School And Soccer Don’t Cooperate

Well, in the morning I woke up, actually around 5 in the morning if I’m correct. I was too weak to move around or do anything. My blood was constantly rushing through my skin which made my hand heavier to lift by itself. So, I was basically trapped in my own cold bed. I tried falling asleep again (which worked) but my enthusiasm level went to high. I wanted to get out of my bed so bad!!! But, before I could even struggle I fell asleep. Though, I couldn’t remember my dream, bummer. Afterwards, I got up again and this time I was more free then before. I never thought I’d ever feel better having this much freedom. But, I noticed something was wrong. I looked outside and saw blue sky, so I knew that school was already supposed to start.

Later, I did school. Mostly Study Island, because I haven’t used that source in awhile and I want to get it over with. I did Science, though I failed constantly. The questions were too hard, whenever they would give me the ‘what to do tips’ I read, but then the questions were involving something different. Luckily I was able to complete one lesson at this pace. Hehehe. 🙂 Soon, enough when I did Science I got sidetracked with loading the dishes. It’s basically when I have to clean these dirty dishes and put them in a washer (the thing that washes the dishes). It got me offtrack for about 30 minutes. So, Science took 2 hours, it’s just that it had to many activities in the lesson. Usually I finish earlier.

Afterwards, I took a brake, my mom later then came back from work. That meant I had to go back to work. But, I already had a headache for some reason. It was bugging me the entire time… I tried to get the ache out of my head but it wouldn’t work. So, when my mom took a nap I brought out Uncle Tom’s Cabin from some special author that updated Harriet Beecher’s Stowe’s book to make it look for more understandable and readable. So, I was only able to read 10 pages because it had a lot of words on each page and I constantly got sidetracked because they were too confusing. But, that just made the headache worse for me. So, I begged my mom to help me, all she could do was try massage. Which I was actually thankful for.
I had just remembered I had to do school. I was able to complete Literature (I was studying on poems and the metaphors, similes and alliteration) and then um… GUM and Vocabulary. But, Alicia (our neighbor) came over to our house once again. I tried ignoring her since we don’t have such a good friendship anymore. I took a jog around the neighborhood, when I got into a friend’s part of the neighborhood they came out, though it was only the two of them. We played a little practice on Soccer and decided to have our own game like last time.

But, I knew I had to finish Math soon, so I asked my mom where I was going to take place at a soccer game. She sounded okay with it. So, I asked Patricia if she wanted to participate. She did, but Alicia as well, wanted to come. Matthew later then came. My team was losing, usually we win, but okay. Alicia started being mean to Matthew so we all got into an argument with her. She constantly looked for excuses, but hey, that’s how she does it, not my problem. I didn’t really know what was going on, but I just argued with her and for her retreat she said she had to go use the bathroom and she never came back. Man, the nerve of that girl. Later, we did quiet time and went to bed. Oh and my mom watched Cop Out. It was HILARIOUS! Though, my mom figured out about Math and I’m going to be doing two of it. Bummer.

Man, Too Quick, Honestly!!!

My mom has changed plans and so have I. We’re going to have to post everyday. Too quick eh? Except it’ll be better. I promise. My mom will check my posts. So, yeah we’re going to make plans. We’ll start at tomorrow I guess. Maybe later. I’ll alarm you. Okay?

Ah, What A Buzz

I can’t really remember Saturday at the moment. So, I guess were going to have to skip to Sunday. On Sunday, we got ready for church. Brushed our teeth, got fancy clothing. I think some linen clothings too and we got our hair done, by the mastermind (mom). Once we got there, before we even got to the entrance of my church, my mom said I could run along to Xtreme. Which was from the parking space from the backside of the church. I was proud and thankful. Though, it’s like I only get along with people here at church. They’re always supportive. Oh, and we didn’t forget the Skittles. Not anytime soon. I brought a bag that looked like a gift bag for a birthday. Luckily, it killed the first surprise of attention. Once I showed the class the food they all gobbled. Then, one of my friends asked if they could give it to their friend. Then, two new kids Camron and Luke if I’m not misunderstood. And it was all gone. Ah, the irony. After that it was just boring, boring, boring activities. I just fell asleep.

