Brothers Are Impossible

This morning I had a dream and I remembered it as well. I was dreaming of being in the middle of nowhere (basically the desert). I was wearing some heavy baggy clothes, which didn’t suite me very well. Still, how can you feel in a dream? Lol. When I was standing in the middle of the desert, I heard grunting noises behind me, and then this big base camp appeared behind me. I ran toward it, but it kept running away from me as well. When I closed my eyes and started running, I had already hit one of the walls. I looked inside the small and deserted city and saw a guy with a gun that looked exactly like my bb gun. I ran up to him, but then these big enormous creatures popped out of nowhere. GRUNTS!!! My dream faded away when the soldier and I already shot several down.

When I woke up, I was able to see more clearly. Because in my dream, I was vague the whole time. I didn’t even know how I could’ve known everything happening. Well, when I went downstairs to take my face cleaner whatever it’s called, I had an elluminate, and it was set at a pretty good time for an enrichment. Oh and whenever you see the date on my post, it’s just showing which day of the date I’m writing about k? Anyways, My brother was reading the Magic Tree House for his reading practice, because he needs to work on reading more than math. I was already in the middle of Social Studies, and I was told I was in the middle of the elluminate being the best.

Well, my brother was being so impossible today. So, irritating. I couldn’t stand it, once night stroke. When I was using the computer (which I was kind of not allowed to use) he was constantly blabbering out what I was going on and started making noises. He didn’t listen the first 5 times which made me so angry. He was grinning at me again and again. My mom had to constantly say that Matthew and Anabelle and I had to go to sleep. Well, when my mom was done watching Project Runaway with my sister I was already fast asleep. Feeling good about not having to deal with Matthew. Though, I hope once Matthew will fully learn his lesson and staying that way. I would be them the happiest family member in the family. Though, I’m in deep trouble. Well, both of us, but know mostly me. Can’t use the computer today at all. Sorry.


14 comments on “Brothers Are Impossible

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    Grunts? nice….. Halo thinking ey???? I think coming to my house ruined your brain. Well this morning I had a dream about me being the only one on a strange Island. And then I saw the Wei and Wu army marchign and fighting on the island. The wei army and wu army are from this game on the PS2, PSP, and so on. It is a game called Dynasty Warriors. But then all of a sudden, Cao Pi, one of the generals of Wei, handed me a sword and we fought until my dream blasted outta my head and to the brain of someone else. LOL. But nice dream, I would love beating the living daylight outta GRUNTS. They’re like super hard to kill.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, Grunts. I didn’t think it was Halo until I woke up trying to remember the dream. Nah, not really. We didn’t spend ALL day playing Halo. But, a lot. Lol. Yeah, that’s still me too dude. Kind of the same dream. I think you’re making this dream up. WEI?! And WU? What the heck dude? How long did it take for your mind to process all those names? Nice processing. OH. It’s on a video game, REALLY classy. Lol. I’m talking about in real life dude. That’s not the spirit of dreams. *slaps*. Lol. Cao Pi, okay that’s just a wrong name. But, nice that your brain came up with it. Sword? Ah, nice dream, I wish I had a real sword , but I only have a wooden one I made yesterday. It got blasted. OOH. Not a good dream. I guess it was cruel and awesome, but yeah. It was cool. I KNOW.

      • nayyirnensi says:

        That’s my favorite video game. I play it on my ps2 almost everyday. I already beat the game but I still like fighting. Dynasty warriors has 3 main kingdoms, Wei, Wu, and Shu.

      • Andrew says:

        Wu and Wei? What kind of game is that, seriously. Oh, it’s on the PS2. You got all video games. Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox and PS2. Besides PS3. You’re fine. Yeah, you love watching wrestling, that’s where it comes. Oh it Dynasty Warriors. Makes sense. Shu? (Shoe) Lol.

      • nayyirnensi says:

        DUDE! don’t make fun of the game. It sounds so funny because it’s a chinease game. It’s also for the Xbox 360, and the Ps3, it’s also for the PSP! And no, I do not have an xbox 360. Shu and Wu are strong kingdoms, but the best is Wei!(opinion)

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah, dude, I can make fun of it if I want. So, just because it’s Chinese doesn’t mean it’s funny. And dude, I just meant that it was stupid names. How the heck would I think it would be funny? No kidding. Lol. PSP. Ah, I remember playing it always. Which I sometimes do. But, anyways. Hope you have a good evening.

  2. Asop says:

    Well…. I just wanna say… “what an unusual dream you have, Andrew.” 😀

  3. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    I have some pretty strange dreams too! But I usually don’t remember them for more than a few minutes after I wake up.

    But don’t get yourself in trouble little guy! Do what your Mom says! 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Except that you can’t remember them. Yap, there’s always a catch to everybody not getting their dreams. Hardly it would be for the reason that you wouldn’t get what it means. Most of the time, it’s because you only remember blank. Some have a hard passion for dreams and they almost remember every single little dream they have. I won’t well, I’m not sure. Lol. I’m not psychic. I can’t predict the future. Lol. I will try to do as much as my mom says.

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        I remember them a lot for a little while after I wake up but unless I really liked them and they weren’t too complicated, I don’t think about them and I don’t remember much later on, except maybe things like it involved aliens or the world was exploding or something like that. And a lot of them are too complicated to remember. But when I fly, I ALWAYS remember those dreams really well because I LOVE flying in my dreams! 🙂

        I had a really amazing psychic dream once.

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah, brothers (that are older than you) can be bullying you, rough and mean. Brothers (that are younger then you) turn out to be the center of the Earth and annoy you. I just hope that it’ll cease to exist, like at least some close calls. What do you mean? Oh, you mean you’ve got into some hypothesis with your brothers. Classy. Lol. Me too. Except my brother screws it up. Lol. You have a lot of brothers. I only have one brother to worry about. I LOVE HAVING THE FEELING OF FLYING. The wind rustling through your eyes and hair. It feels so comfortable.

  4. abcd77 says:

    thanks for the nice comment on my blog.I don’t have time to read yours but i will soon.

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