Corn Dawgs?

Today I had a dream, a very pleasant one too. Well, this person I’ll be describing about is about a person who I met in real life. I’ll be calling her “the unknown girl”. Well, today I had a dream about “the unknown girl”. It was strange because I imagined walking to the bottom of Florida in 4 hours just to meet “the unknown girl”. I tried convincing my parents in the dream it was a good idea to go back home, and then come back here on the weekends. Unfortunately, my request was delayed because for some reason I had this mission to do that referred to the mission Harry Potter took in the first episode. To save the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was walking for awhile with some urban animals until I found it. For some reason, I was told to go back. I went back, where SNAPE was. Watching my TV and sitting on our good coach. Finally the Sorcerer’s Stone appeared in my hand and I said “hahaha” which caught his attention. The dream faded away.

Afterwards, I figured today was a Saturday. So, I went downstairs and watched TV. The only interesting shows that were on were: Star Wars the Clone Wars and Bakugan Gundallion Invaders. Well, I watched those for a few hours and was told to go and clean up our rooms. We ended up finishing in like 3 hours, and then went outside. Simon heard that we were going to a Corn Maze, so we tried planning if he could come. Fortunately, he could come. Though, we were getting ready to leave around 3. So, that sucks. So, we played around and just sat around waiting for the time to go. Unfortunately, my mouth was so stupid, I ended up confessing where Simon and I were going. Savino begged the heck out of me. Luckily, he didn’t shoot me with his big shotgun right next to me. But, I was able to say “no… no… no.”. We finally left. And I took this picture of our first adventure.

Oh and if you’re wondering who it is, it’s my sister, Patricia, with Simon. Anyways, we left already to go see the corn. Since it took about 2 hours to drive, Simon put on some music through his phone. Thank God he didn’t put any songs from Eminem or System of a Down. Lol. Finally we got there and it looked a little well… unusual. But, there were like thousands of people there. Maybe even tens of thousands. 😀 I made a bet with Simon if I could get to talk to at least one girl, I would get 6 bb ammo from him. If not, I’d lose to him 3 shots. Once we came to the actual Corn Maze, we had a non-adventure. At least something I didn’t expect. Here’s some pictures.

Unfortunately, we were the only family figuring out the maze in less than 20 minutes, even though it was like 7 acres. Lol. We left and to go this jumping thingy. Turns out my brothers and sisters got through without paying tokens. Well, my dad had to go with me because I was too afraid to go and negotiate with the ticket person. I got in, no problem. Though, I stayed too long. Hehehe, we left late and went to this corn stack. Simon decided to bury himself in corn, and everybody especially the 15 year old girls helped us, because his body was covered enormously. Hahaha, zombie time. Lol. Well, we left with happy hearts besides me, because I got freaked out by this 13 year old girl walking up to me and saying marry me! Ugh, that’s weird. After we left we went to go to McDonalds for food and had a great time. Afterwards, we had to drop off Simon home around 9, even though it was SO dark. And I guess that’s all.

34 comments on “Corn Dawgs?

  1. Keping Hidup says:

    yap.. she’s the one 😀

  2. Usup Supriyadi says:

    beautiful sister, andrew.

    and, simon’s face like the faces of asia

    the plantation of corn?

    wow, it’s good ….!

    • Andrew says:

      I’m not sure of beautiful. I think it’s more of a pretty. He’s Indonesian. I forgot to mention that. It’s like 7 acres large, as I said early.

  3. primeedges says:

    Tried to strangle Simon? I was thinking about Plants VS Zombies game 😆
    Hey, do you live in Florida?

  4. sasammygirl says:

    I never noticed Andrew… but you look sort of girly to be saying hormones are coming to you. You remind of boys from anime, long hair and afeminine. But don’t worry, afeminine is the Japanese version of handsome.

    • Andrew says:

      You haven’t commented recently Sammy, so how COULD YOU know. Girly? I’ve been told my voice looks girly, and so does my look. But, actually I speak like a man, low voice. It’s probably because the phone I speak with people with is corrupted. Yeah, I was going for longer hair like Cloud’s in Final Fantasy Advent Children. But, I could only get this rocking hair. Almost nowadays I gave up on girls and now there chasing me because of my hair, and how I look. Well, thanks for not insulting me Sammy.

      • sasammygirl says:

        Hormones for guys are physical than mental/emotional so even if I read lately I wouldn’t be able to tell. …Do you mean your voice SOUNDS girly? Because a voice can’t technically LOOK like something.

      • Andrew says:

        Okay, first of all, at my age, I get really depressed. It’s just that my mom edits because she doesn’t want me to express so much depression online. Besides that, I think I have enough hormones. And my voice doesn’t sound girly. I only said it MAY sound like that, because of the phone connection.

      • SAsammygirl says:

        I’ve never talked to you over the phone, so I wouldn’t know. And I didn’t say your voice sounded girly…? People our age just don’t “get deppressed”, not everyone get’s depressed. It’s a thing specific to an individual’s experiences.

      • Andrew says:

        I know… but at that point I’m talking to myself. I know, but you asked or said, and I replied no. I don’t just get depressed Sammy. My family, mostly my neighbors cause me the depression. Sammy, I think I’m aware of that.

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