Monday, was uh!!! Terrifying, boring. Not as I expected. :mrgreen: it took me 3 hours to do one part of Mat, then the Assessment was 25 minutes. At that moment, I lost to PATRICIA (my sister) once again. She went quick through like that. Once school was done, I just used the computer most of the time. Hoping that something good will come. Oh and I remember one part of what happened on Saturday. I got the book Percy Jackson the Battle of the Labyrinth. I read about 81 pages of it. Since nothing else was permitted to do. And I just fell asleep.

Next day was a bright day, I loaded the dishes and and grunted. It made the experience better at the moment, and it was the only exception to make me feel better. Hey I jsut remembered a song with that name. Let me play the song for you: man, can’t load up the video. I guess it’ll have to be taken off our little plan list. Oh and I got from page 89 to 251 today. Yeah!! Reading is my specialty and Reading IS my favorite subject and has been for an ongoing of 3 years. I was proud, almost done with the fourth book, then it goes to the last book. Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian. Oh and news alert, I’m also making my own book, it should be published this following year, I e-mail the book to you guys.

Wednesday was a buzz kill. My dad made it SUPER hard for me to do GUM. Luckily, I was spared from Math. Because he can take all day. Sometimes, my dad doesn’t make sense, but I try hard to believe him. Because… I am is Padawan (Star Wars Trilogy). And I will be forever. It took me about 3 or 4 hours to do Gum. But, I only had 4 subjects permitted. So, that means 4+2=6. 6 Subjects and courses to do today. 😀 I finished with happiness, but still a buzz kill. No matter the reason it’s hard a the beginning, because you will crush it and demolish that impossible feeling.

Ah, I should stay more focused. We only did school. It was terrible. 5 subjects. Gum and all that. I felt to pressured for some reason. That’s all I can remember. Sorry for the inconveniance. My mind is blank at the moment. 😀 School I guess. So much. This week was so busy. I couldn’t take it. Honestly, sucks.

First Week Of School

I was sleeping on a Saturday morning. Just so were on the right track here. I thought I was going to bore myself the whole day again. But, I wasn’t. My mom told me to go outside and ask some people to hangout or play with. Nobody in the neighborhood answered except Savino, he then asked me inside to watch a little TV. To me it felt like a bicentennial when we were hanging out. But, afterwards, we had to go outside. I spent some time with my neighbors. I guess there were about… 6 neighbors outside. Including my sister, my brother and I. We had a blast together. I felt some real fun. I was happy. Oh and I did get a lot of comments that day too. 😀

The next day, we went to church, I was motionless. When I was sighting the trees at the Church lot. I was, um… surprised. Because it reminded me of how beautiful this church is. Later on, I went to my class. In worship, it was the regular. Loud noises from the guitar, drums, acoustic and bass. Then, we went in our group. Sorry to say I forgot to give Skittles to everyone. I was frustrated by then because we had a huge amount of people in our group. Then, when church was done. I was sleeping, and waking, sleeping and waking. Then, I did some pillow fights with King and Savino.

First day of school. You expect me to be like the average people. Waking up early and going on the bus. Well, no. I actually just wake up REALLY early brush me teeth, wash my face and get ready for school. Instead I just slept through the first 2 hours I was supposed to start. Then, I started. But, for some reason the school had some technical difficulties on the computer. So, it was hard for us to complete one subject. Because it kept logging off. Then, we had a blast. What work we got, easy. After that, I called my friend Nayyir. Which I haven’t talked to in 4 months. Finally, he gave some of my other friend’s phone numbers. Then, my mom, dad, sister and I watched a movie. It was good. But, it wasn’t that interesting. Afterwards, we did quiet time then went to sleep.

The next day was a totally different thing. Everyone was alert and ready for school. Except we had to watch the recorded assembly for school. It took about 2 hours off our school time. Which took us off track. Unluckily, I wasn’t able to find me English handbook for Language Arts: GUM (Grammer, Using, Mechanics). Patricia was kicking my butt at this. She was ahead of my like woo!! I was stuck only on Math for 3 hours. I had to do this Pre Algebra test. I had to do about, 49 problems of the written part, then 19 for questions. Then, I don’t how many wasn’t completed. My friend Nayyir called me and kept throwing the “You still didn’t finish school?!” in my face. He’s still my friend. But, it was annoying. I eventually went to sleep after that.

