*coughs* Have A Soar Throat *coughs*

Today I decided to work less and start not wasting my time taking lots of notes on Social Studies. It did help a lot, but, it just felt like a waste to me. So, I just read about Central America and the Caribbean and only put some of the necessary notes down. I was able to pass with a decent 95% on my score, which was good enough for me. So, I moved on to Earth Science. I was studying about how scientists tell how old the Earth can be and how it ages. The funny thing though was the fact that I had to learn this new word called uniformitarianism, and how I still remember how to spell it. Lol. After I was done, I got a good 100% for score which made my day for Earth Science. I decided to take a break and tell my brother to do his reading. After THAT drama was done I went quickly to Literature. Unfortunately, I was too nervous to take my Unit Assessment test.

I had to do it somehow. So, I tried making some calculations to try to find the right time to start working on Literature, plus the Math without being too late. See, my brain never starts working. Lol. It’s always a huge strategy game I always end up solving in the end. So, I worked more on my Composition work for my new portfolio which I need to have due October 25th. Yikes. I did a test for Canada on Study Island to help me get some more facts for my portfolio. After that, I did another test on Study Island about the Geological process of Earth forms. Well, that didn’t really seem important to me, but, my portfolio topic was about Physical features. So… this might come in handy. I finished both of them with a 98.5% score. Almost 100. 🙂 After that, I sighed heavily, muttered a few times and went directly to my Unit Assessment test. I had to write 4 paragraphs, as usual, about 2 Greek heroes I liked and enjoyed during the past time I was reading. I got a a decent 89% for my lack of not remembering a story we had to read.

Finally, when my mom wasn’t busy anymore, I asked her to help me with Geometry on Math. Man studying on the topic of circles, MADE ME go in circles. It was so complicated how they worked out the diameter, circumference, radius and the Greek symbol which represented pie. I finally got a 100% for my Math test. Hmm… things are looking up. Unfortunately, during all the lessons and tests I took I had a real sore throat. So, whenever I’d cough, my stomach started hurting. When the grownups came, I had such a hard time breathing my face turned purple. Not red. I went to sleep so I could get the coughing over with. Just hope it goes away. 😀 I finally drifted away from a dream, but, that’s a different story.

4 comments on “*coughs* Have A Soar Throat *coughs*

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    I cannot say anything more than the fact that I like ur title

  2. Study Island says:

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