You Know I Have A Passion I’m Not Just Bi-Polar

Well, today I had a dream, couldn’t remember what it was, but, I knew I had a dream. After the annoyingly forgotten dream, I woke up. Well, actually around 2 in the morning. How depriving of me. I checked the computer to see the time and all. Turns out, waking up in the middle of the night could be my special statistic. I’m always so quiet when it comes to not getting busted. It’s like I AM the real bounty hunter everyone, or at least everyone thinks I am. Once I went to sleep, and then woke up again, I didn’t want to get up again. I felt like this oozing oil that felt stained on the bed. Now, if I was really oozed down with that, I’d have the actual strength to do it, but, I just let it hold me in my bed. Sometimes, I don’t want to get out of my bed and go to the real world. The cold, evil world outside. Where there are daring enemies and annoying neighbors. UGH. I don’t want to go back there.

But, as usual, there has to be a time when you have to wake up and get going with your life. It took me about 15 minutes to crawl out of my bed easily. Though, I was too drowsy from waking up late last night i fell on one of the white plastic boxes in my room. I regained my stiff balance and went straight to school. Today I started a little bit with some Composition. Only took 30 minutes to finish. I knew I had to do Math. But, I didn’t want to work with Triangles. Soon enough, when I was in the middle of Literature, I had already FORGOTTEN I was even supposed to be doing Math. Mom called, and I reluctantly pulled out the Math books. Like my mom can’t hold them to help. *rolls eyes* Well, let’s get down to business. Today’s Geometry lesson was pretty easy actually. The only thing that irritated me was the fact that I had to tell if there were perpendicular planes or skew lines by saying ABY, and they’d probably say differently. It just got so frustrating for me. And little advice to you, the more irritated you get with school, the more slower you finish

It took my mom and I like 2 hours to finish the thing. Lol. Not really a good sight for me. It was like torture. I felt depressing the rest of the day. Don’t know why. I had just gotten alerted that my aunt is coming over tomorrow. How can I not be depressed. Sometimes she’s mean, not that I blame her. But, having to wait for my aunt that long is something to be depressed about. Seriously. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s the truth. So, just to get over with my depression I started a little more on Science. I had to study these two scientists and this special kind of principal that has to do with erosion and weathering. I think it was called uniformitarianism. Yeah, most likely since it’s complicated. Lol. After I was done taking notes on the scientists and the theories, I headed down to Social Studies. See, if you read yesterday’s post, I had already gotten done with Latin America since I did my test. SO, I should be able to move to at least another country for more studies. Unfortunately, I was studying Latin America allover again. I had to start first on Mexico. UGH.

Once I got done writing down all the notes, which came in handy for special things they asked me in the test, I had Chicken Noodle soup. MMM!!! Now that’s something not to be depressed about. I usually finish Chicken Noodle soup in less than 5 minutes. Lol. It tastes real good, especially from Aldi (a store that’s in our local area). Later on I got my Literature done. And advanced outside to meet my dear friend Simon since he called and I couldn’t pick up because I was loading dishes. Once he caught sight of me, he asked why my hands were wet, I’d already said I loaded the dishes. So, we kept talking, he demanded for more bb’s for my bb gun borrow. I said no. So, when Nicholous came outside Simon asked like a puppy to go get some bb’s for some kind of cheese sandwich. Soon enough, Nicholous brought two of his dogs out, Cookie and Keeko. Keeko found my sister’s friend’s dog taking a walk. So, he tried humping him. Then, Reece, another BIG dog, who was friendly came out. Keeko tried every time to lick Reece’s thingy hanging out. Then, when Keeko started humping Reece, we just went home and went to sleep.

Good night to ya’ll.

8 comments on “You Know I Have A Passion I’m Not Just Bi-Polar

  1. ImUmPh says:

    What’s Up Dude! 😛
    Don’t forget to learn! 😀

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    I think you are bi-polar, jk. I dont even k what that is

  3. skydancer050 says:

    Good night! (A day late 🙂 )

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