My Dramatic Problems With School

Well, see here, I can be pretty dramatic when it comes to not getting it quickly. Not the kind of boys who whine for their mommy’s they can’t get something. NO, I’m way different. I’m more of a ‘don’t get it quickly, frustration appears guy’. Lol. School can be a big dramatic scene for me. I don’t get bored of it. I just get frustrated. That’s all. Anyways, I had to study today on a different topic on Literature. I had to read two stories. The first one was about the Gods Jupiter and Mercury. The second one was a poem. They got really boring to me. So, I plugged in some headphones and listened to some rock to get me focused on the topics. Soon enough I had to do my Composition. See, I got a k-mail today early in the morning that I was going to have to write an essay (and it was due October 25th), actually a Compare and Contrast essay on Canada and United State’s physical features. Not too hard. Actually it was, because I remember the last time I wrote an essay. It was horror, and back then boredom eventually arrived around me most of the time.

Once, I decided what to do on Composition. I did one Composition lesson on Narrative essays and then another one on the Compare and Contrast. Luckily, my sister helped me figure out what Compare and Contrast meant, because how the school mentioned it made completely no sense to me. After I was done, I wanted to take a break, but instead, I took my test for Social Studies. I had to finally result my experience with Latin America. I just hope I get my Unit Assessment correct. Well, it turns out that I got all answers correct. An score total of %100. I just wonder when I’m going to do Math. I remember asking my mom to do it. She didn’t really answer. So, I went to the fish (who I haven’t talked about in awhile) I realized in result 2 fish were fat and 5 were average and one was the skinniest. That one was the smartest at catching food. Lol. Well, I just let the little fish dangle there while I had my own problems to do deal with. Soon enough, I asked my mom AGAIN if we could do Math. She didn’t answer. Then, she started asking that question. I didn’t want to do it. And it seemed like she didn’t want to do it either.

Once we picked dad up, I got in trouble with mom because I hadn’t done my Math. Basically, grounded for 2 weeks from the computer. That’s why I’m secretly posting. Mom and I had to do Geometrical system together, which this lesson seemed pretty easy. I just had to use my protractor and measure if an angle was obtuse, acute, right angle, OR if they were 90 degrees or 180 degrees in measurement. Matthew, Anabelle and Patricia seemed to be having a good time. While I was frustrated the whole time working on some stupid Math. I don’t think Math is my second favorite anymore. Lol. That’s all. See ya’ll tomorrow for another post/


8 comments on “My Dramatic Problems With School

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    Omg!, I told you about the compare and contrast essay man! We haave to type it in on study island. It’s gonna open on the 22nd I think, Mine is already done, all I have to do is type it, how bout you? Well forget about that, but seriously?, drama?, literature. How can literature get boring besides when you’re reading…. oh yeah, poems. Do you remember what thier wish was, to die together and stay close to each other forever. lol. Oh dang darn it you’re in trouble. You should’ve done your math first. Geometry is easy though, I mean for both of us. It’s gonna get hard on lesson 3 or 4 I think. About circles and radius, area, so on. cya talk later, have to play Just Dance with sis.

    • Andrew says:

      NO! You only told me the due of the essay and you told me that you finished. Yeah, we have to study it on October 12 or 11. It sucks though. I just finished all my tests for Study Island. You already wrote yours down? Seriously? I didn’t freaking even know that we had to type it. Literature is easy. YEAH YEAH, remember ‘I love thee’ part in the poem? you’re lucky, hoping to be good at tomorrow’s subject. Radius is though easy. Just dance is cool. 🙂

      • nayyirnensi says:

        Dude, I don’t mean that part, I mean like there’s gonna be something with tha circumfrence and so on though. You don’t get it but you will when you see it

      • Andrew says:

        I STILL don’t get your language ad what u’re talking about. It’s all gibberish. I hope that I get it soon as possible. I want to be challenged. 😀

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    Just dance is a game on the wii

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