What A Freaking Awesome Day

Well, this morning I woke up around 7 (to my luck), and I really didn’t have any intention to go to sleep. So, I mentally celebrated my ‘final wake up around 7’ party. It was awesome, though my mind could only enjoy it. Lol. Anyways, I had an elluminate around 8 with my ELA (English Language Arts) teacher. Which I knew was going to be awesome, though we were soon changing teachers since some new ones decided to sign up for Georgia Cyber Academy. So, no luck for, unless I get a really good Math teacher. We had some problems the first time we met, but, then she turned out pretty cool. But, I pray that I receive an awesome Math teacher.

Soon enough, it took just 3 hours to get around to my last 2 subjects. My dad doubted I was finishing that fast. But, it was the truth. It took my an hour to jot down my notes for today’s social studies (because we were studying on Latin America) and then it took another hour for Science because I had to test some minerals and then review them in a significant order. Then, GUM and Strategies for Success both took 30 minutes, which concluded to 3 hours. I decided to take a break and start reading my book (Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse). But, I just decided to read the author’s biography, Rick Riordan. It was kind of awesome that he had 2 sons, same with my parents. But, then I knew soon enough I had to finish the rest of my school.

But, before I could finish anything else, I had a Math elluminate on prime numbers and something else… but I can’t remember. Though, I passed it like a farmer harvesting eggs. I hope to Nayyir he passed whatever he was taught. Anyways, soon enough I had a Science elluminate, but we were studying on different erosions and weathering. What would be very convenient if you would put one of the answers in the comments. Now, lets get that out of the way, I soon got Math done, it was easy because I was comparing decimals only. Moving on. Once I was done with school my dad said before my mom comes home I clean a little bit. But, instead I give him the usual reaction, no. Lol.

So, you and I have to say it’s MY fault. Well, technically, it’s not, but I don’t wanna go into anymore details. Soon I was told by my dad to help him put some boxes before my mom came (sorry though for the chronological order mess up, I just felt the need to change the time a bit..). I was only able to carry 4 boxes up the ladder, toward the attic. I wish I could give you a picture, but my dad’s laptop screen is broken and I can’t put pictures anywhere else. So, when we got done, all my dad could tell me was that grownups were coming. Basically, I needed to go into babysitting position. Luckily, he said there were going to be about 5 grownups. Lets just pray I get more, because the more I get, the more money I earn (but I figured out I wasn’t getting paid).

Once 7:00 pm strolled in 2 couples already arrived. One of them (which is Ms. Danna [my personal favorite]) didn’t bring her husband, which was too much of a boo, but then she said he was coming, except in his own car. The next 30 minutes TONS of couples strolled in our house. I’d say about 12 people in the house. Now, with that much I could have a party, but I had to do my duties and not get a ahead of myself. Soon enough, some Asian couple arrived. Which I have to say, I LOVE ASIANS. Especially Japanese. Though, they looked more Chinese, but I’ll ask mom tomorrow. They brought their daughter as well. She was beautiful, though she was only 2 years old. But, what the heck, I love babies.

A few hours went by and the baby barely talked. She was more nervous than I thought. But, then my sister and I started talking to her. And she eventually cracked up. She started talking like crazy. But, I couldn’t stand the little girl’s accent, it sounded so cute. Though, the only thing that irritated me was the fact that I had to make sure I showed no violence toward my brother (Matthew) in front of her. So, that was a problem. Matthew was grinning with glee just to irritate me. I hated him so much then, but then I snapped. I tried to explain to her Matthew was misbehaving, but I hardly cared if she was paying attention. I pulled Matthew my mom’s bed and put him in time out in my room until the grownups left. Don’t know how I got the parenting talent.

30 comments on “What A Freaking Awesome Day

  1. nayyir says:

    I guess that day was awesome

  2. nayyir says:

    Yes, I guess that was a FREAKING awesome day. lolz

  3. Keping Hidup says:

    ha ha i bet the japanese’s daughter is AWESOME too 😀

  4. Beth Gallob says:

    Hello Andrew, What an interesting blog you have! I notice that you write a lot about having Elluminate sessions for school. Would you be interested in writing a blog entry about how you use Elluminate, what you like about it, what you don’t like about it, how you feel about attending school online, and whatever else you’d like to comment on? I could do a little story on our website and link to your blog entry. What do you think?

    – Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication

    • Andrew says:

      Hello Beth (Though I haven’t met you) You know that I attend at school. If you know, what school do I attend to? I’ll think about it, but I have no idea who you are. A person. OH YES!! Write about my blog and then we have a deal. Ok? Okay, are you just faking there. You really are the goddess of elluminate communication. Ok, just remember my deal and we have a deal. Deal?

      • Beth Gallob says:

        Hi Andrew,

        No faking. My name is Beth Gallob and I work at Elluminate. My email address is bethg@elluminate.com. Part of my job is to write stories about how teachers and students use Elluminate. Because I do all the writing for the company, my nickname is Goddess of Communication. It’s kind of a joke. Sometimes a wear a shiny plastic crown just for fun.

        The way I found your blog is that I get emails from Google when our company name is used online. These are called Google Alerts. So when you used the word ‘elluminate’ in your blog today, I got an email with a link. I get many of these email each day because a lot of people are talking about Elluminate, which makes us proud and happy.

        I was intrigued by your writing, especially about your using Elluminate, and thought our customers, including other students, might want to hear about your online school experiences, if you would like to share them.

