I Officially Hate Halloween

I am deeply sorry for not being able to post the past three days. I don’t know how to make it up to you. Or maybe I do. Since the past three days, it’s all been revolving on one thing. Halloween. I didn’t really enjoy it when I heard it was coming in a few days. I wanted to skip it for all I care. Until next day came, Nayyir said that he was able to come over for our Halloween party and trick-or-treat time. Boy how I was wrong. I was waiting at church for the moment (since time went directly to Sunday [Hallow’s Eve]). It felt so intriguing, and it I was so happy. Until it came to the last bad part. When everybody was dressed up, even though it was still sunny, I was waiting for Nayyir to come. But, it took awhile, so I decided to call him to see what was going on there. Turns out, Nayyir couldn’t come, because he decided to schedule a different party. Broke my heart. I brought my costume. Only one neighbor realized who I was. Which was fine by me, but Patricia’s friend and the rest of our neighbors weren’t patient, so I had to wait ti’ll everybody was done picking out candy from a house.

The worst turned when my costume broke. My guitar rope grip ripped so I wasn’t able to wear a guitar to show my true identity. 😦 Everybody was like: “Who’s he supposed to be?” and “Who would wear black to Halloween?”. I felt so pissed off. I decided to go to Simon’s house and pick the best candy and go home. Mom was worrying. But, I called my dad to let him know I was home. Turns out I got about 89 pieces of candy, and I didn’t even try getting candy. Picking out all the candy made me sick to my stomach. So, I just dumped it all out. Mom and dad and Patricia’s other nice friend came back. Most of them got more candy because they asked for more candy. I had to discuss with mom about my depression of things.

1. Nayyir wasn’t able to come over at all because he decided to schedule somewhere else.
2. Barely got candy.
3. Got sick of candy.
4. Patricia’s friend’s mom was actually interacting with my mom. I bet they’ll be friends in no time.
5. Patricia’s friend was happy.
6. People insulted my costume.

I was so emotional through the whole day. My mom explained I was going through a hormones stage, which felt really awkward for me, even though I do get really emotional and bitchy at times. The only good part about today was the fact that Patricia’s other nice friend told me Patricia’s friend was insulting Patricia and Patricia’s nice friend’s sister. I got happy that Patricia’s friend actually did something bad. I was only wondering whether our neighbors were still hunting. Oh and next day (which was yesterday) I got a stomach flu because of candy. Ew… not so good. I was about to vomit, but all that came out was a bad stomach and burps. Turns out since I ate candy and started burping constantly my stomach hurts. Now, the next thing was when I overheard that all county schools were being closed for Election Day, but not our school.

So, one of our neighbors insulted our school. And that’s all. I’m going to post tomorrow since I’m tired.


Not going to post today, sorry. 😦

I Know This Is Going To Be Good

Well, today was little, I don’t know, normal I guess. Today I was checking my k-mails for school and found out an interesting 2 facts. Turns out, our principal made a Principal’s pen on Youtube. I thought it sounded ridiculous, but, I’m telling you. He sounded really good with his words, it was like he was meant to be a principal. I also figured that our school will be starting sports. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I’ll probably start the basketball team since that’s the first sport starting Winter season. Though, I was looking forward to doing Soccer. Unfortunately, that’s starting around the Spring season. Sucks right? The only problem was that each student that participated for each season of sports has to pay a fee of 100$. Just as I expected. Though, it is a good idea, since the school needs money for more language classes.

Although, only ALP Middle schoolers are allowed to learn a language. I would’ve wanted to learn how to speak Japanese or Hindu. But, that’s not in my reach of choices is it? I talked with my dad about participating in a sport in the upcoming seasons. He said he’ll think about it. Well, that’s at least better than having to put up with a no. So, I continued with my school. I had to get off, because I had to deal with getting into Matthew’s proper elluminates. It took about 10 minutes to find the right Language Arts elluminate, since Matthew’s teacher was too busy to help, because of ‘conferences’. I got him to the right class, and then moved on to my school. I learned about Europe’s diseases happening, which I really feel bad for. I wonder how bad the diseases were during the French Revolution.

