The School Was Too Packed!

When I woke up this (yesterday) morning, my hair was distorted, allover the place. For me, it’s very uncomfortable to have my hair messed up. It’s like shampoo stuck on my head that never wanted to get off. Literally, it was uncomfortable. Once, 8 o’clock hit, I started school. Math if I’m right. But, when I was just in the middle of the student Guide (the material giver, Skills update and warm up page) dad said I had to load the dishes. Well, loading+my dad giving details took an hour off my time. Finally, I finished my Math I had to do today and yesterday.

Afterwards, I finally did Science, took about half an hour to finish because I was studying on some special kind of soil, um… I think it was Soil profiles. Yeah, it was that. Then, I did Social Studies, my sister BEGGED me to play with her, but I needed to finish school and it was already 12:32 pm. So, I just ignored her. After that, it was time for a break, but, unfortunately, it had to be cut short because of time process. So, I did GUM, which luckily I only did the Assessment (well the school [Georgia Cyber Academy] recommended I do the Assessment, so, lucky me). Afterwards, the rest of school took me 4 hours to finish. I was an hour late for Soccer practice. After a jog, I watched Secrets From a Stylist. Funny, because never watched Design Star, so she’s unknown to me.

We were about to start a Soccer Game when one of my neighbors wanted to join in. But, I just wanted him to watch. But, instead Matthew disobeyed the order and we had to play with our neighbor. I got angry, but I let it go just to keep my cool. Later on, Simon joined, after that I didn’t even notice where Nicholous was, it was pretty weird. My team lost (for practice) by 2 points. Matthew and Patricia’s team won by 2 points. Lol. Finally we went inside, to cool down our sweat and watch some TV. After that, we did Quiet Time (basically this Bible Reading [we picked Quiet Time, because it referred to being quiet while reading the Bible] we do every night). So, yeah, we fell asleep. Oh and my fish, they’re doing great. Sorry I can’t get a picture. We’re thinking about getting a better fish tank.

Oh and my dad got a job today by doing a test. YES!! We are a few steps close to moving closer to the friends I’ve known since I was little. Not that I don’t have some good friends in this neighborhood, it’s just that I would like to move away. We’ve lived here for like 9 to 8 years and I feel like moving. Thank God and my dad for this wonderful day. :mrgreen:


5 comments on “The School Was Too Packed!

  1. nayyirnensi says:

    Man school took your day off. I finish my school early in the morning. And andrew, we weren’t studying a soil. We’re studying advanced earth science. We were studying landforms and stuff like that practiclly. But seriously? school only takes me 3 and a half hour to complete. Including study island. Then i can do whatever i want. And i wanna ask you something, how can you lose something you never had. You let it go just to keep your cool? when did you become cool? I’m just kidding 🙂 🙂 . YAY, your dad got the job! Hey, try to get a house in hamilton mills in dacula. In the neighborhood ___________. Sry i forgot the name of my neighborhood. Ill check later on and tell you. But still try to get a house there. That way we can work on our band some more. After all, we have so much time. And i think you are cool. I was just kidding, when i said you can’t lose something you never had. lol

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, I know, you tell me that every time on the phone. What?! You blind? I’m on Unit 1. You probably are on Unit 2, advanced then me. Oh and the lesson I MEANT was about soil, the Unit was about Earth Surfaces, so DUH they’re going to teach soil. Yeah, because you don’t have half the homework I do. I have to write and do every single detail. Oh and luckily, you can listen to metal. Hehe. I SOMETIMES do Study Island. What? I don’t get it. Speak more specific. Yes!! Happy day! Yeah, telling from the looks from of my mom we’re not getting to move there. We’re probably moving around Buford Dam. But, that’s close too to your neighborhood. Yeah, band stuff. We have to start a small group concert around 7th grade and then we get the band. Thanks, I am a little nerdy in this post: Check it out.

  2. nayyirnensi says:

    by the way, nayyirnensi, and nayyir are the same person. which is me

  3. nayyirnensi says:

    nensi is my last name

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