One Vacuous Day I Can’t Take

Today was uh, not a good day. This morning I woke up with a head trauma again, I guess. It wasn’t really pleasant, but it was okay enough to cover the pain. So, I had to go through school with a huge brain trauma. Anyways, today when we woke up there was a pandemonium going on throughout the house, I had just remembered we were going to Stone Mountain Park today for our school program. I couldn’t wait to go and meet some of my friends. The only problem was getting dad to work on time and taking care of the gasoline. I didn’t want to mention about the gasoline to make it a huge problem for mom, but, when we got in the car, she seemed to have figured out herself. So, my dad had to drive at 60 miles per hour which is like really fast for our car. I’d thought we take a crash, but we have a very good driver, so I tried hard enough to believe in my dad.

When we finally dropped dad off work, which was like 2 minutes before his work was supposed to start we drove immediately to our house for the equipment we needed for Stone Mountain Park. Once we got THAT done we went straight to the gas station and filled our car like CRAZY. When we came back out of my neighborhood, I saw Douglas (a friend who plays soccer), Terry and Simon staying outside waiting for the bus. Simon waved, but Terry didn’t seem to notice me. So, we just went along. When we finally saw the first sights of Stone Mountain I turned happy. When we arrived in the parking lot we were walking, and I did notice ahead were some GCA students. The only weird part was this girl standing right next to me. She was blonde. I mean REALLY blonde. I turned awkwardly and noticed it was the girl I met in the CRCT, who I had liked a little bit. MARY! Oh God, I turned away quickly, but she looked back at me. I tried not to get in eye contact, so I went in deeper.

Later on, which was like an hour, Nayyir finally came. And I was in the middle of trying to call him on my dad’s phone. I told him everything about Mary and how she ended up here. Soon enough, we were looking more for boy like friends. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any friends of mine who were boys. Though, I did meet a very good friend of mine named Shelby. She used to be in my class when I was in 5th grade. The only weird part was the fact that her mother always found me, which sometimes startles me. I decided to talk with her mother and her mother showed me where my homeroom teacher was. Which wasn’t a really big surprise. Then, they left. When we got to meet the principal of GCA, Nayyir asked if he could give him his autograph on the papers to show where and where to be in Stone Mountain. It was pretty funny. But, then the MOST AWKWARD part of today was the fact that I almost stumbled on Mary in the field Nayyir and I were walking on.

Nayyir gasped, because he seemed to know what would happen if I was clumsy. So, I regained my balance and shuffled awkwardly. When we left we bought some food from Burger King. Our family thinks that Burger King is better then McDonalds. Anyways, we bought a WHOLE LOT of food. And I was already stuffed when we arrived home. Once we got home I had to study on Social Studies. And it wasn’t pleasant studying a full 2 hours on how to write for a report on Latin America. Luckily, I was able to finish in a matter on time. My mom said my friends were outside. So, I tied my shoes, got my determined face on and then went straight outside. I found almost everybody. The only new thing was this boy with a frown face, which I still can’t remember at this time. When I went up and arrived to Terry (my neighbor) he said that this guy said I fought him at the last day of school and he wanted to pick a fight with me again. Unfortunately, it ended up in tragedy. The guy (which was named Kristian) was mistakened, and I ended up being hidden with Marvin in our neighborhood for an hour.

Kristian, Simon and I decided to look around the neighborhood. Then, when evening arrived this person, who we call “the drunk lady” was standing like a statue and being weird. I looked so startled, I quickly knew she was drunk, so I got Matthew inside and went to sleep. The end.

16 comments on “One Vacuous Day I Can’t Take

  1. Stanly says:

    Hey dude, haven’t talked in awhile have we? Sorry that relationship between you and my uneducated sister. She’s more of ah… ew… I don’t even wanna say it. Anyways, nice talking with you. See ya.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, I’d thought you be LONG gone. But, why’d you come back finally? She’s not uneducated. She just doesn’t know how to express herself respectfully. A geek. I know, so am I but that’s only because she chooses to be a smart a*s. See ya I guess.

      • Stanly says:

        No, I was trying to subscribe to your blog a long time ago, when I wasn’t even commenting on your blog. I actually say she’s uneducated. She just acts smart like our mom and tries to look good in front of everyone. She chose to be a smart ass? Nah man, you’re offtrack. She’s forced to because she sees other people in our neighborhood doing it. DUH!!

      • Andrew says:

        You were? Well, it should’ve worked because I didn’t really see any change in the subscriber’s button. Why didn’t you comment and let me know. Why let me out of updation? What? Like your mom? Really, then why aren’t you smart? Huh?

  2. Asop says:

    You must remember your friend’s name, Andrew.. 😆

  3. Swimmer Girl says:

    Be strong in the Lord and,
    Never give up hope,
    You’re going to do great things,
    I already know,
    God’s got His hand on you so,
    Don’t live life in fear,
    Forgive and forget,
    But don’t forget why you’re here,
    Take your time and pray,
    These are the words I would say

  4. Rimma Mutiara Putri says:

    hi Andrew. it amazing story….
    your dad is good driver. anyways, i have a friend named Rimma. She want to be your friend because she has big dream to be student in abroad. she really want to practice her English with you. Her address is It’s Mine

    • Andrew says:

      Hey thanks, but it’s not a story. It’s more of a life post. He is. Isn’t that u. U know u don’t constantly have to make into a weird flow. How old are u? Ok… I’ll be your friend. Uh… really? We just met. You’re starting to really creep me out. But, we’ll be friends. And what a nice b;pg you have.

  5. nayyirnensi says:

    WOOOW. That day was…. eh….. I don’t know. Hey, I haven’t talked to you in a while too. I’ll call when I have time, and if you’re wondering why I haven’t posted, I’ve been VERY busy. From now on i’m gonna cut my computer time and spend it on blogging instead. Later on today i’ll write a post. Right now I got other things to do. peace.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, confusing and yet weird I guess. Yeah, I’d thought you were gone FOREVER. Yeah, I can tell. I’ll probably call you dude. Ok? Yeah, you need to post more often then usual. And quit playing Pirates Online. Seriously. I’ll make sure you write another post. You don’t have any views today dude. Peace to you too.

      • nayyirnensi says:

        By the way, don’t forget that later on I smiled at Mary, waved, and she waved back. When I was leaving I saw her and gave her a wink, I guess you didn’t see that one though. lol.

      • Andrew says:

        She did. Okay, but I’, talking about a different time. And that will not be included in the post. Yeah.

  6. nayyirnensi says:

    Oh yeah, I’m the cool one, and you’re umm………. I can’t remember. Oh yeah. I said I was the cool one, and then you said, you may be the cool one, but that i’m the hot one. i’m is refering to andrew. woo hoo.

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