πŸ˜›

    • Andrew says:

      Ah, same thing. πŸ˜€ In Indonesia, they have broad meadows? That’s awesome. Before, in the Summer, all the kids, especially me would go outside and ride bikes in the rain, assuming there’s a tornado. Music’s good. Try it out someday.

      • nayyirnensi says:


      • Andrew says:

        What? What are you talking about?

      • Prima says:

        Yes, I lived in a village when I was kid, we have such a tropical meadow, I couldn’t find a correct word, but not that broad :P, but still good enough for me. Have you seen the opening of August Rush? I was smiling, same thing. My mom always let me to play in the rain–light one, running, playing water in a ditch, and sometimes she joined me! πŸ˜€

      • Andrew says:

        Nice. I’m in a neighborhood. Lol. I’ve seen the movie August Rush. It was a decent movie. My mom’s supportive, jut not, really spending time much outside, unless she’s watching. On the other hand, she’s nice. πŸ™‚

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