I Imagine One Of The Best Parts Of My Life

Well, sorry for posting late. I was just busy with other things. Sorry. Anyways, this morning I woke up, it was like 6 or 7 in the morning, I wanted to go straight to the computer, but I overheard my dad or mom in the shower and I had just realized it was Sunday. So, the mission may not go on. I went back to sleep. Though, I couldn’t remember the dream. After I woke up, well, my mom woke me up I was feeling drowsy like I always do whenever I have naps. Luckily, I’m sleeping on my bed so I don’t have any neck pain or headaches. My brothers and sisters later on then got ready for Church. So, finally when we get into the Church parking lot I hoped to myself something good is going to happen to me.

So, when I ran into the Xtreme (or as they call the area “cabin”) it sounded deserted outside. Which it always looks like near the beginning of Xtreme. Finally, when I got inside, I noticed all the hot girls around the arena, that’s where they usually stay. So, as usual I went up the stairs to go to the boys section. Which I didn’t belong in. I really wasn’t known for except in my small group. But, when I was approaching the 3rd section of the stairs two girls were on each side of a corner. One of them told me “hi five” I nervously hi five’d her hand. The girls chuckled. Though, it felt pretty awesome. I don’t know what caused those girls to do that, but I felt like a person that did something heroic and got a congratulations shake. But, I didn’t want to get to ahead of myself. So, I asked Whiley the guy who attracts girls in his show off techniques if any girl hi five’d him this morning. He said no, which I was surprised.

Later then, Michael came, but by then I asked almost everybody if they had hi five’d a girl today. I asked Michael the question and I got the same big NO answer. So, I was the only one hi five’d by a girl this morning? Wow. Well, Michael said not to get to ahead of yourself and forget it. Once Micheal and I got into our section we started talking. And then this dude comes down the stairs, most people like to call him Justin Bieber. So, I just blabbered it out to him. He turned and gave me the evil eye, like I cared. Well, then later on, those girls I met at the stair case came toward Michael and I. I thought they were going to just pass but the other girl hi five’d me. This time I had the courage to hi five her back. Then, the only different thing she gave me was her friend on the side’s name. Wow.

Later on, those girls were following me and Michael around the arena. I was getting tired of it, I already felt star struck at the beginning, but this was just getting annoying. So, when the music finally started they said to separate the girls and the boys on each side, I wondered if those girls were right behind me grunting about having to go on the other side. Well, at least the music was nice today. Unluckily, we couldn’t go to small group EVEN THOUGH we had our leaders. Later on, Michael and I left the cabin. But, since it was Labor Day tomorrow I was ready with a sleepover with Michael. We asked and it worked, though, when I came Daniel was in the middle of suffering his grounding. Which I couldn’t pay attention to.

Finally, when we got back home, Michael started playing video game like CRAZY. Once they start, they never start. Michael was playing SUPER Street Fighter 4 for about 3 hours until we got called from Michael’s mom Ms. Ginger that we were going to her mom’s house, basically Michael’s grandmother. But, first we got some special ice cream. Though, I don’t remember what name it was. But, I loved it. I was actually thinking today was one of my favorite days. Anyways, once we got to Walgreen’s we saw a Redbox machine, so Michael’s mom said we could pick a movie from G to PG-13 which was fine by me. Because there were a bunch of movies in the catalog. I picked Clash of the Titans, though Micheal didn’t sound to enthusiastic about it, but that’s when he thinks something’s boring. And trust me, I haven’t seen it, but telling from my parents, it has a lot of Greek Mythology action.

Finally we got at Michael’s grandmother’s house. Her house looked very modern for her age. She had all the nice marble floor and wooden floor. They told us we could watch it by ourselves and they left the Back-up Plan. Wow. That was a bad move, but I wasn’t really into sexual intercourse movies, because they embarrass me. I don’t why, but they do. So, we started watching the movie, though, there was so many previews. That’s why I enjoy Netflix better. Anyways, the next 30 minutes was full of action and some blood. I might write a review about this on my blog. Michael was already enjoying it by an hour. Once the movie was done Michael first gave it a 5 star then 4.5. I thought it was awesome. Later on, we played some video games and then got sent back to Michael’s which was already like 7. Then, all I remember from that time was Michael and I bringing this dog called Roxy outside so he could poop. And that’s pretty much it for me.


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