Check it OUT!

Hey guys it’s me Nayyir and I just made a new gamerinformerblog! Visit mine and visit Andrew’s. Here’s the link for my new awesome blog!

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20 comments on “Check it OUT!

  1. Chad Bronze says:

    Hey Andrew, could you please visit our website? Our first episode just went life!

  2. Chad Bronze says:

    Cool thanks 🙂 Could you tell the people at your blog about it? It would really help 🙂

  3. Chad Bronze says:

    Um, sure 😛

    • nayyirnensi says:

      Hey um…. Chad Bronze, I’ll also advertise your blog on my site too! on my life blog thing with the competition and yeah. not the gamer one 🙂 . Hey, in return could you advertise my gamer blog on your site? Here it is,

      • Andrew says:

        Okay, Nayyir, stop getting into my business. Please, GOD! And stop advertising constantly. He doesn’t freaking know you at all. So, stop getting into my business. I’m really considering about removing you as an author.

      • nayyirnensi says:

        DUDE! Stop it! You’re just getting a little i dont know. But still. Why cant you just let me have fun and do my own buissness. This is your buisness and mine, I don’t care if he doesn’t know me but I’m on his facebook fanpage, he’s on MY blogroll, and I’m trying to advertise his blog!

      • Andrew says:

        You don’t even know! And first of all, it’s not your business. You can’t do everything I DO. And I know for a fact that you only did it to get him to advertise on your blog. I even have proof on your comment. Just stop getting in my business. K? Comment to his blog, don’t reply to our discussion and start acting like your a part just like you did with Beth Galob

      • nayyirnensi says:


      • Andrew says:

        First of all, your blackmailing me. And I’m not even close to blackmailing you.

      • nayyirnensi says:

        Dude, I asked you. Okay whatever. I’m sorry. But I need to interfere in your buisness. I’m nothing without you in blogging! DO YOU GET THE POINT. YES I ADMIT IT!

      • Andrew says:

        Okay, then say it!!! Out loud. “I Nayyir Nensi am lost without you Andrew”

  4. Great blog, Andrew! I guess you shoud see the WordPress Pack to make it more attarctive for your readers!

    • Andrew says:

      Do you work for wordpress? Oh and I would like to ask you something. My friend here is getting improperly bullied by some people that are making up bad things about him. So, know this 12 year old is making up complaints to wordpress and deleting his blog. Can you warn wordpress that he’s innocent and delete that little girl’s blog?

      • skydancer0001 says:

        No Andrew! I don’t want to get her blog deleted. Thanks for sticking up for me!!! 🙂 🙂 But I don’t want to get her blog deleted. I just want to find out what I did wrong so I don’t do it any more.

      • Andrew says:

        Okay, then, Yeah, that’s what real friends do. Yeah, I think if you beg any longer they’ll crack. Lol.

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        Yeah, that might have been the problem. I was emailing them 2 or 3 times a day! lol!

        They probably considered that spamming and started ignoring me because of it. So I’m gonna shut up and see if they answer. If they don’t in a couple of weeks and don’t suspend this blog, then I’ll delete the second one and keep this one. If they suspend this one, I’ll go to another blog site. But one way or another, I’ll be back 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah that might work. Well, screw them I guess. They want to be helpful. Well, why can’t they be helpful? That’s my logic. Yes, like the soldier who came back for blood. 😀

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