I Meet The Bad Side Of Poverty

Sorry for posting so late. WordPress wouldn’t let me login and when they started working mom said I had to go to sleep. So, sorry for posting so late. Anyways, today was regular normal Saturday. I went outside to go spend and negotiate time with Simon like I always do on Saturdays. Then Savino came. Luckily, I had my bb gun while Simon and I were bargaining. He ran away, just as I expected, then, came back with HIS own gun. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here to shoot me down. Lucky me. So, we just spend the whole morning talking and shooting Army Soldiers. But, my mom came up later, fortunately, she reminded us that we were going to a friend’s house to help out with the church. When our friend arrived, we got ready and got inside the car. We all had to carry our own weight like coca cola, sprite, food, hot dogs, ice, etc. I was holding most of the time the soda cans. Because they seemed okay for me to carry.

When we finally packed all of the junk in the car we got in our cars and started driving. I had no idea where, but I was hoping it’d be a cool place. Along the way, our friend’s dad was playing some Spanish rap music in the car constantly. I thought it was annoying the first two times, but then I got really into it. Once we’d arrive at the area, all I could see was an abandoned neighborhood, with a mucky pool (which was closed) and a playground with about 7 kids playing. The area was a cool place to hangout so, I just went to the playground. I later found everybody setting boom boxes and blankets and other food. Which got my eyes running in the clouds. I advanced toward the soda cans and got one Sprite. Luckily, someone was wise enough to tell me the difference between the diet sodas and the non-diet sodas. Later on… now here comes the bad part, later on there was this kid.

Turns out the guy was called Tristan. Tristan noticed some naive teenagers hanging around his sister. So, he went up to them. Instead I acknowledged two things. 1. those naive kids were gangsters. 2. they threw his portable car, and broke it. I got so angry and so did Tristan. But, instead Tristan told the gangster’s brothers what they were doing and started cursing. The kids (who were like 7 years old) wanted to fight him. So, they started bullying him and people had to break up the fight because the 7 year old was pinning Tristan down. I tried ignoring it, but I couldn’t. So, I pushed one of them. The boy didn’t seem affected by it. But, I got pushed out of the way. Then, that’s when the gangsters decided to drop by and try to bully Tristan. After that, Tristan started cursing like nonstop. And the funny thing was this kid who was only 4 and he was cursing. Wow. That didn’t even seem right. The kids started beating Tristan up like crazy, until my mom stopped the kids.

They didn’t seem to care, so they tried to find a way to beat Tristan up without grownups noticing. And the awful part was the fact that grownups WERE there sitting on a picnic table. At least 7 of them were there, and they didn’t do anything about them. This made me really angry and intimidated. And you probably don’t know how much I hate being intimidated. Later on, when the kids started stop bullying him we left and I left the neighborhood with a concerned face. We told the whole story (especially Patricia) about what happened in the playground to our friend. Our friend (okay, her name is Ms. Amy) didn’t seem to enthusiastic about it. That’s why we had to spread the word about God. We finally got home, took a bath and went to sleep. I guess I’ll see you then. I’d only wish that those kids learned that cursing and bullying was a waste of time.


19 comments on “I Meet The Bad Side Of Poverty

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    I don’t think that’s the bad side of poverty. I think it’s the worst side of poverty, lol. ha

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    That’s also kind of funny with all of your bb guns though. I’ll think of playing with mine with my friend on saturday, sunday or a different day. I almost forgot!

  3. Asop says:

    Nah, poverty. Many Indonesian people are in poverty. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

  4. Keping Hidup says:

    bullying is very disturbing ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. skydancer050 says:

    Hey bud! Those guys I was having a conflict with managed to get my old blog suspended so I had to create a new one. Oh well, I give up on them. I guess I was getting too upset about it anyway.

    • Andrew says:

      Seriously?! You let go about how MR *** and MS *** were overreacting and all that evidence. Wait so here’s you’re new blog? Awesome, let me check.

      • skydancer050 says:

        Actually, I might create yet a new one because I found out you can export your blog and import it into a new one. So I might see if I can create a blog where it looks like all the articles were posted in one day! haha! And even put back some old ones that I deleted a long time ago ๐Ÿ™‚

        Yeah, they won. It’s not worth it. If they didn’t have kids who were being affected by our fight I might go on but I don’t want the kids getting hurt by it.

      • Andrew says:

        No wonder your new blog looks exactly the same. Lol. I’m not exporting my blog ever if I make a new one. Well, why don’t you pick some new posts? It’d be a good idea to talk about something else rather than talk about your drama with those stupid people. Oh my god, you’re crazy honestly. ๐Ÿ˜€ It was worth it to me. Trying to prove yourself that you didn’t do anything. That was important. Kids should get hurt if they need to dude.

      • skydancer050 says:

        Actually, it turns out it might not have been them who got it de-activated anyway. I found out I forgot to renew the expiration date on my credit card on my email so it expired. That might be why wordpress de-activated my blog…..because my email address didn’t work anymore. Well, I renewed it and send them a message telling them about it so maybe they’ll re-activate it soon.

        Yeah! I AM pretty crazy! hahahaha!

        But it makes life MUCH more interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Animal Boy says:

        Oh, I can’t even think of doing things with e-mail. I have to use mom’s e-mail. It sucks and is non-liberating. What’s the word? Oppressing. Lol. Yeah, you’re crazy in your own ways. That’ why I like you.

      • skydancer050 says:

        Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Andrew says:

        Your welcome. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  6. skydancer050 says:

    I hate bullying too! Sometimes people don’t even know that they’re bullying other people. They think it’s justified because they think the other person is a “bad” person and they don’t realize the other person just made a mistake or they’re really a good person even though they look different or act different or sound different or have a different religion or something. It’s sad!!

    • Andrew says:

      That’s because that’s all they know because of their stupid parents. You’re so right. Tristan was being a smart ass trying to provoke those kids that he was going to call the cops on their brothers so they got mad. I just didn’t know they’d gotten THIS mad. Tristan was being bad and he should’ve shut his mouth and kids should’ve never bullied him at all. Yeah, dude, Tristan was the only white besides me there dude. IT WAS A WHOLE TON OF MEXICANS.

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