I’m Asking WHY?!

this morning (yesterday) was tiring. I was thinking too complicated for some reason because I knew my school wasn’t going to work from 4 am ti’ll 6 pm. So, yeah it was going to be a little difficult to do 5 subjects in less then 3 hours so yeah… sucks. 😦 Well, later on, I was on the computer checking my Farmville and so far it’s doing really well. When I was playing it my dad told me to check the school to see if it would work, and unfortunately, he was right. We went back to school. I was kind of happy and not happy. I first did Study Island since I hadn’t done it yesterday (two days ago) Then, I did some Math. It was pretty easy, I was studying throughout the whole unit about variables. In this lesson if I’m right I was studying variables greater then and less then.

I decided to take a little break, because I didn’t want to become too overwhelmed because I was already overwhelmed. My uncle, well my mother’s brother decided to drop off and ask for some help with the computer, as usual he gives us Chocolate bars when he comes to us. Our aunt just gives us traveling items she finds. Which is BOTH, very treasuring. Finally I finished Math then advanced to Vocabulary. But, our uncle was already gone. I did a Unit Assessment on Vocabulary studying on some words like Bicentennial, centenary, decathlon and monolith. Some other complicated words if you can think of.

After that I decided to just take a picture of my sister’s 2nd plant. CUCUMBERS!! Here I’m not sure, how long it’s been since she’s planted them. But, she says they’ll be ready by September 7th. So soon, the plants grown so fast. Lol. Here’s a picture of one of the best looking.

Lets just hope my friends or sister knows how to take out weeds. because I don’t know, I’m not a planter, so don’t ask me. 😀 After the picture I did my Social Studies, but, my mom already arrived and brought some cereal and food. I ignored that so I could focus on Canada’s collection and how they work their industry, because the whole unit was about Canada. But, my mom said I had to help her, I looked inside the truck and was amazed. So, I took out the camera to get a picture of this.
I took the Moonlight Box on the top, it was kind of heavy when finally 24 seconds hit. But, I was able to process the drop down. Oh and I almost forgot, my dad got into a discussion with some special Jesus people, at first I thought they were Theological experts, but my dad answered that with a laugh. They were some special believers that’s all I can remember. They talked for about an hour, and then left. Later on, I did school, we didn’t have Soccer though, because my mom wouldn’t approve of it. Afterwards, when we were about to watch The Wimpy Kid Matthew and my mom sounded really enthusiastic about watching it. But, we had to take showers. So, Matthew took a quick shower, but I didn’t because I was busy making clay. Someone rang on our doorbell. It was our neighbor Alicia.

Man, two days ago we had a fight with her and reminded her about her past with us and she comes back. Man, she’s really desperate. Whatever, I tried to tell Patricia not to invite her, but Anabelle already did. So, yeah we HAD to watch the Wimpy Kid with Alicia. Then, she got bored, so she excused herself by saying “I need to get something” and she never came back. Wow. Later, I became so annoying and I was constantly making bad moves. I had a bad day during the Evening. After that, we just did Quiet Time and fell asleep.

3 comments on “I’m Asking WHY?!

  1. Keping Hidup says:

    when your dad wasnt around, you’re the man in the house so your mom ask you to help her to pick up the food – its good for exercising your muscles 😀

  2. […] to look at Patricia’s cucumbers, and my my my, they’ve grown since the last picture I posted. Anyways, here’s the picture of my sister’s cucumber, since your looking so much […]

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