I had to yet deal with finding another elluminate for Matthew, while constantly remembering about both Resident Evil Afterlife and Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows. CURSE YOU SNAPE!!!! 🙂 I went on with school until it came to an end. I wanted to hurl and take a nap. But, I was just to energetic to be in that mood. So, Simon invited over at his house and asked if I would want to buy these Scented Candles for Orchestra back at his school. I felt sorry for a few seconds, but then again, we bought bon bons from him already. I ain’t spending again for him. So, instead I decided to help him advertise throughout the neighborhood about the Scented Candles sales. Turns out, when I came outside and got my shoes ready, my mom came out of nowhere and said they had to pick up dad. But, I wanted to help Simon with the sales. So, I asked to stay with him while they got dad. So far, we only got 7 sales, that quick, and then we asked for ice-cream. I shared with my brother, oddly.

Afterwards, I went inside, and watched the recording of Glee Rocky Horror. Disturbing to know that someone was going to be in underwear during the play. Ugh.

A Relaxing Wednesday

Okay, most of you may enjoy the warm, sunny breeze outside, and you just can’t get enough of it. Well, I have a totally different perspective towards it. I like more grayer clouds, droopy rains and cool breezes. That’s the only reason why I enjoy the Fall season more than anything in the world. I’m going to go with the point of today. I started finally waking up around 6:30, unfortuantely, my dad was in the bathroom. I could tell, my mom doesn’t wake up this late and leave the light on, while being so quiet. So, I just went in there and made sure he knew I was downstairs, so my dad wouldn’t be surprised I was downstairs all of the sudden. I went on the computer and worked on some of my school. Started first with some of my elluminates. After I chatted with “the unknown girl” and with Nayyir I went toward my school work for today.

I wanted to start with Social Studies today, because all I had to do was check this map of Europe’s physical features. BTW, I’m studying on Europe for my unit. I’m going to skip the rest of my work towards my Math elluminate. I had some homework on ratios and some OLS lessons, and then I had a test. So, I took care of it, in less than 2 hours. It was a lot work, just to break it down to you. But, afterwards, I completed the rest of my homework, and practiced on my acoustic guitar. I looked online for some songs to learn, and so far I’ve learned how to play Numb-by Linkin Park. But, it’s decent eh? I have to just play 10 songs in front of my mom and then give her a present for her late birthday and then wait for Christmas to get my electrical guitar. That’s a goal I’m looking forward to.

Fortunately, the sky was grey. The best time of the day basically. I quickly laid on my bed and played a blues on my guitar. Came in handy I guess. I played Yesterday, and it soothed my ears from all of the rock music. I rested my head, and read the Riddle a little bit. Fell asleep, and got woken up so abruptly because of my mom, because I didn’t pick my book. Oh, good grief. 😀

The Impossibilities Of Socializing With A Brother

Uh, guys, I’m going to have to alert you that my ‘secretly posting’ thing is coming to an end in two days. I reminded my mom that my grounding was finally over (so I won’t have to worry that my mom is figuring out that I’m secretly posting). So, my mom’s kind of going to go over my post to make sure it sounds clean. So, I’ll try to make the best of today. Today was, I don’t know… a little too brutal. I think I’ve officially changed my worst day of the week, from Monday to Tuesday. It’s like everybody gets frustrated, and it never appears to stop. There’s always gotta be a rant from my mom about our school, and how it’s not organized. Well, I hope your in for one big rant today. When I was in the middle of taking my homework, my mom didn’t look to well, which is like all the time. Lol. And all of the sudden, she comes out working with Matthew (my brother) on the portfolio, which he finished long time ago.

She then started saying that Matthew’s teacher is awful. Weird, cause a few weeks ago, when she met his teacher, she said she’s really nice, now she’s saying she’s awful. My mom said that she’s going to have to give FAP points to Matthew if he doesn’t send it through mail. First of all, she already sent it online, now Matthew’s teacher is expecting for it to be sent. And BTW, FAP points means suspending points. Once you get 6 or 7 I think you’re immediately suspended from the school. Mom got so pissed she started coming up with ideas that Matthew’s teacher said he’s missing elluminates, which BTW, he’s going into all the elluminates, and the teachers are saying that the elluminates are moving from place to place. And then they just lead Matthew to a dead end. Well, I tried encouraging my mom so she wouldn’t have to overreact or anything.

