My Life Is Unbearable On Special Occasions

Well, what a day. Today I had to go through the worst brain trauma for an amount of 10 minutes. It was terrifyingly excruciating. Honestly, I don’t know/remember what kind of meaningless pain I had to phase through. Anyways, today got really unexpected. Just a quick review. I first, and will always start with reading 20,000 leagues under the sea. Actually, I didn’t even have to read that crappy book. I had a good memory. So, yeah, why the heck don’t I use that memory. I got a 98% because of pride of memory and went on. The rest of the subjects got REALLY boring. So, I’m just going to skip to the more interesting parts, in order to infiltrate you.

When I had to study on Math with a tool called the Compass. It’s not like the north and south kind. It’s kind of like an angler with a pencil stuck to it that makes perfect circles most of the time. Anyways, when my mom and I were looking for the Compass we got a little TOO dramatic. I remember we had one. So, in oder to get me moving mom yelled at me to feel more scared in to finding it. Seriously. That women can yell. Lol. I couldn’t find it, so my mom had to make a prototype, I guess that’s how she called it.

Unfortunately, it made the job crappier and crappier. And to prove how crappy it was, my mom even let me say crappy out loud. Lol. I later on, came outside to only meet my least friend Savino. His mom (who was in jail for a few months) is now back. Which makes me excited. Savino became my enemy because his mom wasn’t around to do anything, and his dad was Mexican, so he couldn’t understand me. Yeah, it got dark outside once 7 stroke. Simon had to leave immediately. When I FINALLY got bored in a few minutes and left, King’s mom was looking for him. The only funny thing was the fact that I couldn’t tell whether that was his mom or not and the fact that she walked weird. Well, whatever. I went inside, only to be lectured by my mom.

She always puts me in difficult positions. She starts yelling at me and then grounds me because she has nothing else to do. That’s why I more prefer dad. Not that I hate my mom, but still, she’s really hard to get in contact once you’re in an argument. I got grounded for no damn reason. I guess about 2 days. Which was FINE, but it’s because she said she didn’t want any more bickering that my brother, who is younger is annoying me. Fuck that. Honestly, sorry for the swearing. The day ended dead I guess. But, you won’t guess what dream I had tonight. Get updated for tomorrow’s post. 😀

6 comments on “My Life Is Unbearable On Special Occasions

  1. Usup Supriyadi says:

    Ketikkan teks atau alamat situs web atau terjemahkan dokumen.
    Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris
    : Lol:
    very dramatic, andrew!

    true, I do not know what you will dream tonight ….
    and, hopefully you sweet dreams

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I pretty much translated what you said. And I’m not sure if it makes sense. Lol. Yes, coming from an 11 year old. It was a sweet dream. That’s why you might want to check it out.

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    Yes, Yes uit is

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