One Of The Things I Like About My Life Is Being Liberating

Ah, the wonderful things I can do in life. Recently, I’ve been sleeping ti’ll 8 to 9am which is kind of a problem, but still, it’s amazing. I can actually sleep properly now. I don’t have to feel oppressed about waking up around 6 in the morning. I can gladly wake-up with no problems during the morning. Now, lets get to the real point. Today I woke up, around 7 getting ready to go downstairs, but I heard something making noises downstairs, so I went back to sleep. I later then woke up around 8 in the morning, feeling free. The only problem is that all my sisters and brothers were up and running like crazy. Sometimes my brother Matthew just loves to irritate me. That’s the only thing I have to disagree about him. Soon enough, I figured I had no elluminates so I could finish my subjects.

I had to study Latin America, which most of you know about. It’s basically South America including Mexico. I’m still wondering how come it didn’t arrive in the three biggest countries. Oh, South America is a continent. Forgot. Lol. I had a lot of notes to write down about it, like the highest mountain and the longest lakes. Soon enough, I was already finished with half of my subjects. I was really looking forward to going to the library today and getting the book Percy Jackson the Last Olympian (a few days ago [when I didn’t mention it in a post] my dad said that the book was finally ready to be picked up) so it looks like I’m finishing the series. Soon, when we got to the library I was welcomed. Once I got home I was already at page 65. Wow. Impressive of me. Then, my mom and dad decided watching How I Met Your Mother then Two And A Half Men which now I have to agree is strongly mature for my age.

After we did quiet time, I was reading Percy Jackson upstairs in my room. My brother already fell asleep and I ended up reading ti’ll page 101 until 12 hit. That’s when I got PUnished with my own book (though not hard). It was a good day, the feeling of freedom was the best part about today. I thank myself for that.

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