Puberty Hurts So Much! *moaning*

Oh, God, today wasn’t really bright. I woke up today feeling a head trauma for a couple of minutes. It turned out to be 5 in the morning, really the kind of thing you expect from an 11 year old. I checked my sister’s computer (which is kind of odd, because I hardly ever use it besides doing school if I can’t find any other available area or for posting) to see what kind of school I’d be expecting. Well, today I had to be assigned with 6 subjects. Not really a good thing coming from a Thursday. Lol. When I was in the middle of reading, I found the word Theseus, which really made a ding in my head.

Now, we were studying Greek Mythology, so now you might understand how I got the connection. All I could make connection with was the fact that he was either a minor god, a god, or the son of a God. Turns out when I read it, it was just about a boy who had to lift a stone up for swords and start looking for his father Aegeus. Now that name to me sounded more like a God name. Unfortunately, everything was human in the movie, which made me distaste the story, besides the fact that Theseus met this guy called Procrustes, the stretcher. If you’ve read the first book of Percy Jackson you’d might remember this lizard man putting Annabeth, Grover and Percy in some tubs. The lizard man then tried to cut their legs off to match the bath length. Well, that kind of resembles with this man called Procrustes. It was scary when they mentioned that Procrustes would cut, or stretch his visitors to make the size right for the bed length, because it reminded me of that Lizard man, which creeped me out.

When I was done with that I completed my Math, which I have to say I did pretty good on the review. Oh yeah. I remember I got to confident I decided to do my Unit Assessment which I was supposed to do tomorrow. I passed. Yepee!! Mom’s going to be happy. When I was done, I decided to go through my Social Studies and then take a break. My mom was downstairs playing with Anabelle (my little sister). I wanted to keep the Unit Assessment pass a surprise for awhile. So, I went and checked on my blog, and I have to say, I’m thankful I’m getting all those comments. My post earlier will thank you, once you read it. Lol. When I was done checking the blog, I went downstairs and toppled over our chair. It fell right on my pimple of the right of my chest. Probably, I haven’t mentioned this to you, but my puberty seems to have gotten out of hand. My pimples of my chest start to grow closer to my ribs, so whenever they go in contact with anything that pushes them backwards they start to REALLY HURT!

It’s just something so funny, yet so stupid. I want the puberty to GO AWAY. I’ll probably write something about it on a paper. Lol. Later on, we were watching My Wife And Kids. Which most of you probably know. It was pretty funny and awesome. But, at the beginning, all it did was aggravate me. Well, that’s kind of weird coming from a comedy show. Soon enough, everything was a blur, so we did Quiet Time and fell asleep. Good night

Salute! Salute! To Ya’ll

I thank you all so much for being a big support to my blog. Today I got about 9 comments today, so thank you all for being a big support. I can’t go into names because it’ll pack my post. Anyways, today I woke up with a perfect head, which is weird, because my brain’s usually fine. But, at the moment it felt like my brain just got cleaned and now it’s stress-free. Don’t ask me how that happened. I went downstairs, hoping for some cereal because yesterday my mom got us 1 ft doughnut, which seemed like enough, but it wasn’t. I hadn’t had cereal for 3 days. Don’t you know how torturing that is? I had to wait for mom to drop dad off work and then bring us to go shopping with her and get cereal. When we finally got back home we bought Cocoa Dyno Bites, Flaked something and some Doritos. Now were talking. When we finally had our great breakfast I strolled straight to the computer and started school. Luckily, I only had to start elluminate classes at 9.

When, I started our Math class was learning and reviewing how to add, subtract and multiply with Fractions (this event took place around 11, I skipped the 9 and 10 for the 12 and 1). It was pretty easy I have to say. I thought I was the only one getting it besides the person right next to me and some other kids way below the class. Finally, when I start the 12 o’ clock elluminate for Science, I got a hearty welcome from my Science teacher (and homeroom teacher as well), Erin Lauen. I like calling her more by that name because it works better then Ms. Lauen. So, when the session started I was hoping Ms. Lauen to give us the chat. Unfortunately, there was a default with my chat screen and I appeared to have missed the chat chance. The other thing that sucked was the fact that Elizabeth wasn’t around.

