Misery Business

Well, um… right now I’m lonely and feeling sad. Having no comments for me just feels miserable. Well, at least not having like about 10 comments or so. But, I wanted to change my way of constantly asking people to come to my blog. Well, I commented and I get no comments back. The only thing that I’m looking forward to is the book I’m writing and the conversation I’m having with Gil. So, please give me a couple of comments. I would really like that. I know I’m being paranoid and all. But, every time I look at my comments from my dashboard and find no comments just makes me sad. So, JUST please comment a couple of times. Probably even reply if you want. I just feel lonely.

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22 comments on “Misery Business

  1. birddog202 says:

    lol I rarely get comments

  2. alice in wonderland says:

    In my early days of bloging, I do adore comments. But now I don’t really care. I don’t hate commens but right now I choose to concentrate to improve my writing.^^ Cheer up ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. nadiafriza says:

    misery business? that’s Paramore’s song ๐Ÿ™‚

    oh c’mon ๐Ÿ™‚ what can I do to help you get more comments? i never think about this comment thingy in my blog anyway

    • Andrew says:

      yeah, I know. I decided to come up with a good title that relates to what I’m saying. You can just comment. I know, you get a lot of comments.

  4. Red says:

    pardon, my english is poor.. just wanna ask.. why do you feel lonely?

  5. Asking for comments… huh
    I guess it worked
    Sometimes, the reason I don’t comment is either the post is too much about your life for me to say anything, or I just do not have time to say anything meaningful. Its hard to comment on peoples life without saying something mean about somebody in the story. I guess I can once in a while, but everyday, no.
    Those are MY reasons.

    • Andrew says:

      Well, last time I didn’t get any comments for 2 days which is a big loss for me. It’s okay if you feel saying something mean. On my blog you express yourself. If you have something to criticize me about, it’s okay. I just ave special difficulties and I want opinions. That’s all. I know, nobody can comment everyday on someone’s blog. Except for me, I comment on ever post on Sammy’s blog.

  6. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    Actually, I think you have to be kind of outgoing and ask people for comments in order to get comments. I never do because I don’t like asking people to do anything and I mostly write my blog for myself. I don’t really care that much if people read it….though occasionally I have a post (like tonight) that I really wish people would read (and comment on) but when I have a post like this one, I expect people to say mean things because I’m not very nice in this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew says:

      You do, well that’s something I need to keep in touch with. Yeah, that’s why I’m trying to do that. Not asking people but having people comment on my blog. Understand? I REALLY care if people read it. It’s like something like a hobby for me. I’m just obsessed with blogging. And the computer for that matter. Yeah, I checked on it. And just so you know, some of my friends really wouldn’t like that post. Their Muslim too. And I like Muslims. I like all religions.

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        Actually, I think maybe you didn’t understand my post because it was expressing my outrage over the prejudice that many Americans are showing towards Muslims. So it was supporting Muslims. ๐Ÿ™‚

        There are a lot of Americans who wouldn’t like my post because they don’t think of their attitude as prejudice. But it is.

      • Andrew says:

        Oh, sorry for that. I SHOULDN’T JUDGE A PERSON FROM THE FRONT COVER. Prejudice? Yeah, I think that would be more descriptive of this matter. I have only a few Muslim friends. Good, so you’re a democrat that supports Muslims. :F

      • Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

        np. My writing can be a little subtle at times ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Andrew says:

        What should that mean?

  7. Skydancer (Guardian Angel) says:

    It just means that sometimes I say a joke but you don’t see a smile on my face or you see a smile on my face but you don’t realize I’m joking. Do you understand?

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