School And Soccer Don’t Cooperate

Well, in the morning I woke up, actually around 5 in the morning if I’m correct. I was too weak to move around or do anything. My blood was constantly rushing through my skin which made my hand heavier to lift by itself. So, I was basically trapped in my own cold bed. I tried falling asleep again (which worked) but my enthusiasm level went to high. I wanted to get out of my bed so bad!!! But, before I could even struggle I fell asleep. Though, I couldn’t remember my dream, bummer. Afterwards, I got up again and this time I was more free then before. I never thought I’d ever feel better having this much freedom. But, I noticed something was wrong. I looked outside and saw blue sky, so I knew that school was already supposed to start.

Later, I did school. Mostly Study Island, because I haven’t used that source in awhile and I want to get it over with. I did Science, though I failed constantly. The questions were too hard, whenever they would give me the ‘what to do tips’ I read, but then the questions were involving something different. Luckily I was able to complete one lesson at this pace. Hehehe. 🙂 Soon, enough when I did Science I got sidetracked with loading the dishes. It’s basically when I have to clean these dirty dishes and put them in a washer (the thing that washes the dishes). It got me offtrack for about 30 minutes. So, Science took 2 hours, it’s just that it had to many activities in the lesson. Usually I finish earlier.

Afterwards, I took a brake, my mom later then came back from work. That meant I had to go back to work. But, I already had a headache for some reason. It was bugging me the entire time… I tried to get the ache out of my head but it wouldn’t work. So, when my mom took a nap I brought out Uncle Tom’s Cabin from some special author that updated Harriet Beecher’s Stowe’s book to make it look for more understandable and readable. So, I was only able to read 10 pages because it had a lot of words on each page and I constantly got sidetracked because they were too confusing. But, that just made the headache worse for me. So, I begged my mom to help me, all she could do was try massage. Which I was actually thankful for.
I had just remembered I had to do school. I was able to complete Literature (I was studying on poems and the metaphors, similes and alliteration) and then um… GUM and Vocabulary. But, Alicia (our neighbor) came over to our house once again. I tried ignoring her since we don’t have such a good friendship anymore. I took a jog around the neighborhood, when I got into a friend’s part of the neighborhood they came out, though it was only the two of them. We played a little practice on Soccer and decided to have our own game like last time.

But, I knew I had to finish Math soon, so I asked my mom where I was going to take place at a soccer game. She sounded okay with it. So, I asked Patricia if she wanted to participate. She did, but Alicia as well, wanted to come. Matthew later then came. My team was losing, usually we win, but okay. Alicia started being mean to Matthew so we all got into an argument with her. She constantly looked for excuses, but hey, that’s how she does it, not my problem. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I just argued with her and for her retreat she said she had to go use the bathroom and she never came back. Man, the nerve of that girl. Later, we did quiet time and went to bed. Oh and my mom watched Cop Out. It was HILARIOUS! Though, my mom figured out about Math and I’m going to be doing two of it. Bummer.

6 comments on “School And Soccer Don’t Cooperate

  1. nayyirnensi says:


  2. nayyirnensi says:

    aren’t u gonna write again today?

  3. nadiafriza says:

    are you a senior high school student who do part-time? WOW!

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