Luckily, though Nayyir was by my side as always. We hadn’t known each other in the fifth grade until we somehow got tables (when we were clearly in a different class rooms [mines was Ms. Riley and Nayyir’s was Ms. Sparks]) together in the CRCT. Now, that the school permits any student into one class for each subject we can always see each other except for Advanced Math class. The only weird thing is how we end up near each other. Oh well, when we started we were reviewing about metamorphic rocks, sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks and how they change and bla-bla-bla. It eventually got boring, so I felt the need to exit the class, but you can’t bail out of a class. So, I had to stay in there for about an hour or so, which is more then our usual schedule. When I was done, I went through the rest of the subjects, turns out I have a lab test tomorrow. Really reassuring Science. *sighing* When I had to take the Social Studies lesson it was all a blur.

So, I went through Study Island and went through the rest of the school. I finally got done at the counting of 3:12 pm. My mom celebrated by watching Glee and giving us some cookies. I have to say Glee is my second favorite ‘to watch on TV’ show, but this episode didn’t really surprise me. Britney Spears. Are you serious. That’s that last thing I want to end up hearing from Glee. I even thought Brittaney was being to much of murmuring show-off. When we came to pick up dad it was all a blur, and then I fell asleep. See ya’ll tomorrow.

Percy Jackson the Titan’s Curse Review

Okay what to think about. Oh yes. As you might know this book is about Percy Jackson himself and the people around him. Well, everything starts to change. Thalia (the daughter of Zeus), Annabeth (daughter of Zeus) and Percy (son of Poseidon) are questing together in an unremarkable scene of battle. Thalia used to be a tree that protected Camp Half Blood, but when the golden fleece (in the second book) is laid on the tree, she comes back to life. Percy by the way has to go into this building to find the two half bloods Bianca di Angelo and Nico di Angelo. To soon figure out that they’ve been in the Lotus Casino for about 76 years which may have seen to be an hour. They have to go through battles of terror. When Bianca di Angelo joins the hunters of Artemis. She goes on a quest with Annabeth, Thalia, Grover (Percy’s satyr friend) and Percy, to soon find herself dead.

Finally, Percy has to go on a quest with his friends to find more secrets hidden. The scent of the wild God Pan. Grover faints and Percy finds himself fighting a big pig. Later on, they realize that Zoe something is questing with them and has to face her father Atlas (the titan) when Percy battles Atlas Thalia battles Luke (who used to be her love, but betrayed her). In to a dramatic moment. Percy makes Atlas feel the pain of holding the sky and Thalia drops Luke hundreds of feet off a cliff. When, they come back to Camp Half blood Percy has troubles trying to tell Nico di Angelo about her sister’s death. Nico gets so mad he puts a crater in the ground and runs away. Percy then figures out that Nico is the son of Hades. Closing book.

The book is by Rick Riordan and would be the best thing to read during a tornado or a zombie apocalypse. Lol. Fund by the amazing abilities the book has shown to inspire the readers has inspired me. Though, don’t get too ahead of yourselves about the Gods. It’s not right to think that there are more Gods then the real God. These stories were made up by Greek people to entertain. And we make into a serious thing. For all you paranormal out there, this is Fiction. Now Fiction means reality plus you’re imagination. The Gods are the reality, but only because the Greeks made it alive. The Fiction is the kids and camps that are in the book. There’s no son of Poseidon called Percy. It’s all just Fiction. There is only one God.

I’ve Been Valuable My Whole Life And I Never Knew

Well, today was a buzz kill. I was so sleepy today. It felt like waking up to go to college. Today my dad’s starting his new job and our mom has to stay with us and study for the whole time. Now, I’m okay with having mom around during school on Math, but I’m not sure about Reading and Composition. She’s more into the unusual-regular human likes. Anyways, I woke up, brushed my teeth and forgot to wash my face. When I was in the middle of strolling through my school work I found lots of optionals in my category. Wow, now I have a lot of lessons to skip. Instead of skipping, my sister (Patricia) told me dad (who was away now) usually suggests that we complete the optionals and then do the lesson. Well, now that’s going to be interesting. If I’m supposed to deal with like 10 subjects today (which is overdo what we’re supposed to do) I rather blow up and get sent to Japan. Lol.

