Why Does Life Have To Be Messing With My Mom?

This morning (yesterday) I was sleeping so comfortable on my bed. I didn’t know I would’ve missed sleeping in my bed for so long. I’ve been sleeping on my floor bed (basically these big blankets I lay down on the floor and sleep on) and I usually wake up in pain. Well, anyways, after my adorable sleep, I went downstairs to get some cereal. Usually I would go straight to the computer to play Farmville. But, I can’t use it anymore, so boo ho. After breakfast I decided to do some Math. Basically the same thing as yesterday. Variables greater then and less then. Finally, m dad came downstairs, but immediately I remembered I forgot to load the dishes. I thought I was going to really get it, but he looked normal which was odd.

Afterwards, I asked my dad to see if my results for my Math sheet were correct. Luckily, the assessment and the results were all correct. And for the first time in awhile my dad said I’m proud of you. It does feel good to have a parent on your side. Afterwards, I did some Vocabulary, but there was an optional, and in Middle School the students can’t skip the optional. So, I HAD TO complete that lesson. Though, my dad says that optionals don’t count so I tried to do another one, when I got more interested in Literature at the moment. I had to listen to two poems. Listen and read them. It all sounded so relaxing. Oh, and I learned 3 words in Spanish. Mi Gato (means my cat), Porque (means because), heuvo (means eggs). Oh and I’m going to make a poem page soon, so might wanna check it out.

Then, when that was done I was about to do my Vocabulary and trust me, our Vocabulary curriculum is harder then you think. We have to study words like pandemonium, omnipresent, omnivorous, bicentennial, quadrangle, quadraphonic, duodecimal, tricentennial and bicarbonate. It’s pretty hard because most of them come either from Greek or Latin. Yeah, we’re difficult. Homeschooling is difficult. But, before I could do my Vocabulary my dad said I had to do Social Studies and Science, assuming he was leaving out Vocabulary, Math and Literature because we were done with it. It took me like 2 hours to finish Social Studies. But, the hardest part of all was to know that my grandfather (my mom’s dad) was soon going to die. My mom was tearing so I had to hug her.

But, just to make things even worse Anabelle and Matthew and I guess the rest of us were giving her a hard time. . But, I decided to make things better. I was going to do a Science experiment. Luckily, it took her mind of things. But, when we were doing quiet time Matthew and Anabelle wouldn’t stop doing what they were doing. So, I asked out of there sake to stop and listen. Oh and we got our new fish tank, sorry I forgot to include that at the beginning of the post. Here’s a picture of it clear and clean. 😀


10 comments on “Why Does Life Have To Be Messing With My Mom?

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    AWW!, cute fish you got there. why did od take your grandfather, he had so much to do, he had so much to give, I think. Idk why god had to be so cruel. And by the way, not to be rude, how did he die? I’m sorry about the deatch of your grandfather though. I’m guessing he must have been a great man with sturdy bones and strong legs. :,(.

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks, and thanks for commenting too. He didn’t gosh. He just had to die. He’s like 72. It may sound young, but he just had to die. I barely even knew my mom’s dad and dad. They both died. Well, my mom’s mom died first. He’s not cruel. I have no idea, I’ll ask my parents. And it’s not really rude to me. Yeah, he’s not dead yet. But, he will in a few days. I don’t know, he was not sturdy, I know that.

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    i meant god at the beginning, not od

  3. Keping Hidup says:

    So you do homeschooling, and this blog is one of your subjects? looking forward to read your poem in Spanish..

  4. alisnaik says:

    good morning, andrew.

    your dad is a nice person.

    and the fish tank is good,
    i want to have one.
    raise some fish as pet…

    • Andrew says:

      In America They ARE really easy to raise and buy. The tank and the all the other stuff was like $34 including the fish would be $52 total. See? And thanks, usually people dad’s are mean to them. But, I enjoy my dad. And good morning to you too. 😀

  5. Usup Supriyadi says:

    Hai My Brother
    I like to read and write a poem and also short story. Usualy poem written in indonesian language and sundanesses some time in english. Good, you must balancing between sains and social. Have
    a nice day…

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