After that day, it was an easy day. I was able to wake up around 6 then eat breakfast and start school at 8 tops. Oh and it was really easy. Afterwards, I had an elluminate orientation with my teacher. I was actually expecting it to be long. But, by the next 30 minutes she logged off. My teacher’s voice was kind of low. Like she was sleepy or allergic to something. Her comments seemed promising, but her voice was too blah for me. I just hope she is better then that, because my sister got my old teacher Ms. Riley. I was able to finish even Math in a flash. Then, I finished GUM. Which distracted my time. Luckily, I finished the Unit Assessment. So, I’m moving on to the next unit. Afterwards, my friend Nayyir told me about this awesome game that I have to link to you. Awesome game, afterwards, I fell asleep.

I don’t really remember what happened the next day. All I can say is that I did school and breathed air. Okay, lets try the morning after that. I was having a blast. Enjoying myself and feeling like this moment was bicentennial. It was the last day of the first week of school. Yippee!! But, we still had to do school. I on the other hand only had 4 subjects. Which made it even easier for me. But, that’s only because I was supposed to have Study Island and a lot of elluminates this part of the year. But, right now, I ‘m going to have an easy first month at school. I had to do Pre-Algebra, Social Studies, Literature Intermediate level and Language Skills GUM (Grammar, Using, Mechanics) intermediate level. Then, it was all over. Afterwards, my dad and I went to go get the Percy Jackson book Battle of the Labyrinth. Didn’t get it because of the Library changing the time limit. Afterwards, we stayed up ti’ll like 11 at night and then all of the sudden a black out happened for 8 seconds. Besides that we were fine. Then, we went to sleep.

Last Week Of Summer

Well, I guess that my mom was happy today. I by the way was not even close to happiness. My mom also switched jobs with Patricia and I just because I got too ahead of myself and said I could do Patricia’s job easily. Well, I was half right and half wrong. I was using some gloves so I wouldn’t have all the muck on my hands. Luckily, I was able to clean the dishes, but still feel angry inside. My mom watched Eureka without me. I just felt really angry at the moment.

The next morning was church day. Like it always is on Sundays. We all had to get dressed, brush our teeth, wash our face and make our hair look good. Once that was over we went to church and like usual I ran to my group alone since I go now to Xtreme. While we were worshiping the speaker announced that this was the last day to sign up for Boot Camp, which sent chills down my spine. Later on I told my dad while helping him with the Host Team about it. He looked at and found a very hard price to pay. $210!!!! Anyways, I kept reminding him again and again to sign up. Oh, I just hope he did sign up.

Next day we were planning to go to Bebe’s house. He’s a Romanian friend of ours. So, my mom told my dad that we needed to go to the Farmer’s Market. While on the trip Matthew was really annoying me and getting me in trouble. I just wanted to punch that guy in the stomach that time. Once, we were done we quickly left the house to go see Bebe. Once I got there I was admiring their many plants they had. Watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers if I’m right, peppers and the trees with so much flavors. I wanted to buy this house. Oh and they also had a tool shed. But it was filled with wood. If it wasn’t I could keep my band there. Once we got back home my dad had to break it down to me that we weren’t renting or buying the house which put me down. Afterwards, I went to sleep.

Next morning I woke up with Inkheart right next to me. Huh? Maybe I read it and fell asleep. Who cares. After that, I went downstairs to have some breakfast. Well, Honey Buzzers to be precise. I ate for half an hour, I guess then I went back upstairs. Then, it just hit me, my mom actually told us yesterday (2 days ago) that we could go to sleep through morning ti’ll evening since it is our last week of Summer break. Probably to set off a 36 hour sleep record. After a few more hours Matthew was bugging me the whole day. Instead of wanting to punch him, I just wanted to kick him. Later on, some grownups came. They were the owners of the fish that we were babysitting. Oh, I forgot to mention I had to babysit fish for 2 weeks. Maybe it didn’t seem important for me at the moment. Well, after they left, Patricia thought they forgot to pick up the fish. So, she told them to pick it up. Instead, they let us keep it. Well, that lit up my spirit. 😀

Once I woke up the next morning I felt devastated. After I ate breakfast my mom checked this house on Craigslist. She was impressed. So, we just decided to get a little better look at the house. Before that, my mom went to Walmart and bought us all these kinds of junk food. Oreo, Chips Ahoy, Peanut Butter Crackers, Rits Crackers and this special yellow punch. I decided not to fill myself with the punch. After we checked the houses seemed really impressed. Then, checked another house. I guess this all took an hour and a half. Once we got home Matthew played video games like crazy and I just used the computer like I usually do. Oh and FYI, I’m also going to Daniel’s Birthday party at the Roller Skating area. The unusual thing is that I’m getting more along with Daniel then before.