Unfortunately, she started getting snappy, like usual, when something bad happens. It’s just so predictable. That’s what I hate about. I checked my mom’s k-mail. Turns out she mistakened the title ‘missing elluminates’ as if the teacher meant Matthew. It was only about her teacher missing most of the elluminates. But, most of the other stuff my other mom ranted about were true. Now, instead of talking about my mom’s drama, let’s talk more about what happened to ME. I had a Literature Unit Assessment test, and as usual, I have to answer like 34 annoying questions and write down 4 paragraphs about you favorites in the Unit. I skipped the thing and went toward Math. I passed it easily, without effort. That’s the good thing. I had to move onto GUM, and again it was so predictably easy. I can go on all day about this. The only thing that was ringing in my head was the Literature Unit Assessment test and the Science Unit Assessment test. Instead I worked on the Science test and again got a 100% for results.

Later on, I went on the computer and started messing around. You know, checking blogs, commenting on them, updating mines, and checking my Farm on Farmville. It came to a point where I was so annoyed that I decided to tell my sister to work for more bits of our new play. I already finished our first play. If I can find a way to update it on my dad’s Youtube account, or probably upload it from the computer, I’ll be able to show it to you. It’s just a regular comedy. Though the quality is poorer then Patricia and I expected. Now, what else? Oh yeah, this is my rant for today. My brother was grinning constantly at me. It was so infuriating. Whenever he’d see me go on my blog, he’d go with his damn stupid attitude “You’re going on your blog again”. I wanted to hit that bitch all day. And I wasn’t able to. Well, mark my words, I’ll kick his ass someday. Trust me.

He became so annoying throughout the day. Constantly playing around and getting me angry. The most stupidest thing he did today, was play video games on the school computer. Our dad won’t even let me check my blog there. He crossed the line there. On the other hand, things went fine. I finally learned how to play tabs on a guitar. 😀 😀 😀

What The Monday Just Happened?

Hey, nice to see you guys again on my blog. Now we’re going to go over what happened today. I woke up today around 8:22. I assumed there was going to be a Language Arts class with my least favorite teacher today around 8, because that’s when it usually starts. Unfortuantely, I burst into tears thinking about my portfolio that I sent yesterday. For some reason, I forgot that I send it. So, I went into crying stage for a few seconds, and then realized I already sent it, lol. I ALSO figured out there were no elluminates/classes on Monday. Woo ho!! Though, I always forget it somehow, and get paranoid whether or not I miss it. I went to my Literature Unit review test.

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the upcoming Unit Assessment test. I bet I’d even fail on it. When I finished some of the rest of my subjects, I checked my tests that I finally completed on Study Island. Unfortunately, when I logged in, I had 9 MORE tests assigned for me. I got sick of having to deal with 5 tests. But… 9 tests.. was like amazing!! I passed a lesson in Social Studies, with missing only one question. I moved on and tried to do Spanish Math. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the words, so I immediately jumped out of the test, before they resulted me. I tried Chemistry, and I did pretty good, even though all these things were ahead of my grade. I passed the test, but then got sidetracked. So, I had to do it AGAIN. Which was so freaking annoying. I went on to Math, which turned out easy. So, I did three more lessons, and kicked it’s ass.

Wow, haven’t gotten this much enthusiasm in awhile. I had Social Studies left, so I took a break. I was beating up my little sister. Anabelle, if you hadn’t known. Unluckily, I got bored, so I played with some of my cars, in my room. I decided to do a play with cars, that I’ll probably set up on youtube. Not that I have an account, so that’s the major problem. But, I had to start finishing my Social Studies. Before I could finish the last questions for the Unit Assessment test, I got lectured by my mom to load the dishes. She seemed so stressed today. I got pissed, because I get angry whenever my mom gets in pain/stress. I loaded the dishes and finished my Unit Assessment test, and got a good 100%. My mom and I clapped hands of my achievement. I worked on the play, and to tell you, it’s pretty crappy, until my sister (Patricia [oldest sister]) came in the play and started coming up with good ideas. I have to say, I have to give credit to her.

