Clash Of The Titans

Well, all I can say, is that this movie is so AWESOME. It’s got all the action and the drama that you would want in a Greek Mythology movie. But, lets get down to the real business.

The whole movie is about this Fishermen who’s parents dies because of Hades (the God of the underworld) and comes in conflict with the Gods. The fishermen then wants to bring war to the Gods because of the death of his parents, but soon to figure out his REAL father is Zeus(the God of all Gods). He then figures out that Hades is going to send the Kraken to destroy the city. The fishermen then has to hunt down Medusa to petrify the Kraken and save the city.

Well, lets see about the verdict. You should see this movie if you are interested in any crafty Mythology, intensifying action, strong social talk or any other kind of strong materials. Though, you may need to have at least seen the first OLD movie or at least read the book Percy Jackson. Well, by my perspective, I think the movie is awesome. You should still think about watching the movie. Comment if you have seen it. πŸ˜€

Not really much to say though. Just a really awesome movie.


8 comments on “Clash Of The Titans

  1. nayyir says:

    OKay now i feel like watching the whole movie all over again. IK it was awesome. This movie is really worth watching, i mean all the action and greek mythology…..

  2. Asop says:

    Yaaay, I’ve seen Percy Jackson and this Clash of The Titans. πŸ˜€ I like both of them. Sean Benn (Zeus in Percy Jackson) and Liam Neeson (Zeus in CoTT). My favorite actors. πŸ˜€

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