The Things I Like About Sunday

Well, I have to say that Sunday is my favorite because good luck seems to happen specially on that day. I’d have a theory to the reason. But, I don’t think you guys might find it as practical as me. Well, it’s basically because of God. He says that we do good, we receive good, and I guess the perks come from worshiping God in church. Lol. So, yeah I may expect a good day from Sunday, but doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen. This morning my mom had woke me up, I tried to stay up all Saturday night to make sure I don’t end up sleepy when my mom wakes me up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the promise. So, I lapped a sleepy expression for 15 minutes until I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Later on, when I got ready and dressed for church, my mom put some face cleaner. Now I have to say, the cleaning is really helping my zits.

I’m almost zit-free, but anyways, when we arrived at church I had the best friend in the world advancing toward me. Michael basically, if you hadn’t known. He was in his regular special church clothing. I didn’t believe it was him until my brother yelled out it was him. I thought though he was just a guy waiting on the street. But, I realized he was coming toward us, like he’d finally be expecting us. We started talking about how the week went (as usual) and what was happening. When we got inside the church I ran while Matthew was keeping Michael occupied. When Michael realized I was running, he finally ran as well. We might have looked abnormal for being the only ones running around the church. But, we’re not embarrassed. Right? When we got to church I’d expect people to either be hi fiving us or criticizing us. But, nothing really happened. I saw my friends, but everything was normal. When I was doing small group everybody congratulated me.

Especially Michael, with a surprise. When we were done worshiping God, we all sadly goodbye, and went back to our regular world. I was surprised that the weather was conditionally bad, because that meant no annoying things or neighbors have to come and irritate us. Yepee! We had fun basically, during the time we were in the house we ate a lot of good things. Ice cream sandwiches and all, I also had one Ice cream cheesecake slice. It was bad! But, the sandwich was AWESOME. Today I guess was the good day. What else… oh yeah. At the Thrift Store there was this girl constantly walking by when I was reading a book, when I was close to leaving she started spying me. I felt attracted for a moment. But, it was flattering, I got to get a good look at her. She grinned happily. She was like 12 or 11 years old, and she was hot. I have to say that, not that I like her but seriously. She was hot. Lol. When we finally left she ran toward the door and waved at me. I smiled. I guess that’s why people get relationships and love.

But, it’s too early for me. Lol. When evening finally arose, I was depressed, until I was watching Date Night with my parents and oldest sister. It’s pretty funny. I’m going to write about it somehow. Lol. Though, they did curse in the movie, which I’m still shocked from hearing cause words like that from Steve Carell. Lol. Finally, we got to go to sleep. Ah. See you people tomorrow. Lol.

24 comments on “The Things I Like About Sunday

  1. Asop says:

    Good, I like sunday. 😀

  2. Alexandru Stavila(Mefodii) says:

    Hello brother, you know me?? 🙂

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