Unfortunately, it took about 10 videos to get an almost perfect performance. I got bored, so I watched Furry Vengeance with my mom. And to tell you, the movie was: disgusting, unbearable, awkward, depressing and miserable. The animals just made the guy’s life more miserable. I HATED IT!! Once I was done, I went to Terry and Kerry’s house in order for them to come out. And as usual on a weekday, they wouldn’t be able to come. I practiced on Soccer a little bit, and got PRETTY GOOD. Patricia’s friend came, with a weird, and depressing dress. She always has to wear black. *rolls eyes* She asked me for Patricia to come out. I got bored so I listened. They ended up staying up playing in the street with bikes for an hour. Meaningless to me. Then, they went to our porch around 8. I wonder if I could teach them a lesson once in awhile.

Too Busy/Lazy To Do Anything

I’m so sorry I left you guys hanging there for the past two days. I was to lazy to even reply to your comments yesterday. I guess I felt a little too stressed, because I had to handle my portfolio, my tests and my new gamer informer blog, which I’m still trying to figure out what to post about. So, I’m sorry, I hope you can forgive my blunder for the past two days. I’m going to have to skip Friday and Saturday and go into Sunday, since I don’t really have enough time.

Today’s Sunday, was just like any Sunday I could’ve expected. Except for this. When I was sleeping in, my mom came in my room and asked me to put the light on. See, I may have not mentioned this, but I bought a blue bendable lamp about two or three weeks ago. I guess it didn’t seem that important then. But, what irritated me the most in my sleep, besides the lantern, was the thudding noises my mom made. I don’t really like noises as long as there coming from music or concerts, than I would understand. But, she made thudding noises like crazy. It even made a weird buzzing effect in my ear. So, I decided to moan out the words “Stop making that noise.” Afterwards, I got dressed in one of my new clothes. My new jeans, with golden symbols, and another shirt that had Black Spider Man, except they put him in a way that made him look TOO brutal. But, I went with brutal Spider Man anyways.

When we arrived at church, I’d almost forgot that I was able to run to my part of the church, without parents supervising. The only ironic part was the fact that I had a 5 minute discussion, decided to walk to my group for 30 seconds, and then when I entered the hall Michael (my best friend) came across me. He didn’t realize me by his speed, because he was zipping through places in a few seconds. So, I ran and caught up to him. We’re about the same speed. So, that means Nayyir is PROBABLY slower than me, and Michael is an inch faster. I caught up to him and said hi. We went into the the uh… what was the place called again? Uh… the Cabin! Yeah that. I went up the stairs to the game room. While the girls were hanging around on the first floor. As usual Michael and I would go to the foozeball table, to get ready for our rounds turned.

There was this team that badly got beaten, and then it went to another team, when we came, and then this guys out of nowhere comes here and says it’s my turn. Michael tried to show the awkward face, and explained. The guy didn’t seem to get it, so he turned and went to his game. Maybe he heard, but I muttered on my lips “bitch.” After the team got done, this girl I guess she was in her 7th or 8th grade ages was constantly encouraging us to go and kick our opponents ass. The weird part was the fact that Michael and I weren’t beaten by any team AT ALL. Until we went to worship. Soon enough, a girl walked up to me I guess my grade level, and she said “Hey, I love you!” I turned back and said WTF, except without using initials. She left to my luck and we went to small group. I’m going to skip to going outside details.

When I went outside, it was all, I don’t know, deserted. Until my friend Jordan (who is a 13 year old girl) came about. She brought her Ipod and played all sorts of music, until these two bad things happened: 1. the drunk lady was back in her spot where she had taken her drugs. 2. Patricia’s friend was coming. She still didn’t get the fact that wearing skinny skirts and bending her body forward was still inappropriate. I ignored and noticed my friend Kristan coming down the street. I guess we’ve been friends since the first day of October. We gave each other the man slap and the man hug. We decided to go somewhere else where Patricia’s friend wasn’t. But, I said it was okay. Until King came out and brought Savino we went away. We went to this place that had nosies coming, like footsteps. We ran quickly. I’m going to skip the rest, my dad and I went to the guitar center and then to Aldi to get our supplies. I immediately had to leave my dad empty handed without help because I noticed something up the street. See I’m too lazy to say the details.

I guess we got to play Truth or Dare, and contact each other. Details ain’t important. And I guess that’s all.