Some Of My Teachers Became My Favorites And Some Of Them Really Sucked

Oh, man, honestly, I don’t know WHERE to start in the morning. I woke up reluctantly around 6 or 5, not that that’s important or anything to know that I was drowsy enough to fall asleep. At the moment, it felt okay with me, but during my dream, which I couldn’t even remember, I constantly said to myself that I had just messed up my schedule, and that I couldn’t stop the fact it was hovering around my head again and again. Once I woke up, again, I moaned because my dad was going to kill me! Though, unfortunately, when I came downstairs I noticed the timer and saw it was only 7:45 am. So, luckily, I had about an hour and a half on my side so I could do all my chores and do the stuff I had to finish for today on the computer. Luckily, I only used up 15 minutes of my precious time, but I knew I was really going to get it, when it came to loading. But, there were no dishes in the sink. I blinked, which sounded like a big surprise to me.

I was able to do a subject before the 9:00 am elluminate would start. We were studying on Science, with this professor, but I don’t remember his name. Sorry. The whole class was just having a brief introduction about what we were going to study this year in Science. Though, it sounded familiar because they got the exact pictures from the last elluminate I had with my homeroom teacher Erin Lauen (pronounced Law-lin). Anyways, he was nice and understanding and he sounded like my old teacher Ms. Riley. She was my favorite teacher last year. Though, I haven’t been able to tell her that. Oh well, anyways, after class was done our Science teacher let us have 5 minutes, though, he added 5 more minutes. So, yeah, chatting with each other during class is a BIG thing in our school.

Also, when the kids brought up Justin Bieber I started calling him a brat and all, and usually our teachers would take away our chat for bringing up the subject. Though, after 11 minutes our teacher left without notice. Oh and FYI, there were about 200 kids, 222 kids tops. So, I have to say he’s my favorite teacher for Middle School. After that, I struggled a lot to get to our next elluminate, we as well were having a brief introduction about Social Studies. The teacher was a girl, which was expected and telling from her voice she was very enthusiastic, which I enjoyed hearing from a person. It took us a short amount of time to finish, luckily. After that, I moaned on the coach of desperation. But, I was able to regain my confidence and start school. The next elluminate was about Math. Though, I was expecting a boring teacher since all the others were good. But, instead, I got a mean teacher. When she was first speaking it sounded as if she was eating melted chocolate while talking.

And then she was strolling through all the work without taking a break or asking a question. I didn’t even have time to write down an answer or question. It was so annoying, I wanted to break something and then guess what happened? When I was asking a question the teacher answered before I forgot and asked a question and when I asked, she COMPLETELY blabbered it out like this: “Oh looks like we got a question that I just answered, isn’t that right class?” Oh I wanna tear her to pieces. LITERALLY. Afterwards, I wanted to read a book, but I guess it didn’t work. So, I watched Stargate with my mom. Though, I rarely see that movie.


2 comments on “Some Of My Teachers Became My Favorites And Some Of Them Really Sucked

  1. nayyir says:

    lol feel sorry for you. Although I had a better day

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