I Love Unanamious Discusions

Well, this morning I woke up knowing it was Saturday. I guess the first weekend in the whole holiday. 🙂 Anyways, I got through the process of waking up late enough. Too bad I couldn’t have slept through the whole morning. But, what happens is meant to be. Anyways, I had my breakfast and went to the computer. I started playing video games as well. But, before I could play the Wii I had to brush my teeth and take care of my bed. I finished brushing my teeth first, then, I took care of my bed. But, when I was done playing Guitar Hero 3 and 4 (world tour) I went upstairs, hoping that some good show was on TV. Though, it took a while for the show Victorious to show up.

Then, I decided to go and get active outside. But, my mom said sh said I had to clean my room. I asked Matthew to help but he tried to ignore what was suppsoed to be done. So, I HAD TO clean the room myself. Sometimes I really dislike Matthew (my brother). I finally came outside, only to find myself inside Simon’s house playing with the lego I gave him on his birthday while watching Napolean Dynamite. It’s a really funny show. Then we came outside to do some fossil hunting for Simon’s science project I guess. But, instead we were close to hitting a trench, from erosion I guess. I called it an expedition and Simon and I just said some complicated Science words and started cursing at each other. We agreed on almos every situation during the dig.

But, we decided to take a 5 minute break. Then, we came outside only to find my so-called friend SAVINO trying to find us. Wel, during that, I was still wondering when I was going to take care of our new clubhouse. I’ll give you a picture of it so you an result it. Well, then we got some tools I brought these carpenter SCIZZORS!!! It worked actually pretty well then expected. But, then Savino arrived in MY backyard with my neighbor Logan and found us. I wanted to kick his butt out of there, but he would’ve said he didn’t have to. So, I had to bring him along withour expeditio. Luckily, he helped us with the clb house.

Afterwards, we took another break, and we watched part of this movie. Patricia already hated it, so, Simon and I were forced to watch it upstairs. It was a movie about World War 2. I took it a little TOO ligtly. Until I figured out it was a rated R movie. It was showing people catching on fire and buring up, hearts oming out, legs ripped out bodies thrown allover the battle field and intestines coming out of there body. Savino later then came inside and got REALLY into the movie. Luckily, my mom said i coud watch it. I was thankul. Afterwards, I got too many mosquitoe bites and Poison Ivy marks, so, I deicded to quit work for today. Savino and Simon muttered some cause words, but I didn’t care, I just went up the Soccer Championship street. Too bad, Savino and Simon didn’t want to come. Not my problem.

Well, anyways, Douglas and Ever (Ever is Douglas’s cousin), Marvin, Terry, Kerry (they three are brothers) then me Ptricia and Matthew finally Simon and Savino joined. But, I wanted to revolt. Anyways, I was on Ever and Terry’s team. Luckily, I was only goalie. The other team only hit 3 or 4 times. My team hit 11 times. I only made one goal because I was mainly goalie. Then, we did a rematch and STILL won again. So, I was actually happy to have Simon and Savino’s butt kicked. Ever also congratulated me and agreed with my every move. I was happy as well. Then, he had to go home. Savio introduced he was going to Xaby’s with Simon which pissed me off because he said that only to make me angry. I wanted to kick his butt at the moment. But, I had to control myself. Anyways, finally I went home and did a long amount of Quiet Time and then fell asleep soothingly. Also, my eyes were scarcely open. But, okay. :mrgreen:


6 comments on “I Love Unanamious Discusions

  1. nayyir says:

    looooooool. I can not believe you have your own clubhouse too! I have one too, but It’s not really that cool. I do not like watching ppl blow up though. I’m guessing you’re really good at soccer. I’m okay, but I’m still pretty good. I wanna see that pic now@

    • Andrew says:

      It’s a really good one. Well, in my neighborhood were serious about most of the clubhouses we can take. Well, neither did I at frst. Lol. Yeah, Romanian blood. You will in time. Once I can get the camera outside.

  2. joe says:

    hi, nice to drop here… keep blogging friend..

  3. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    We built this really cool “clubhouse”/”treehouse” when I was a kid with my Dad’s help and the neighborhood sued us to make us take it down because we used all kinds of used wood from construction sites where they threw things away and all and didn’t paint it (it didn’t cost us anything except for the nails! 🙂 ) but they lost! hahaha! We got to keep the Clubhouse! 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, exactly with us, we pass by allover the neighborhood to find any stuff that is required for our clubhouse. Some broken fence wood, nails anything for a clubhouse. But, we never got sued. Because we always kept the clubhouses away from property of the neighborhood or someone else would tear it down. But, yeah, that’s what we do. 😀

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