A Surprising Sunday

Sorry I wasn’t able to post for the few days, I was busy or I was just TOO bored to go on the computer. Sorry, anyways, today I woke up around 6 or 5 in the morning, but I overheard one of my parents taking a shower. So, I was already reminded today was Sunday, or else, there would be no reason for my mom or dad for that matter to wake up this early. Anyways, I went downstairs to use the computer or have breakfast, but just before I could use the computer I noticed the bathroom light on. So, I knew that my mom was downstairs, so I just lightly ran back up the stairs and went back to sleep. I wanted to read Harry Potter “the sorcerer’s stone” (I got it two days ago, sorry for not mentioning it). To me, reading the book was like watching bit by bit of the movie (because Harry Potter has shown up a couple of times on TV, so I just watch). I don’t remember the author, but, oh well. Soon, enough, when I dazed into a sleep I had a dream, it was about two Indians burying a couple of nerds in dirt. Which was weird.

I was already bored of it, it stopped sounding (or looking) scary after the next 5 geeks. Later then, my mom woke me up, luckily I had the guts to wake up and not give her a tantrum. My brother though has a different perspective of sleeping. He’d just ignore my mom and then in the next 15 minutes he would get up. I started wearing some un_casual shirts and shorts. They didn’t feel comfortable. It just felt like the worst thing I’ve ever worn besides the wedding clothings. Usually my mom IS the reason why I get girls and my mom IS the reason why I look good. Why this? At least my hair was casual. But, my mom had to take that away as well. So, we all came to church, feeling uncomfortable. I didn’t feel too uncomfortable. But, just not right. Anyways, when I ran to my group I noticed much less kids in the beginning section of the boy section. At most 17 kids. But, usually there would be crowds of 40 or 50. But, okay, everybody was ignoring me like usual. But, I really didn’t care. I usually waited for my best friend Micheal to come and then I would be successfully be happy.

Though, my group didn’t have the same idea. But, I hardly cared or felt emotional about it. Anyways, I waited at the wooden stamps for him. But, it just came to boy, to boy, to boy and to boy. UGH!!!. Finally when it was close to Worship I met a big friend of mine. I don’t want to give details about him to be offensive, but yeah he’s my friend and I wasn’t embarrassed. Then, in the next 45 seconds Worship started. Then, for some stupid reason these 8th graders, along with this 6th or 7th grade boy were pushing me or poking me from behind. See I used to be picked like that when I was in 3rd grade. But, that was a joke, this was serious. Finally when one of the kids pushed me I muttered this under my lips “WTF?”. I don’t know what came after me, but I muttered it. Sorry, for cursing. Later when we had small group we had a huger crowd then usual. About 15 kids, in a small room. One of them said they didn’t enjoy Micheal. I clenched my fists, I wanted to punch the guy. But, I let it go. Am I friends only with the maniacs? Seriously. Later on, we had Kid stuff and got to see my sister’s best friend’s little baby. 3 weeks old. 😀

Later on, we spend some time at a Jewelry shop so my mom could buy a fancy necklace, which for some reason I didn’t sound TOO enthusiastic about. Luckily, my dad picked out some songs like “Telephone, by Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce”, “Stop and Stare, by Onerepublic” and then these other songs for an hour straight. LITERALLY. Then, we came back home and had some Burger Kind food. But, don’t talk about it now, ‘belch’ it makes me sick. Soon, enough I read my book Harry Potter right now I’m at page 112, soon I’ll be done with the book and then we got my sister (Patricia) Mario Super Bros “new” for the Wii, Kirby super star something on the Dsi for my brother (Matthew) and Crash on the game boy for Anabelle. I was just left alone with nothing. Sorry, I didn’t want to brag, how ’bout I ask my mom to get me a game, oh wait, she is. Lol. She’s getting me Kingdom of Hearts ‘Birth By Sleep’ for the PSP until I find the game system. So, I guess I’ll have to start working on looking for it. Soon, my brother and sister just played and yelled while playing Mario. It was irritating me, but, it was okay.

Then, we just went outside and did some break dancing with a group of other kids a grade higher then me and two grades lower then me. So, I was okay. Though, the day was kind of depressing because Sunday is usually my favorite day and I have high expectations for that day.


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