When I was done with Vocabulary and Social Studies I was already pumped. I started turning into my determined face and went through all of my subjects. Mom was taking care of the chores. So, when I was already half way done I was sweating through my pits and around my pupils, which looks as if I’m trying to shed skin. Lol. . When I was done with school, partially, my mom decided to help me with Math a little bit. Finally. We had to study on Multiplying Decimals which studying with my mom made it SO easy. I had to practice on like 39 problems on a sheet of paper, but I was doing fine.

When I started working on the assessment I was already overwhelmed. I had to help Matthew AGAIN with reading The Magic Tree House. The only different was the fact that he was reading the 3rd book. Wow. I’d already be done with all 20 something books in just a week. I have to say he was going kind of slow. When I’d finally gotten done which took an hour (which felt like 3 hours) I watched with my mom America’s Handyman, I think that’s what it’s called. Well, if you’re an HGTV fan, you would know. Turns out the handyman “Peter” won. He sucked. And Holmes was just looking for problems on Elliot’s patio. I have to say either Dennis or Elliot should’ve won. Not PETER. When we were done watching my family, especially my mom, had to pick up dad from work.

When we arrived I saw on the company sign “SAGE”. I was pretty surprised my dad’s FINALLY working on stuff he loves. When we picked him up, we all started asking him questions as if though he was kid we were dropping off and on. Lol. When we got home we had to stay inside the car for 5 minutes because there was a heavy rain in Georgia. When we got inside mom, dad and I started watching How I Met Your Mother when this guy goes through his childhood memories. The day was good and I was able to sleep. See ya all. Lol.


wassup, I’m now part author of this blog, so I’ll be able to write a few posts if i can. I’ll write here alot too, but dont forget to come to my website toO! lol.

The Things I Like About Sunday

Well, I have to say that Sunday is my favorite because good luck seems to happen specially on that day. I’d have a theory to the reason. But, I don’t think you guys might find it as practical as me. Well, it’s basically because of God. He says that we do good, we receive good, and I guess the perks come from worshiping God in church. Lol. So, yeah I may expect a good day from Sunday, but doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen. This morning my mom had woke me up, I tried to stay up all Saturday night to make sure I don’t end up sleepy when my mom wakes me up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep the promise. So, I lapped a sleepy expression for 15 minutes until I brushed my teeth and washed my face. Later on, when I got ready and dressed for church, my mom put some face cleaner. Now I have to say, the cleaning is really helping my zits.

I’m almost zit-free, but anyways, when we arrived at church I had the best friend in the world advancing toward me. Michael basically, if you hadn’t known. He was in his regular special church clothing. I didn’t believe it was him until my brother yelled out it was him. I thought though he was just a guy waiting on the street. But, I realized he was coming toward us, like he’d finally be expecting us. We started talking about how the week went (as usual) and what was happening. When we got inside the church I ran while Matthew was keeping Michael occupied. When Michael realized I was running, he finally ran as well. We might have looked abnormal for being the only ones running around the church. But, we’re not embarrassed. Right? When we got to church I’d expect people to either be hi fiving us or criticizing us. But, nothing really happened. I saw my friends, but everything was normal. When I was doing small group everybody congratulated me.

Especially Michael, with a surprise. When we were done worshiping God, we all sadly goodbye, and went back to our regular world. I was surprised that the weather was conditionally bad, because that meant no annoying things or neighbors have to come and irritate us. Yepee! We had fun basically, during the time we were in the house we ate a lot of good things. Ice cream sandwiches and all, I also had one Ice cream cheesecake slice. It was bad! But, the sandwich was AWESOME. Today I guess was the good day. What else… oh yeah. At the Thrift Store there was this girl constantly walking by when I was reading a book, when I was close to leaving she started spying me. I felt attracted for a moment. But, it was flattering, I got to get a good look at her. She grinned happily. She was like 12 or 11 years old, and she was hot. I have to say that, not that I like her but seriously. She was hot. Lol. When we finally left she ran toward the door and waved at me. I smiled. I guess that’s why people get relationships and love.