Well, the next day wasn’t too bright for me. I got some how school sick. I kind of want to go back into school. I MISS IT! I had nothing to do for the rest of the day. The only thing that was enjoying was the fact that I was being king of my brothers and sisters and I was ordering them around. It was fun, but I was expecting something better. Eventually we watched X-men Last Stand then Project Runaway. The funny thing is that I now turned from coach potato to Fashion judge. It’s just weird, but feels good.

The next day I tried coming up with ideas why this week I felt so bored and stunk-up so I could solve my problems. Then, I got a result. It was actually a good result. Thank God he helped. During the afternoon we were checking out some houses. Which was weird but okay. Afterwards, we went to the Farmer’s Market. In Georgia it’s basically this place that shows different kinds of food you couldn’t imagine. But, I try ignoring the fact that my curiosity level is going to high. After that, my aunt was coming over. We had to clean up like normal. When she came, we all enjoyed each other. And this was my last week before the school was starting. 🙂

Misery Business

Well, um… right now I’m lonely and feeling sad. Having no comments for me just feels miserable. Well, at least not having like about 10 comments or so. But, I wanted to change my way of constantly asking people to come to my blog. Well, I commented and I get no comments back. The only thing that I’m looking forward to is the book I’m writing and the conversation I’m having with Gil. So, please give me a couple of comments. I would really like that. I know I’m being paranoid and all. But, every time I look at my comments from my dashboard and find no comments just makes me sad. So, JUST please comment a couple of times. Probably even reply if you want. I just feel lonely.

News Alert Part 1

Well, I think I’ve decided which day to publish. I will be publishing my weekly post on Saturday. My standard clock on which the post will be published will be around 7:00 am through 8:00 am. If I accidentally post earlier then expected it may be around 5:00 am through 6:30 am. If I post late it might be around 9:00 through 10:35 am. Got it? That’s my new news check for now. 😀

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A News Alert

You may have noticed I’ve been posting everyday. Well, that’s going to have to change. This, posting everyday idea is coming in conflict with me and my parents. I have some bad grammar, I don’t know how to explain myself very well and it’s giving me some sleeping problems. My mom doesn’t like the fact that I’m ALWAYS on the computer. Even early in the morning. So, I came up with a solution. I’m going to post every once week about my week. So, I’ll be doing this for awhile until I get better. That’s when I’ll post everyday like I used to.

Most Of The Time I’m Your Everyday Butler

August 1, 2010
I don’t know if I remember clearly. But, I’m sure I wrote a post about my hard work. Except then it was never noticed. NOW, it’s the same thing except everybody thanks me from time to time. But, as long as I’m acknowledged and known I’m happy. But, now lets get back to what really happened today (yesterday). I was sleeping. Which of course I would do at night. But, I didn’t get to remember my dream. It was all just plain blank. Though, when I woke up, I decided to do that technique where I dream what I want to imagine in the morning. After the big sleep. Well, I tried it and it worked like a charm. I decided to dream about skateboarding. Except skateboarding while challenging Nyjah Huston. If you’ve ever heard of him then please inform me. But then, I decided to dream of canoeing again except at the Nile River. Where all the crocodiles try to kill us. Except what wasn’t expected was the fact there was always blood gushing out of the Crocodiles nostrils whenever I slapped it away. Weird… 😕

Anyways, when I was in the middle of fighting a lonely frustrated boar I was awakened. But, not just by anybody. It was my mom. Man, I really did it this time. It was church day and there are 3 reasons why I was able to figure THAT out in just a matter seconds. 1. I always have a hunch when it’s time to worship God. 2. my mom rarely comes inside my room unless it’s urgent just like Church. 3. because she looks into my closet for clothes which she never does unless it’s church day. I’m just lucky I don’t have to stay up this early in the mornings. Which would mean I would have to support my mom. Which would be fine as long as I grew a habit of doing it. Then, I made this decision which was actually a stupid one to go on the computer. Luckily, I just harvested from my trees when my mom came to chew me out. Well, after all the work my mom had to go through by putting on clothes for the rest of us we went to church. Oh and FYI, right now it may seem as if my mom is the worker or miss butler. But, then she gets tired around the afternoon and evening. That’s when I take shift.

