Just A Short Post To Get It Over With

Well, today was… I don’t know VERY surprising. I was playing around when I was studying Literature. Really? I was the top manager of Reading. Being focused and all. Now I’m disgracing it because I can’t get anymore interesting books to read. I just wanna flush back time and go back to the time I read the first Percy Jackson book. Yeah, those were the good times. Anyways, I went directly to the computer to study on some group I heard about in Science in today’s lesson about Fossils. Took about an hour for me to retain 21 paragraphs of meaningless biographies.

I passed Social Studies because I took a lot of notes, seriously, I think I focus more on getting Social Studies good scores. Lol.

Failed a test on Science, redone it, and got a 89.4%.

Got a good 100% score for Vocabulary.

Another 100% for beating the easiest lesson in Geometry class.

After that, the rest of the day made me feel bad, I was so depressed for some reason. Ah, well, that’s all I remember. See ya.


2 comments on “Just A Short Post To Get It Over With

  1. Usup Supriyadi says:

    you enjoy reading?

    I hope you can get good grades.
    and, it seems you like with math?

    if I prefer the social sciences and literature.

    • Andrew says:

      yes, but not anymore since I’m not reading seriously with books. Yep. Especially on the CRCT. Not so much, but yeah. Social Science? Or do you mean Science and Literature?

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