Ah, My Own Day Has Finally Given Me What I Wanted

Today was an unnatural day, I guess. It was a Sunday. As you all know. And on Sundays we go to church, just like every other regular Christian/Catholic. I actually woke up around 5 earlier today and went straight back to sleep. See, I was trying to stay awake during the time and try to stay up until my parents would wake up. Instead, when I was in the middle of putting my T-shirt on, I said to myself ‘what am I doing awake? I’m going to sleep’. Ah the irony. Anyways, when my mom woke me up there was a war going on in my head, and it wasn’t to pretty. At least I didn’t have Geometry constantly ringing in my head. See, when I woke up early today, I went on Patricia’s computer to check school’s subjects for tomorrow. Which is weird. But, I noticed Geometry for my upcoming Math lesson, and I wasn’t too fond of that event.

See, in the CRCT, I got my results in the mail. So, they showed every little aspect I did, as if they were video camering me in the test, and the results said Geometry was the topic I got worst results on. But, that didn’t seem to bother my parents as long as I passed Math and did Algebra good (oh, and for some reason I got all answers for Algebra correct, even though I’d repeated in my head I was going to fail that topic. Anyways, when our mom got the family ready for church, we didn’t give really the slightest enthusiasm about going to church. But, I knew or at least predicted this was going to be a good day. When we arrived, I didn’t see Michael in sight. Too bad. *sighs* When I got inside Xtreme, I got the nervous looks from everybody, besides my true friend August. He said hello and so did I, and it was end of discussion. That’s how we usually talk during the beginning of church. Lol.

I was waiting for Michael to come, but then I got bored so I played Fuse ball. I had to wait two rows in order to play, but I guess that’s life man. When I finally participated, I was beating the opponent like crazy. But, my wingman (team player) wasn’t really supportive. We lost two goals because of him. And I lost. Fortunately, Michael scared the crap out of me with saying hello behind my back. We waited for the rest of the people to end the game, so we could play. But, I knew time was short. So, I’d tried my best to not feel nervous. When Michael and I were our last game, the church lights turned off. I’d expect it to countdown. Except it didn’t for a few minutes. So, Michael and I won. WOO HOO! But, the most disturbing thing happened when the band players started making this new idea to sing an actual song in the real world. Last week was cooler than me by Mike Posner and guess what was today?! Baby by Justin Bieber!!

Ah, you won’t believe the horror Michael and pretty much everybody and I went through. The church didn’t really notice the pandemonium. But, I noticed some boys dancing for Justin Bieber and they said ‘I love you!!’. I immediately knew they were gaphers. Later when the song ended we for some reason brought up in small group about how dinosaurs might be an imagination of scientists trying to compute what the animals are and how the big bang is just a nonsensical subject. Hey, you have to get ready for these questions somehow. When Michael and I left my mom was in the middle of talking with Michael’s dad about Michael failing on Ecology class. Hmm… interesting statics. Lol. Well, later on we had some breakfast. But, you wouldn’t believe what I’VE been through this evening. When Terry and Kerry came we decided to play bounty hunter. My own game that was picked which made me blush. Then, when we were finally caught up in Terry’s neighborhood. I saw some pants when I cam out the forest.

Turns out Douglas (another neighbor) was there and when he got first sight of me, he ran like a little puppy. Well, I immediately knew Douglas was playing. I saw this other girl who looked a lot familiar. Well, she was familiar for one. I just forgot her name. She decided to play. Until Douglas decided to play Soccer which we haven’t done in such a long time. My team ended up losing because Marvin was making such a big fuss. I got moved to the other team and made our team finally won. Everybody went home and so did I. And we lived happily ever after. Oh and there was this other part, when I was coming to get Patricia and Anabelle their friend wanted to come over to our house on a school day and at an hour which made the sky pitch black. But, her friend didn’t care. I bet tomorrow she’ll do that again. Anyways, and we lived happily ever after.


2 comments on “Ah, My Own Day Has Finally Given Me What I Wanted

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    Don’t try and act too smart andrew. I know you’re smart though, lol. I’m smarter though. I admit it, geometry. Especially the metric system things. I got almost all of mine right in geometry. heh.,

    • Andrew says:

      Hey I am smart, in my own ways. And so are u. Don’t compete with me, you’re really pissing me off. I haven’t done Metric System. You’re ahead of me smarty. Yeah, he he, don’t try to show off much and just be humble.

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