I HATE Geometry

Okay, I’m kind of posting this around a really early time, so sorry for that. Anyways, today I couldn’t get singly memory out of my head. I can’t remember time and things happening. Am I losing my touch? Well today I woke up with a light head. Don’t know how that came out like that. Well, anyways, today I was studying some more on Literature (Subject: Greek Mythology). Today I had to learn the first session of Jason and the Golden Fleece. You’ve probably heard of it, since almost all of you people are older than me. Anyways, it took me awhile to finally end the whole chapter because I was reading 31 pages of huge letters with complicated adjectives. Now, Percy Jackson is a pretty long book. But, I don’t really like being told by a school to read that much. Wonder how much I’m going to get for the next session. Luckily, there isn’t anymore assessments for Literature unless it’s the Unit Assessment. Besides that, I only have to read, study, answer questions, and if possible, write them down.

Then, I had to study on my Social Studies museum I wrote a report about 3 days ago. Unfortunately, I only had to make my parents look at it, and result it. It was pretty easy since my mom already checked it earlier. Anyways, Science was boo. It got too easy because… well, it was a Unit Review. And there always easy. Just go through the lessons and answer the dumb questions the school asks you. Math UGH!! I HATE Geometry. I just realized. The first two units were pretty much the easiest Pre Algebra topics in the whole world. But, Geometry… it’s just so ridiculous. I get answers right, but I can’t even tell if I got those specific answers right. Luckily, I don’t want to be a construction worker or any tool person. Because I’m not sure if this Geometry thing is on my side. They start asking ridiculous questions about rays, segments and lines, and skew lines, which I just forgot.

They start saying such complicated things. It was so funny for my mom and I. I wasn’t frustrated, nor happy. We just kept laughing to perk up our spirit. Lol. Well, today was fun I guess. Later on, we were told by our mom that we had to stay outside for half and hour. Only two things making that irrelevant was 1. It was freaking cold outside (which we took care of with jackets), 2. There was barely any people outside in this weather condition. But, we had to go anyways. I tried going to Marvin’s house to ask if they could come out. Unfortunately, they couldn’t. But, I did tell them this secret. See, my sister told me yesterday that her friend had a crush on one of my friends Douglas. Which made me so… ugh.. irritated. My sister’s friend can’t do that. She has no idea about any f*cking romance. I can’t tell whether it’s frustrating or sad. I told Marvin and they gasped.

Anyways, we later on went inside to watch Prince of Persia. And I have to say it’s my second favorite movie for my whole life, and it is my favorite movie this year. I have to say Avatar the Last Airbender was a load of crap. Sorry for my brutal language today. I just got too hyper. Well, I guess that’s all. See ya.


4 comments on “I HATE Geometry

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    I hate geometry too, you don’t see me sticking a knife in it though. lol. 🙂

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