I’m Acting ADD Right Now

Right at this moment I can’t focus on one single thing today. Anyways, I had my mild cough. At least it healed a little. It didn’t hurt my stomach anymore. Luckily. 😀 Well, I started with Literature. They let me read my own novel. Unfortunately, the best novel I liked that was available, was 20,000 leagues under the sea. Hey, Jules Vernes used to be my favorite author, until I read Rick Riordan’s books, they’re good. Lol. Anyways, I read about 5 chapters and then moved on to Social Studies. I didn’t really put any notes in it. Lol. But, I passed it with a 100%. After THAT, I started messing around and playing my guitar. I think I might make a good band. Anyways, after I was done training on a song I went directly to Composition. Wait, I messed up the chronoligical order. I had an elluminate on Social Studies. I couldn’t really focus. It was SO hard. They would mention about Canada’s physical features, which is just the thing I need to study on.

Unfortunately, I was too packed in my mind. I only got Canada, Rocky mountains and needed for portfolio. Lol. I better start studying. 😀 I prayed to God for my temporary ADD to go away. Unluckily, elluminate was already over. Then I tried focusing on Math, and I was still offtrack. Okay, I kind of blame my Math teacher for that because she mentions EVERY SINGLE DETAIL and goes too fast. Now, I have an excuse for that. All I learned was how to turn decimals into fractions and how to turn fractions into decimals. I kind of fell apart at the end and the beginning. I guess this is the time I get my first ADD problem as a boy. Lol. When that was done, Nayyir called me, so I asked my mom if I could spare a few of my break minutes on the phone. Nayyir started mentioning about how I missed the first Science elluminate and how there was a girl I liked in there that he chatted with.

Now, the rest gets pretty private, because we talk about some personal things. Anyways, I did my Composition, got a hard 95% for passing and then went straight to Math. It was basically another page I had to study with in the lesson about circles. I practiced and only got one mistake. After I did the test I got 100% which is REALLY good. When I was done, more things got private. Actually most of the day was private. Lol. I’ll just say what else happened. When I came outside Patricia’s friend and Patricia were picking red peppers from a neighbor’s yard. So, I told them to quit it. Eventually Patricia’s friend picked about 15 more red peppers. Almost enough for our neighbors to realize. Wonder what excuse I’m going to have to come up with once they come to me. I had to take a bath, and trust me, it doesn’t feel good with my two scratches. Afterwards I watched Glee with mom. Here’s the trailer of it.


4 comments on “I’m Acting ADD Right Now

  1. Usup Supriyadi says:


    anyways, how are you andrew?

    you have account facebook?

  2. Stanly says:

    We’re all ADD some times dude. We have to just admit it. And by the way, my family is called for a record for 200 years non-ADD. Now if I out of the blue started not focusing at stuff, that would ruin my reputation, especially my sophisticated family. 😀 I’m voting for you in the comedy. People REALLY don’t know what comedy is, honestly.

    You’re little friend, yeah, I hacked him 2 days ago. Probably he was there was he? The jokes aren’t funny besides Pokemon Spoof and McRonalds. The rest is so… silly and disgusting. I like your jokes man. Thumbs up. 😀

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