Finally Started On My Portfolio

Well, I’m going to skip today’s detail for this post, because I feel so excited to write more on my portfolio. But, here’s just some details that happened: I had to study Social Studies for about half and hour because I had to study on Venezuela. The only interesting part of studying it, was the fact that I got to finally study it for the first time in 6th grade, with the Groiler’s Encyclopedia. Their facts make it more interesting for me. So, I got a good full result and went on to the next subject. The portfolio was still constantly in my head. I knew I had to do it somehow. Oh and then, while thinking about that, I did my Unit Assessment test for Math. It took only 30 minutes to finish, but it felt like an hour trying to remember all the formulas of the circumference, diameter and radius. I got a good 90%, and my mom felt happy about it. Though, this one question she helped me on, turned out to be a wrong answer.

But, I barely cared. Anabelle was running around the house like CRAZY. So, when afternoon came I chatted for a little while with “the unknown girl”. Then, I went straight to finally turning into boredom. Uh… I was bored so, I decided to work on my portfolio. I started getting serious with my work, unfortuantely, I didn’t know what a thesis statement was in this category of essay. So, I called up Nayyir and asked him, since he said he finished his. Well, I acknowledged two things after the call. 1. I knew how to write a thesis statement. 2. He was lying about finishing his. He’s still working it. Well, I jotted down my first paragraph for introduction and seemed to impress my mom because I never worked with a portfolio, besides in the 5th grade, without any help of my parents. I continued on to the second paragraph. I only got halfway. But, it worked didn’t it? I finally had to end up taking a nap. And then actually falling asleep.

2 comments on “Finally Started On My Portfolio

  1. primeedges says:

    Good luck for your portfolio!

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