But, it’s too early for me. Lol. When evening finally arose, I was depressed, until I was watching Date Night with my parents and oldest sister. It’s pretty funny. I’m going to write about it somehow. Lol. Though, they did curse in the movie, which I’m still shocked from hearing cause words like that from Steve Carell. Lol. Finally, we got to go to sleep. Ah. See you people tomorrow. Lol.

What A Saturday

Sorry, but I’m going to have to skip Friday’s post because I don’t think I have enough time for two posts. So, we’re just going to skip to Saturday.
Today is a new day. I wanted to go directly to the computer but my conscience was either telling me it wasn’t a good idea, or somehow I’m going to pay for it. So, I turned away from the computer in my sister’s room and went downstairs, I was hoping my mom would remind me of taking a shower in the morning, because I hardly ever shower except during the evenings. So, when I finished my breakfast and went back upstairs. My dad was in his work clothes comforting Anabelle. I’d just noticed she was awaken, and so was my mom.

When he was done snuggling her, he told me to load the dishes. I didn’t respond, but then he said it’d be best for mom, because I knew and predicted my mom was going to be really tired today. So, I loaded as fast as possible. I was able to finish loading, just before my mom could come downstairs. My sister (Patricia) and my only brother (Matthew) were already playing Mario Super Bros. When mom came downstairs, she was tired, as I expected. So, I let the hours stroll by, until Patricia’s friend decided to drop by and ask if she could come inside. I may do that to Simon, but nowadays he invites me inside before I can start thinking. It looked kind of embarrassing that we were being enthusiastic around Patricia’s friend. So, I acted as calm as I could be. When it came to the point where she had to leave, she asked if my sister (Patricia) and my other sister (Anabelle) to come to the Duluth Fall Festival.

I looked kind of jealous, but when it comes to coming with this specific friend of Patricia’s, I wouldn’t want to go, the other weird thing was the fact that she asked if I could come. I looked nervous, but was able to say a no. Finally they left, and it was just me, Matthew, my mom and the pizza my dad dropped off. When 4 pm hit I already finished 5 pizza slices and watched two movies: Zathura and Jumangi. My brother thought Jumangi was scarier. But, it was okay. When I came out Patricia was already home, though, I found no sight of her friend. So, I happily skipped toward Simon in the sand lump. He mentioned something about a new wrestling club that Savino was making (he’s a neighbor, basically). So, I thought about it, but then Savino walked up to me and asked if I wanted to join. He started saying about having to wrestle whenever he says. Then, he started being smart guy and all. I just ignored. When Patricia’s friend came she tried to get Patricia to get my mom to stay while I WAS TAKING A BATH. Weird, right? But, she wasn’t, thanks to my mom.

Afterwards, we did Quiet time, and um… oh yeah, I was able to finish Percy Jackson the last one today. Honestly, it ended so good, but left out some details I REALLY wanted to know in the next book. So, yeah, hoping for the 6th book to come out. Well, I’m sorry though it took a week to finish. I was more looking forward to finishing in 4 days, but I can’t tell the future can’t I?

Brothers Are Impossible

This morning I had a dream and I remembered it as well. I was dreaming of being in the middle of nowhere (basically the desert). I was wearing some heavy baggy clothes, which didn’t suite me very well. Still, how can you feel in a dream? Lol. When I was standing in the middle of the desert, I heard grunting noises behind me, and then this big base camp appeared behind me. I ran toward it, but it kept running away from me as well. When I closed my eyes and started running, I had already hit one of the walls. I looked inside the small and deserted city and saw a guy with a gun that looked exactly like my bb gun. I ran up to him, but then these big enormous creatures popped out of nowhere. GRUNTS!!! My dream faded away when the soldier and I already shot several down.

