I Imagine One Of My Worst Days

Yeah, today was partially one of my worst days, but I’ll soon get to the reason why. Today on school I had a Science elluminate with my teacher Dr. Brad Johnson (finally I can remember one of my teacher’s name). He’s really awesome, I don’t know what happened during the beginning of the class (because I was late) but he sure didn’t give us the chat in the beginning. But, then I noticed it was my homeroom teacher Erin Lauen. She’s a little more responsible, so I could understand. It was actually nice to hear her voice during the class at times. After the class I had my Social Studies elluminate. Man, when am I going to see my Language Arts teacher? I couldn’t remember her name because it was too hard or complicated for me to remember. But, I didn’t stay too much on her class because at the moment all the class was about was asking questions. So, I just left the class in the next 10 minutes.

Once I got to my math teacher who I called the worse, I tried to look confident and okay. But, instead I was nervous, even my peach face could show it. Once we started the first few minutes she sounded normal. Nice and okay. I waited a little longer and a little longer until we started doing problems one of the kids said either “do we have to do this?” “how long ti’ll we finish?”. She answered which I thought was supposed to be obvious in middle school. She said she wouldn’t stop Math because of the time until we were REALLY finished. Now, I had just come to realize, my Math teacher wasn’t so bad. She actually reminded me of my mom. At least my teachers were all good. Now, I don’t have one teacher enemy yet. I just hope it stays that way. Later on, when school was done one of our neighbors Savino came back to get his phone and his pillow and his sheets. Nobody could find his phone for days. I finally found it deep under Matthew’s bed it may have fallen when Savino slept over when I slept over at Micheal’s house. Then, our neighbor Alicia came with Nicholous to my house.

We had a great time and all. Then, Alicia had to leave during quiet time, though, I just felt like I had a bad day with having so much people around. I just didn’t want to be rude. So, yeah it was okay. Nice day, and kind of worst day.

8 comments on “I Imagine One Of My Worst Days

  1. jim says:

    this is awesome man

  2. nayyir says:

    lolz…… Dr. Brad johnson is my favorite teacher. He’s my favorite teacher. I remember him last year from science or social studies. He rocks! lolz

  3. nayyir says:

    No!!!!!, he was in k12 ellumination last year. I was in k12 before YOU! He and Mrs sparks altered. You had different elluminate teachers and I had different.. ok???? I know, cuz I had hi mas a teacher, you dont cuz u didnt

    • Andrew says:

      He was. Dude, you said you can’t have two teachers in k12 elementary. You were before me by 4 months. And due, I’ll ask him if he was a 5th grade teacher last year. Altered. NO!!!! Remember two teachers aren’t allowed in elementary. Still I’ll ask him if he was 5th grade. But, still I don’t believe that.

  4. nayyir says:

    Don’t be an idiot. Yes he was last year. Ask Osama or ask another student that was in Mrs. sparks class. He was there. I am a witness. and remember Osama, from the crcts. yeah ask him

    • Andrew says:

      Idiot, too far man. Anyways, I’ll ask when tomorrow approaches. Osama, I need his phone number in order to get to him. Tell me tomorrow over the phone. Yeah, and Osama is the suspect. Yeah I remember him. But, it sounds strange to have TWO teacher for our school in Elementary. But, okay.

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