Wow!! Big Things Are Planned For Me

Well, this may be a short post because today my schedule is going to be PACKED. So, I’ll try to write this post as quick as possible. When I woke up this morning I went downstairs to go to the computer. Unluckily, there was no use of going on it besides doing school. So, I did a few school subjects. Though, there were like 7 subjects planned. I only finished like 5/7 subjects because the other two subjects were optional. But, I didn’t feel hearty yet. So, it didn’t matter to me. After school I went to check on the crater Simon and I were working on, to see if any of the dirt was going to pile it. Luckily, it stayed normal, but my clubhouse… was dirty. Someone through there garden trash into our clubhouse. “sobs” And on a PICTURE DAY!! Lol.

Afterwards, I noticed this K-mail that got sent to me for the elluminates. I was in awe. It said it was the TEMPORARY schedule for this week. But, the schedule was so busy. I don’t even think I can survive that much. Though, I didn’t want to overreact, so I kept bragging about which book I was going to read, because literature is my favorite subject. My dad and I finally found on the internet Harry Potter the sorcerer’s stone and only 5 people were on hold for it. Hmm… while that’s waiting I decided to read the Secret garden upstairs on my coach. I felt soothing and calm and relaxing, until I had to stop and have a call with my friend Nayyir. Well, that’s pretty much it. Have fun everyone

2 comments on “Wow!! Big Things Are Planned For Me

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    ok sorry bout calling. and I will not share this psot no matter what consequences

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