When I woke up, I was able to see more clearly. Because in my dream, I was vague the whole time. I didn’t even know how I could’ve known everything happening. Well, when I went downstairs to take my face cleaner whatever it’s called, I had an elluminate, and it was set at a pretty good time for an enrichment. Oh and whenever you see the date on my post, it’s just showing which day of the date I’m writing about k? Anyways, My brother was reading the Magic Tree House for his reading practice, because he needs to work on reading more than math. I was already in the middle of Social Studies, and I was told I was in the middle of the elluminate being the best.

Well, my brother was being so impossible today. So, irritating. I couldn’t stand it, once night stroke. When I was using the computer (which I was kind of not allowed to use) he was constantly blabbering out what I was going on and started making noises. He didn’t listen the first 5 times which made me so angry. He was grinning at me again and again. My mom had to constantly say that Matthew and Anabelle and I had to go to sleep. Well, when my mom was done watching Project Runaway with my sister I was already fast asleep. Feeling good about not having to deal with Matthew. Though, I hope once Matthew will fully learn his lesson and staying that way. I would be them the happiest family member in the family. Though, I’m in deep trouble. Well, both of us, but know mostly me. Can’t use the computer today at all. Sorry.


Well, this morning I woke up reluctantly for some reason. I was in bed, and then in the middle of my dream my brain decided to wake up and get up. So, I just agreed reluctantly. Luckily, I’m not one of those half teenagers who bend their backs of boredom. I’m usually straight and cool. I put my clothes on, brushed my teeth. Then, started picking on my zits. Speaking of which, have any of you have zits? because I have a load of them on my face. Though, you wouldn’t notice, they’re small. Lol. Once 11 am struck I was already 3/4 to nailing all of my school subjects. I didn’t really find any subject really interesting besides Social Studies which I had to write a whole lot more notes of Latin America.

When I had to do one of my Science elluminates, my homeroom teacher (Ms. Lauen) let us have the chat, which is really fortunate. Usually Dr. Brad Johnson is the only one giving us chat. But, I just went with it. I was able to chat with somebody I knew from last elluminate yesterday. Her name was Elizabeth. We constantly started talking about things we had in common like, liking Owl City and Linkin Park. It’s not weird, it’s just that I was curious what she liked. Until she started chatting with this guy called Hunter, which I hardly cared. Then, this other girl gives me a secret message. It’s basically a message that’s in blue bold that’s only sent to you and nobody else can see it.

Then, I just decided to chat back with her. Her name was Sydney. Though, I’ve never heard of her or seen her in any elluminates and she just starts sending me chat messages. I didn’t keep my chat screen invisible. So, Elizabeth noticed, and found it was pretty interesting. Though, I bet that Elizabeth thought I was talking to myself. But, I don’t care. Finally the teacher (Ms. Lauen) said to break up the chat and go to studying. We were studying different kinds of… um… I couldn’t remember. Um… oh yeah! Soil. How it erodes and all, and how it performs it’s talent. We got off immediately when 30 minutes struck. For some reason, the scientists/teachers that teach Science always take 30 minutes of elluminate. Which kind of sucks. Because I like chatting and learning. But, what you have to lose?

Later on, Nayyir called me and we started talking about new ways we can make our songs for the band. But, then when I was in the middle of finishing my last subject, I needed to do number 2. I hope you know what that means in bathroom language. But, I’m not going to translate it. I had to hold it, and it felt so bad!! I pleaded help by my mom. But, she needed to get dressed. So, I waited for an awful 15 minutes. It hurts so bad. But, then my mom came out the next few minutes and I cooled. Once I was done with all of my school, I decided to do Study Island. But, then I remembered I already did it. So, I kept thinking of the possible stuff my mom could ask I’ve done. But, when I was done I realized I had nothing left to do except kick back and relax.

I decided to write on my book, but then Patricia’s friends came. Patricia was SO close to showing one of our early videos in the past. I did NOT want that to be shown. So, I made sure of it. When we went to quiet time, I was more in the mood for jokes. But, it didn’t help my mom. Afterwards, I watched Terminator. But, when we were SO close to finishing, my whole shelf fell. Luckily, Matthew, Patricia and Anabelle moved or else they would’ve instantly gotten hurt. We had to go into loud shock. But, when we got it done I read some Percy Jackson. Then, went to bed. Good night to ya’ll.