        I think the only mention of a school I saw in your education-related blog entries was Georgia Cyber Academy. If you don’t feel comfortable writing a blog entry for us to link to from our website, that’s OK. Let me know what you think.

        – Beth

      • Andrew says:

        You do? What position are you in? I saw it, but I thought you were fake. You do!!! THIS IS THE BEST Day EVER. How’d you find my site? It is your nickname? Nice nickname. Hahaha, that’s funny. Oh so that’s how you found me. But, you’r here at THIS time? Google?! WOW. Oh, so that’s how it works. But, why did you comment to me specifically ? Am I special or something. You got an e-mail. Hmm… nice. I’m just 11, I can do a lot for my age on computers. My dad works with them as well. I WOULD LOVE TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE. As long as I get comments. But, thanks. Oh, so you saw in my posts. Gracias. I DO, I DO, WHAT DO YOU THINK I WRITE ABOUT EVERYDAY??? Lol. I will but promise me you bring people to my site and my friend’s site Nayyir. He goes to my school Georgia Cyber Academy. Please favor him as well? Please and would you want to subscribe.

  5. nayyirnensi says:

    omg andrew ur lucky, hey beth, I also go to Gca like andrew, and actually ill be happy to write about elluminate to if you want cuz Elluminate rockS!, lol. I’m not lying though GCA, It used to be called GVA. yeah.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah you just did write about elluminates on your post. YEAH IT DOES ROCKS!!! Yeah you were there before me.

    • Beth Gallob says:

      Hi again Andrew and Nayyir,

      I’m glad you think Elluminate rocks! Perhaps we could do a story about both of your experiences. However, if you want to do this, you should ask your parents first. If they want to talk to me, have them send me an email and I’ll reply with my phone number.

      – Beth

      • nayyirnensi says:

        Well my parents said yes but I think I should also tell them to E-mail you for proof or should they just call you? I’m guessing andrew’s parents said yes too. And I am a kid who does not lie. lol.

      • Andrew says:

        Man, you’re going TOO crazy about this Nayyir. Out of all of the students, we are the ones with our blogs on top. How do you know? You don’t know my life? Well I lie, but under these circumstances, I wouldn’t.

      • Andrew says:

        So you’re an actual person? Hmm… I’ll think about having my mom or dad calling you. Would that be okay? Yeah, remember, we’ll write about you and you have to put on your top header our link. Just so people can see. Ok? So, if they’re okay, are you going to do it?

      • nayyirnensi says:

        and beth, you can also visit my website by clicking on my name. I’m just writing a post right now though if you’re interested in reading it. It will say much about elluminate. It will be done in about 15 minutes though.

      • Andrew says:

        she knows, she ain’t stupid. Yeah, Nayyir don’t get ahead of yourself. Ok? WOO HOO

  6. Beth Gallob says:

    It was great talking with you today! I have some other work I have to get done for Elluminate today, so i’m going to sign off for now. I think it would be best to have your parents email me so I know they are OK with you guys working with me. You guys can email me directly, too, if you want. Talk to you later.

    – Beth

  7. Beth Gallob says:

    Sure. That would be OK. Just email me. You also mentioned a favorite teacher. It might be good for me to talk with one or more of your teachers to get their side of the story. Just give them my email if they are interested. Talk to you tomorrow.

    – Beth

    • Andrew says:

      Okay, I’ll e-mail you. Yeah, Dr. Brad Johnson and Ms. Lauen. So what though? WAIT JUST A DARN MINUTE!!! YOU ARE GOING TO TALK TO THE GCA (GVA) TEACHERS ABOUT MY BLOG!!! AWESOME!!! But, remember, put it on your header. Yeah, we’re interested. How long do you stay online? How come you reply so FAST? Talk to you tomorrow, as well as Nayyir.

    • nayyirnensi says:

      hey beth! omg You’re gonna talk to GCA ABOUT OUR BLOGS! Oh my gosh. But put both of our websites on the header though. My favorite teacher is Dr. Brad Jonhson and Mrs. Montogomery. I knew Dr. Johnson since last year so that’s why he’s actually my favoritea and hes fun. Ok so i’ll tell my parents to e-mail you. okay

      • Andrew says:

        YAY! She is!!! We’re going to be famous by a lot of people. I bet millions if possible. My favorites are Dr. Brad Johnson, Ms. Rhoads, Ms. Montgomery and last but not least MS LAUEN!!!! Lol. I’ve been at the school for almost 2 years, I LOVE IT. I’ll tell my mom or dad to e-mail you. K?

  8. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    Hey, this sounds cool Andrew! I hope you and Nayyir get famous! 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, it’s so AWESOME!! Too bad you couldn’t have commented on the current post right now. Ah what the heck. :0 Oh we’ll be famous alright, once our links are on elluminate.

  9. Beth Gallob says:

    Hi Andrew,

    How is everything going? I just got an email from Nayyir’s mother saying it would be ok for him to blog about Elluminate and us to do a story on him. Your blog is the one that started this, so I want to make sure you are included. So please have one of your parents email me with permission. I’d like to do a story sort of like this one about a college student.


    – Beth at Elluminate

    • Andrew says:

      Well, yeah, thanks for remembering. Lol. And thanks for remembering to comment. I’m doing good though, my parents say it will be okay, but they don’t have time to e-mail. Sorry. But, you can do it. My parents are fine with it. When are you going to post the story though? Is it okay you can post it today? And give me the link to the story in elluminate.

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