School’s Corrupting My Daily Schedule/Enjoyment

Well, yeah, I have been realizing getting involved with a lot of fights recently with Nayyir, and I’m getting pretty tired of it. Sometimes, and I’m ONLY saying sometimes, a part in my head regrets knowing Nayyir. Well, I try ignoring that more often. Anyways, today you won’t believe what happened. It was all so… I don’t, uncharacteristically? Today I got in Science class 3 minutes early, which was really bad, because then I would’ve lost my opportunity to chat so much with Nayyir, Elizabeth (if she ever entered around the 9), and “the unknown girl”. Damn. Someday, I’m going to have to say her name once. Anyways, my teacher, Dr. Brad Johnson (Dr. Johnson) was acting as usual. Feeling at the same time weird, yet enthusiastic. He finally at the end of class chat for about 7 to 6 minutes tops (like he usually does 🙂 )

“the unknown girl” chatted with me for awhile, so we chatted for about all our time. Finally I had to move on to Social Studies, unfortunately, I came 2 minutes late. Luckily, the room didn’t lock, because our strict, Social Studies teacher says that whenever kids come into the class late, she doesn’t want to have to review them to make sure they stay on track. So, she decides to lock classes. The most uncharacteristically she did today was rude. When I was raising my hand in a crowd of about 40 to 50 people (because there was about 200 kids in the class), I came to a point where I was around the 5th spot, and she removed my hand. Seriously? She fucking put my hand down? I got so pissed I started asking her if she MEANT TO put my hand down, unfortunately, she ignored me. I’m just happy the class is switching teachers, because the only teacher I suppose to like is my Science teacher.

My Math teacher, Ms. Harper, is sassy. My Social Studies teacher, Adrienne Rhoads (she prefers the class to call her that), was rude, and well… my English teacher Ms. Montgomery, no offense Nayyir, is both. It’s like I hate all my teachers. What the hell is wrong with me? I finished the class easily, because all we studied on, were these 4 circles in different sizes that represents the federal’s or president/government’s power. Even some 6th graders spelled federal wrong. Lol. When I continued with my work on my plan, I finished both, my reading lesson, and my GUM Unit review. Wonder how my results are going to turn out. 😀 Afterwards, I went on to Math, and guess what? The class was locked. I opened my eyes in amazement. I tried it twice and it didn’t work. I had to wait for about 21 minutes for it to lock open. So, yeah, I was 21 minutes late. Damn me.

Soon after that, I worked on my portfolio more. Remember how I said I finished 1 1/2 paragraphs? Well, I finally finished the rest of my second paragraph, and did another full paragraph. I’m still wondering how I’m going to finish when I need to write 5 paragraphs down, edit them, and then type my final draft down due October 25th. See, I can do it. But, this was really a late time to do it. So, I hope I can finish the rest tomorrow. I took about an hour and a half to finish paragraphing. I had a test on Reading, and turns out the lesson cheated on me, so I failed. I got angry for a few moments, then cooled, and had some Ginger Ale. Lol. I’m supposed to finish 5 tests by October 25th as well. WOW, torture, torture, torture. I can’t remember the rest, oh yeah, my school part got corrupted so I couldn’t finish Social Studies and Math in time. Damn, I’m in a tough position.


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