Oh My God What Was I Thinking?!

Well, today was uh… pretty un-normal I guess for me. It just felt really awkward. Anyway, today I was studying on 20,000 leagues under the sea, for about 2 hours, I guess because I was taking notes all day long. Lol. It was meaningless. I knew the whole story by heart, and NOW, my brain starts thinking about taking notes? That’s just… ugh. Whatever, I had a test on Study Island. It was a review on the the Geological Process. Uh… hello?! I just completed that damn test a few days ago, and now I’m expect to review? Wow that’s just swell. I again got another 98.32% for my result and went on with the rest of my subjects. I had to work on the Geometric Figures today, and I didn’t want to go back to that. Plus, I don’t even have a compass to begin with.

I skipped it. So, I went directly to Social Studies. Man, that’s like the only subject besides Math that I work most on. I always have the tendencies to write down a lot of notes just to keep up with the work and decide to make my work harder. Well, I decided to skip noting down everything for today’s lesson. Unfortunately, today was a REALLY GOOD lesson that would’ve been a good idea to note down. Ah, the irony. I had to study on Columbia, Chile and Venezuela. I was able to pass it with a 100%, yeah, but I felt guilty for not taking notes on this one. I went throughout Earth Science, which was like easy. I don’t want to get into details, right now for it. Once I finished the rest of my school, my mom noticed I hadn’t done any Math, so that was a big, major no no for my mom. So, she asked what else I had besides the lesson currently on. I just had to do a Unit review, and that’s it. :O Seriously?

Anyways, when I left with my dad to go to Aldi and get food, the portfolio sheet I had to write, due October 25, was constantly ringing in my mind. I tried to focus and be happy with my dad. But, how the HELL am I supposed to be happy when almost EVERYBODY IN my school has finished their portfolio last week and I haven’t even started my thesis statement. Damn me. We went to Super H Mart afterwards, got food, and went home. My dad went from an enthusiastic attitude, into the sharp and snappy kind. No offense dad. 😀 Later on, we did Quiet Time, which became very boring than usual. Sorry. Oh and I got yelled at today in front of my dad by my mom. Now whenever that happens, my dad always tries to make me look me feel even worse, even though it’s not even his situation. BTW, my mom act sometimes like a freak, trying to yell at me to get me to think like her.

Well, I discussed about that with my dad. Weird. And he told me, that my mom is not always how I want her to be. That made me think. But, I already went to sleep. 😆

4 comments on “Oh My God What Was I Thinking?!

  1. sasammygirl says:

    🙂 If you knew the story by heart you’d know it’s called 30,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Not 20,000.

    • Andrew says:

      No I’m pretty sure it’s 20,000 leagues under the sea, because I have the DVD, the book, and it’s also on school. So I’d think I know what it’s called. Probably it’s a different version in your state. 😀

      • SAsammygirl says:

        Andrew, it’s a book from the late 1800’s. It doesn’ differ in states. Book titles don’t change in states and it is 30,000 leagues uner the sea. I can take a picture if you like, to prove it.

      • Andrew says:

        Dude, I’d know, because first of all, I have the book, I can see it online, and Jules Verne was my favorite author. Plus I searched if it was 30,000 leagues, unfortunately, they only linked me to a movie. No, book that was made by. Okay, you take a picture I’ll try to find my cable, and I can prove it to you.

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