What A Freaking Awesome Day

Well, this morning I woke up around 7 (to my luck), and I really didn’t have any intention to go to sleep. So, I mentally celebrated my ‘final wake up around 7’ party. It was awesome, though my mind could only enjoy it. Lol. Anyways, I had an elluminate around 8 with my ELA (English Language Arts) teacher. Which I knew was going to be awesome, though we were soon changing teachers since some new ones decided to sign up for Georgia Cyber Academy. So, no luck for, unless I get a really good Math teacher. We had some problems the first time we met, but, then she turned out pretty cool. But, I pray that I receive an awesome Math teacher.

Soon enough, it took just 3 hours to get around to my last 2 subjects. My dad doubted I was finishing that fast. But, it was the truth. It took my an hour to jot down my notes for today’s social studies (because we were studying on Latin America) and then it took another hour for Science because I had to test some minerals and then review them in a significant order. Then, GUM and Strategies for Success both took 30 minutes, which concluded to 3 hours. I decided to take a break and start reading my book (Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse). But, I just decided to read the author’s biography, Rick Riordan. It was kind of awesome that he had 2 sons, same with my parents. But, then I knew soon enough I had to finish the rest of my school.

But, before I could finish anything else, I had a Math elluminate on prime numbers and something else… but I can’t remember. Though, I passed it like a farmer harvesting eggs. I hope to Nayyir he passed whatever he was taught. Anyways, soon enough I had a Science elluminate, but we were studying on different erosions and weathering. What would be very convenient if you would put one of the answers in the comments. Now, lets get that out of the way, I soon got Math done, it was easy because I was comparing decimals only. Moving on. Once I was done with school my dad said before my mom comes home I clean a little bit. But, instead I give him the usual reaction, no. Lol.

So, you and I have to say it’s MY fault. Well, technically, it’s not, but I don’t wanna go into anymore details. Soon I was told by my dad to help him put some boxes before my mom came (sorry though for the chronological order mess up, I just felt the need to change the time a bit..). I was only able to carry 4 boxes up the ladder, toward the attic. I wish I could give you a picture, but my dad’s laptop screen is broken and I can’t put pictures anywhere else. So, when we got done, all my dad could tell me was that grownups were coming. Basically, I needed to go into babysitting position. Luckily, he said there were going to be about 5 grownups. Lets just pray I get more, because the more I get, the more money I earn (but I figured out I wasn’t getting paid).

Once 7:00 pm strolled in 2 couples already arrived. One of them (which is Ms. Danna [my personal favorite]) didn’t bring her husband, which was too much of a boo, but then she said he was coming, except in his own car. The next 30 minutes TONS of couples strolled in our house. I’d say about 12 people in the house. Now, with that much I could have a party, but I had to do my duties and not get a ahead of myself. Soon enough, some Asian couple arrived. Which I have to say, I LOVE ASIANS. Especially Japanese. Though, they looked more Chinese, but I’ll ask mom tomorrow. They brought their daughter as well. She was beautiful, though she was only 2 years old. But, what the heck, I love babies.

A few hours went by and the baby barely talked. She was more nervous than I thought. But, then my sister and I started talking to her. And she eventually cracked up. She started talking like crazy. But, I couldn’t stand the little girl’s accent, it sounded so cute. Though, the only thing that irritated me was the fact that I had to make sure I showed no violence toward my brother (Matthew) in front of her. So, that was a problem. Matthew was grinning with glee just to irritate me. I hated him so much then, but then I snapped. I tried to explain to her Matthew was misbehaving, but I hardly cared if she was paying attention. I pulled Matthew my mom’s bed and put him in time out in my room until the grownups left. Don’t know how I got the parenting talent.

