There HAD To Be Problems With Me And My Mom

Sorry I haven’t been able to post, I’ve been recently busy with other things. So yeah. Today I got ready for school which was soon starting around 8:30. Well, guess how the world turned upside down. Once I’d arrive downstairs to have breakfast and brush my teeth, I noticed on the calender, elluminates were supposed to be starting 8:00. Damn!! Luckily, my mom’s not downstairs to make it such a big problem right? WRONG! She ended up coming downstairs, really early. The kind of thing I wanted to expect from today. We got into an argument about when I woke up. And just to tell you I woke up around 8:15. Not around 7. I eventually won the argument because I was SO innocent and I never knew. Mom started acting angry for awhile, but she usually cools off. Anyways, just remembered what the teachers had said.

No elluminates this week, so we’re free off classes. Woo, that keeps my oppressed feeling off my shoulders. Lol. I tarted today with a little more of Greek Mythology. It was the second session on Jason the Golden Fleece. I bet it was the last though. I had to study with 18 pages on the stories he went out to get the Golden Fleece and all. Soon enough, I had to start Math with mom. Which was a lot easier for practice this morning. Mom was too busy, so I had to do it later on today as usual. Once I was in the middle of my Social Studies unit review, I noticed a machine outside, assuming it was a terminator by the model and how it looked. I didn’t want to pay attention to any Terminators at the moment. I may have not mentioned this, but, I told my mom I think I saw a terminator, and she started yelling at me for a stupid imagination.

Well, anyways, I had to do my Science Unit assessment. So, I asked my dear friend, Nayyir to help me through it. Because I still don’t get how rocks are resulted as Coarse Grained. Well, when I got done, I finished with an exceeding of %96. Missed only one question on the test. WOO! Later on, Savino and I, ew… what’d I say. Anyways, Savino and I were teaming up and using our bb guns to shoot the hell of Nicholas (he’s a very annoying 8 year old). He got shot once, got in his car, and said he would threaten to kill us with a knife his mom was holding that was illegal. Savino betrayed me, and I well, went toward Simon’s side, who was so messed up today, I don’t even wanna mention it. Later on, grownups came and I had to babysit.

Luckily, Sharyl our baby Chinese girl I babysat two weeks ago, was staying. And she was cuter than ever. Ah, life never stops getting interesting, doesn’t?


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