And I Still Get A Minutia Percentage Of Respect

Now, what do we all want? Food. Water. Probably electronics. But, what most people want, is friends, family and other people to respect them. Isn’t that our greatest need for most of the people living on this planet? Yes, it is calculated as a 100% correct theory. But, that little percent that doesn’t want respect expands more and more by the anti-socialism caused by the other people around them. You can’t blame yourselves, that’d be too easy. What you mostly have to blame are the people around you, the people who make you depressed, the people who make you angry, the people who try so hard to make your life miserable. I guess you’ve been to that stage because most of you are older than me. Right? Well, I’m going to go through a little story about what happened today. Okay? And BTW, sorry for the proverb, lol, I just felt the need to write it down.

Well, today was a Sunday, and usually on a Sunday, you go to church. Unfortunately, I woke up around 8:26 am and nobody was awake besides me. Weird. Not even my aunt who wakes up ALWAYS (whenever she sleepovers) early, was awake (Oh and I may have not mentioned, but my aunt was sleeping over at our house). So, I paced steadily downstairs and went to the computer. See, computer time around 8 in the morning, on a Sunday is kind of prohibited in our family, even though it doesn’t make sense. When my aunt finally woke up she came downstairs. I didn’t really duck-and-cover really, because my aunt doesn’t really know, or doesn’t pay attention to our rule that we’re not allowed to use the computer on Sundays. So, I just typed around on the computer and just said hi to my aunt. Later on, my parents woke up, telling me that I was going to have to go to the 11 o’clock service for church.

Damn. I hate that service. Everybody that goes there always looks weird, speaks bad language or just looks un-normal, which yeah, I did look un-normal today, so yeah, hardly matters. When I arrived at church, I was too afraid to look at anyone. Girls about the age of 15 would stare at me about 4 times per 5 seconds. Luckily, I was able to pass through and get to my group. When I arrived in the Cabin, I went to the game room (it’s basically this room a story above the stage where the rockers play, where you play foozeball and pool until service starts [hardly any girls stay over, because they have this other policy to stay on the first floor and talk about glittery stuff]). I didn’t find anybody I knew, besides my friend August. I ignored him playing, because he was playing pool, and I don’t think it’s that interesting. I went to the foozeball table and found some very competitive players. I was able to beat 7 teams with a 2 ball, and a 3 ball. The 1 ball was so impossible because it moved so fast and it was hard not focusing on one thing.

So, I tried winning, but I lost. One of the players on my team kept repeating: “shit! Shit! Shit!”. See, that’s why kids aren’t really influenced well in our church around the 11 service. Unfortunately, the stage already started, so I ran quickly downstairs. Occassionally, the band players would play songs for the crowd that were more from bands like Mike Posner, Justin Bieber and so on. But, they didn’t. So, yeah. When the preaching started, I was so amazed, because the speaker was so interesting. He mentioned all these different scientific facts, that made it so interesting, I couldn’t take my eyes off the speaker. Unfortunately, when everybody went to group, I had to stay with the loners. I didn’t have a group in the 11 service. So, I had to stay in a seat meaninglessly for an hour and a half, until I had to leave.

I’m going to skip the minuscule details after I left. When I was in the middle of trying to befriend Patricia’s friend, Kerry, Terry, Marvin and this other girl called Alexis, who I may have mentioned early in my old posts. Terry just came showing off and giving his weird grin. Hey, I can’t judge that about him because first of all, he’s older than me by a year, second of all, he’s way taller than me. Sometimes, I have this feeling that I’m stronger than him because whenever he pushes me around I’m always good at defending. Kerry was cursing most of the time and criticizing me. Marvin… eh… I can’t say too much about him, besides the fact that he walks around a lot. See, Kerry just loves to find problems with me constantly. I don’t know why. What did I do to them? When I started laying on a car, cursing, Alexis asked me to ask a question. So I said “Is Kerry and Terry gay?”. Alexis really liked that question. But, Kerry found out some way to try to make me look like a bitch. Sometimes I just really hate that asshole. Sorry for swearing.

Hormones are growing more into me, so I’m starting curse more often now. Lol. Afterwards, I had a gun war, everybody was outside, watching as Terry, Kerry, Marvin, another neighbor called Nicholous and I were torturing each other. Seriously, it was brutal. I got shot three times. And Terry got shot 5 times as well as Kerry because of Nicholous shooting them. I really hate those guys. I just realized. And then when I asked Kerry why he hated me so much, he just made me look like a fool again. So, I gave up on him and went inside to fall asleep.


14 comments on “And I Still Get A Minutia Percentage Of Respect

  1. primeedges says:

    I think some kids do annoying things just to show their exciting, they want more attention from you, don’t you think? cmiiw :mrgreen:

  2. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    Hey, they managed to get my blog de-activated again. I suppose just because I commented on a 12-year-old girl’s blog trying to explain my side of the story and begging her to forgive me when she told me not to they’re probably NEVER going to let me have a blog on WordPress again (as long as “she” reports me). So I’m going to try again but this time I’m not going to post a link on my youtube page so hopefully she won’t be able to find me again.