One Of The Things I Like About My Life Is Being Liberating

Ah, the wonderful things I can do in life. Recently, I’ve been sleeping ti’ll 8 to 9am which is kind of a problem, but still, it’s amazing. I can actually sleep properly now. I don’t have to feel oppressed about waking up around 6 in the morning. I can gladly wake-up with no problems during the morning. Now, lets get to the real point. Today I woke up, around 7 getting ready to go downstairs, but I heard something making noises downstairs, so I went back to sleep. I later then woke up around 8 in the morning, feeling free. The only problem is that all my sisters and brothers were up and running like crazy. Sometimes my brother Matthew just loves to irritate me. That’s the only thing I have to disagree about him. Soon enough, I figured I had no elluminates so I could finish my subjects.

I had to study Latin America, which most of you know about. It’s basically South America including Mexico. I’m still wondering how come it didn’t arrive in the three biggest countries. Oh, South America is a continent. Forgot. Lol. I had a lot of notes to write down about it, like the highest mountain and the longest lakes. Soon enough, I was already finished with half of my subjects. I was really looking forward to going to the library today and getting the book Percy Jackson the Last Olympian (a few days ago [when I didn’t mention it in a post] my dad said that the book was finally ready to be picked up) so it looks like I’m finishing the series. Soon, when we got to the library I was welcomed. Once I got home I was already at page 65. Wow. Impressive of me. Then, my mom and dad decided watching How I Met Your Mother then Two And A Half Men which now I have to agree is strongly mature for my age.

After we did quiet time, I was reading Percy Jackson upstairs in my room. My brother already fell asleep and I ended up reading ti’ll page 101 until 12 hit. That’s when I got PUnished with my own book (though not hard). It was a good day, the feeling of freedom was the best part about today. I thank myself for that.

Woo! Too Much

Guys, I’m going to take a break from blogging, because I have family, friends and school that I have to take care of. I’ll start whenever I have the courage again. And just to make sure that I will be taking a break from the blog, I want you to comment on this post as many times and I’ll see how badly you want me back into the blogosphere, but, that’s just optional stuff. Well, I guess this is goodbye for awhile. 😦

Apple Icake!!

Well, remember when I said I was going to show you the Apple Icake on the wedding day. Well, sorry for promising you too late. But, here’s a photo of it. I hope you enjoy the Icake visually, because almost everybody called it crap.
Now, I’ll see you now, enjoy.

My Flow Isn’t Working Neither Is My Memory

Well, I can’t remember specifically how everything worked because that today I was so distracted. Anyways, I woke up this morning, got up and brushed my teeth. I was having a enrichment elluminate around 9:00 am if I’m right. But, the problem was Patricia (my older sister) was having another elluminate at 9:30 am. I was too overwhelmed hearing that reminder constantly in my mind. Then, I wondered if I could use my dad’s laptop, though I broke it a few days ago (I didn’t mention it in the other post that was supposed to be before this because I didn’t want to publish it) and the other computer (that I use for fun) is not cable of using a microphone, so I’d just hope that today’s Earth Science wasn’t going to be long, and in my luck I was right. I quickly got off the elluminate so my sister could join in her elluminate. Later on, I did my GUM Unit Assessment, which I passed and then the Math Unit Assessment, which again I passed. For me Math wasn’t such a hard effort, because usually variables are just too easy to figure out.

Afterwards, I knew my mom was going to kill me because I didn’t do the Math enrichment when she specifically told me to do. So, I knew I was going to get it soon enough. Later then, I heard Simon call a few times when I was in the middle of Vocabulary, I decided to ignore it for 2 reasons. 1. I couldn’t answer the phone during school, unless it was one of my school friends. 2. I just didn’t feel like answering, though I kind of felt guilty. But, what the heck. Once I was hovering around my last subject, Nayyir (my school buddy) called, so we decided when I was coming over to his house.

We finally decided to plan it around Sunday, so, I became very enthusiastic for the first few moments. Soon enough, I got grounded because my mom figured out that I skipped the elluminate. So, I later on did some of my book writing, because I’m currently writing a book. But, I asked my mom just to make sure. And by accident the file got deleted, I think it’s because of my brother but okay. Right now I have to go. So see ya