Ah, What A Buzz

I can’t really remember Saturday at the moment. So, I guess were going to have to skip to Sunday. On Sunday, we got ready for church. Brushed our teeth, got fancy clothing. I think some linen clothings too and we got our hair done, by the mastermind (mom). Once we got there, before we even got to the entrance of my church, my mom said I could run along to Xtreme. Which was from the parking space from the backside of the church. I was proud and thankful. Though, it’s like I only get along with people here at church. They’re always supportive. Oh, and we didn’t forget the Skittles. Not anytime soon. I brought a bag that looked like a gift bag for a birthday. Luckily, it killed the first surprise of attention. Once I showed the class the food they all gobbled. Then, one of my friends asked if they could give it to their friend. Then, two new kids Camron and Luke if I’m not misunderstood. And it was all gone. Ah, the irony. After that it was just boring, boring, boring activities. I just fell asleep.

Monday, was uh!!! Terrifying, boring. Not as I expected. :mrgreen: it took me 3 hours to do one part of Mat, then the Assessment was 25 minutes. At that moment, I lost to PATRICIA (my sister) once again. She went quick through like that. Once school was done, I just used the computer most of the time. Hoping that something good will come. Oh and I remember one part of what happened on Saturday. I got the book Percy Jackson the Battle of the Labyrinth. I read about 81 pages of it. Since nothing else was permitted to do. And I just fell asleep.

Next day was a bright day, I loaded the dishes and and grunted. It made the experience better at the moment, and it was the only exception to make me feel better. Hey I jsut remembered a song with that name. Let me play the song for you: man, can’t load up the video. I guess it’ll have to be taken off our little plan list. Oh and I got from page 89 to 251 today. Yeah!! Reading is my specialty and Reading IS my favorite subject and has been for an ongoing of 3 years. I was proud, almost done with the fourth book, then it goes to the last book. Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. Oh and news alert, I’m also making my own book, it should be published this following year, I e-mail the book to you guys.

Wednesday was a buzz kill. My dad made it SUPER hard for me to do GUM. Luckily, I was spared from Math. Because he can take all day. Sometimes, my dad doesn’t make sense, but I try hard to believe him. Because… I am is Padawan (Star Wars Trilogy). And I will be forever. It took me about 3 or 4 hours to do Gum. But, I only had 4 subjects permitted. So, that means 4+2=6. 6 Subjects and courses to do today. 😀 I finished with happiness, but still a buzz kill. No matter the reason it’s hard a the beginning, because you will crush it and demolish that impossible feeling.

Ah, I should stay more focused. We only did school. It was terrible. 5 subjects. Gum and all that. I felt to pressured for some reason. That’s all I can remember. Sorry for the inconveniance. My mind is blank at the moment. 😀 School I guess. So much. This week was so busy. I couldn’t take it. Honestly, sucks.


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