    I’m REALLY heartbroken! I’m literally in tears! ;'( It’s bad enough when somebody falsely accuses you of something but then people who don’t even know you, take their side and, won’t even tell you what you did wrong. Well, anyway, I’ll be back! They aren’t going to get rid of me this easily! ;'(

    And now I’m going to have to start using fake email addresses so they don’t make me use up all my real ones.

    • Andrew says:

      Oh my God, honestly AGAIN?! So, as long as she knows where your blog is going to be, she’ll report you, and then delete your blog. Man, what’s this girl’s URL?! Yeah, try to keep your page mysterious. YES, ME TOO. That son of a bitch has no idea what she’s doing. If only I could start saying mean things to her, but I’m afraid she’ll delete my blog. Yeah, the Comcast e-mail is a pretty good one. Lol.

      • skydancer0001 says:

        Well, it might not have been her. It might have been something I posted on my blog but they won’t tell me what and I can’t delete anything. So I created a new blog and I’m going to try starting over from scratch.

        At least they didn’t ban my original email address so I’m pretty sure it’s not because they’ve banned me completely. I wonder if it was that youtube video of the Georgian dancers I linked to. I thought it was ok to do that but I do know that guy hates me too. In his case though, I have absolutely NO idea why. So maybe I’ll start this whole new blog and leave off all the old posts and see if they de-activate this one too. If they do, then I’m going to give up and go create a blog on another site. Come to think of it, I think I’ve seen people say that you shouldn’t link to pictures and videos on other sites (unless they’re yours). Hmmmmm. Yeah, maybe that’s it! It SURE would be nice if they’d tell me though!

        But don’t blame her. It wasn’t her fault and it might not have been her. But yeah don’t say mean things to her or any of her family cause I don’t know what they’re capable of.

        The comcast email is a real one too.

      • Andrew says:

        How?! You just said she wanted our blog deleted. How the hell is that not her?! So you right now have your regular e-mail address? Okay. You never linked a video to Georgian dancers. And if you did, were they strippers? Or something? If they de-activate this on as well, I’ll be so pissed off trust me. Yeah, not keep it a secret. I’ll visit your blog. Yeah, I know that, but it looks fake to destroy. Lol.

  3. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    No, it could have been her little sister or mother or father or it might have something I posted on my blog that they didn’t like. Besides, it wasn’t her who falsely accused me, it was her little sister. She just believed it. No, they weren’t strippers. lol By Georgian, I mean Georgia the country. It’s next to Russia. But the video is copyrighted and I’m not sure it’s ok to do that if the owner doesn’t want you to.

    Also, they didn’t delete my blog, they just suspended it. I deleted it.

    • Andrew says:

      That doesn’t really make sense Skydancer. Good, because then there would be some hardcore evidence to why your blog was suspended. Georgia the country. Ah, yeah. Same here, I live in Georgia the state. BTW, where do you live? It’s okay, to do it. That’s not why your blog is getting deleted. Now if you make fun of it, then it becomes a problem. WHAT THE HELL IS SUSPENDED?!?!

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        I’m thinking it could have been kind of like this:

        I linked to that Georgian video (actually it’s Ossetian but to us in the west there’s really no difference between the two and nobody knows who the Ossetians are). The owner is a really weird guy and doesn’t like other people linking to his videos, especially people he doesn’t like, and he apparently doesn’t like me because he blocked me though I’m not sure why.

        I think it might be because I tried to post a comment suggesting peace between the Georgians and Ossetians and he’s Ossetian and DESPISES Georgians and actually wants Ossetia to go to war with Georgia to become independent (it would be sort of like Hawaii going to war with the United States to become an independent country because they have a different culture than most of us).

        So he might have complained to WordPress and WordPress suspended my blog (which means I can’t post anything and nobody can see my posts) and sent me an email telling me I had to take the link down. But my email was screwed up at the time, so I didn’t get it. So then I started begging them to tell me why they had suspended it and they got annoyed at me sending them emails 2 or 3 times a day (especially since I didn’t figure out for a while that my email was screwed up and they might have even sent me another explanation that I didn’t see so they may not have believed me). At that point, they probably decided to ignore me. Or they might have even set my emails to go directly to spam and they never even saw them.

        So anyway, that’s ONE thing that COULD have happened. It might not have had anything to do with that 12-year-old and her family.

      • Andrew says:

        Dude, you write a lot, slow down. I can read quick, but it sometimes annoying to write a long reply, even though I love typing on the keyboard. Ossetian? I have to check that culture. And I know Georgians. I’m one because I live in Georgia!! 😀 That little Youtube guy, expects Georgian people and Ossetians to go to war? Wow, that’s just sad. I would understand if there was a group of people (up to 20), but this is ridiculous. Hawaii wants to become an independent? Man, you know TOO MANY facts. Yeah, being suspended sucks. Yeah, but if they want to be helpful, they gotta reply in any way they could. Okay, good. A 12 year old ain’t screwing around with my personal friend.

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