What The Monday Just Happened?

Hey, nice to see you guys again on my blog. Now we’re going to go over what happened today. I woke up today around 8:22. I assumed there was going to be a Language Arts class with my least favorite teacher today around 8, because that’s when it usually starts. Unfortuantely, I burst into tears thinking about my portfolio that I sent yesterday. For some reason, I forgot that I send it. So, I went into crying stage for a few seconds, and then realized I already sent it, lol. I ALSO figured out there were no elluminates/classes on Monday. Woo ho!! Though, I always forget it somehow, and get paranoid whether or not I miss it. I went to my Literature Unit review test.

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the upcoming Unit Assessment test. I bet I’d even fail on it. When I finished some of the rest of my subjects, I checked my tests that I finally completed on Study Island. Unfortunately, when I logged in, I had 9 MORE tests assigned for me. I got sick of having to deal with 5 tests. But… 9 tests.. was like amazing!! I passed a lesson in Social Studies, with missing only one question. I moved on and tried to do Spanish Math. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the words, so I immediately jumped out of the test, before they resulted me. I tried Chemistry, and I did pretty good, even though all these things were ahead of my grade. I passed the test, but then got sidetracked. So, I had to do it AGAIN. Which was so freaking annoying. I went on to Math, which turned out easy. So, I did three more lessons, and kicked it’s ass.

Wow, haven’t gotten this much enthusiasm in awhile. I had Social Studies left, so I took a break. I was beating up my little sister. Anabelle, if you hadn’t known. Unluckily, I got bored, so I played with some of my cars, in my room. I decided to do a play with cars, that I’ll probably set up on youtube. Not that I have an account, so that’s the major problem. But, I had to start finishing my Social Studies. Before I could finish the last questions for the Unit Assessment test, I got lectured by my mom to load the dishes. She seemed so stressed today. I got pissed, because I get angry whenever my mom gets in pain/stress. I loaded the dishes and finished my Unit Assessment test, and got a good 100%. My mom and I clapped hands of my achievement. I worked on the play, and to tell you, it’s pretty crappy, until my sister (Patricia [oldest sister]) came in the play and started coming up with good ideas. I have to say, I have to give credit to her.

Unfortunately, it took about 10 videos to get an almost perfect performance. I got bored, so I watched Furry Vengeance with my mom. And to tell you, the movie was: disgusting, unbearable, awkward, depressing and miserable. The animals just made the guy’s life more miserable. I HATED IT!! Once I was done, I went to Terry and Kerry’s house in order for them to come out. And as usual on a weekday, they wouldn’t be able to come. I practiced on Soccer a little bit, and got PRETTY GOOD. Patricia’s friend came, with a weird, and depressing dress. She always has to wear black. *rolls eyes* She asked me for Patricia to come out. I got bored so I listened. They ended up staying up playing in the street with bikes for an hour. Meaningless to me. Then, they went to our porch around 8. I wonder if I could teach them a lesson once in awhile.


4 comments on “What The Monday Just Happened?

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    Just a Monday?

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    Wait a second, what do u mean, toy cars?!?!?!??!?!?!? I sent my portfolio in yesterday, actually on Sunday, well watever. U get the stupid freakin insane point right? lol. Yeah, I agree, 9 tests!!!!!!! Ouch! hehhehehe

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