Well, once I got to church I knew I was going to get for the first time my small group. Which was awesome. In church Elementary small group is just when you sit in a circle with a leader and some other kids and do these kid activities. Which I grew out of around 4th grade. But, in church middle school small group means you’re STILL with a leader but you are in this confined room which I think I’ve already described in my early posts. But, I never thought the experience in the group would be this fun. Oh, and the room was bigger than all the other rooms I got a preview of so lucky me. Well, there were some friends and enemies of mine that wasn’t in the room I was currently at. For example: Michael and Drew which I’m still trying to get friendlier to and then Whiley for enemy. But, I’m not going to say another story of how or why we became my enemy. So, lets get that out of our system (brain). Well, when I got in the room I saw my TRUE friends. August, Asa, Andrew and Peyton. Then, there were these two new kids I guess.

The service felt like it took only an hour which sucked. It felt like I just got here and missed almost everything and just when I settled it was over. Well, it was nice. But, then one of the new kids wanted to call his sister which I saw just in worship and just to tell you, she was very beautiful for her age. Like a famous celebrity kid like Dakota Fanning when she was little. Anyways, he wanted to call his sister. Except she hung up the next 2 seconds then he dragged me out of the room area. Then, I figured out my parents were waiting so I knew it was going to be abnormal my parents seeing a kid I guess younger than me by a few months dragging me. I also knew that my dad would want an explanation too. So, once we got to Walmart and went home we settled and ate. Except I was too enthusiastic about eating soup. Well, I was actually the last person on the table not finished with my soup. But, then I finished happily. Afterwards, my mom and dad watched White Collar and the episode was boring. Though, I still took some questions. Then, my mom asked me to bring her some water. That’s when I knew my shift started.

Then, my dad and I were about to watch the last Psych episode until my brother interrupted and said it was his time to watch. After that we watched Psych. Then, I had to go water gun fight my friends again because my mom and dad were watching Hot Tub Time Machine. And they didn’t want us to watch. I beat Logan happily 3 times. So, that was payback for the last few days all of them went against me. But, then, my own team betrayed me. Then, I went inside to do my butler duties.

Family Fights Can Be REALLY Annoying And Harsh

July 30, 2010
Well, I can’t wait for tomorrow (today). It’s going to be my day in a small group at church. And in our grade small groups means they’re our personal room with coaches, chairs, drawer with a beautiful flower bouquet on top of it. Though, their are a few annoying side effects about the rooms. It’s a confined space. Only the 9th graders get like the BIG rooms. Like leaving rooms. Anyways, the other side effect is the fact that you have to either listen to what’s on a person’s mind or you have to express to a group of people what’s on your mind that relates to what we just listened to in the back stage about God. But, that’s ALL. Now, lets get back to what happened today (yesterday).

Well, I woke up really harsh. With feeling a pain in my back. I tried to stretch it out. But, too much pain was across my back. So, I did some quick thinking by tilting my body backward like you’re trying to do a bridge. Though, if you search that word online it would’ve given the wrong describing. Anyways, I was having thoughts through my mind while I was walking slowly downstairs. But, ran on the stairs, which made big noises that I even thought my mom would wake up and come and get me. But, she just ignored it as usual. But, once I got downstairs I had the tendency to play Farmville. So, I did. Then, I just went upstairs without breakfast which was abnormal for me. Later on, I had breakfast with my sisters and brother. Matthew was watching the Dsi none-stop.

Then, when I went upstairs with my mom to watch Pirates and the Caribbean Matthew was yelling like he wanted somebody to stop choking him. Unfortunately, he was just yelling because he wanted Patricia to do what he asked for. I tried to drag him away from the Ds. But, he just hit me like he NEEDED to watch or else DEATH. What is wrong? So, Matthew had to be sent in the room to cool down. Then, I got into a fight with Simon. It was harsh too. But, I beat him in it. Sometimes, Simon reminds me of Freddy in iCarly. Anyways, then I got into an argument with my mom and just to tell you it was an unfair fight. But, the rest of the details are private. So, at the end we saw the third Pirates of the Caribbean. Which was awesome until my dad wanted to watch White Collar with my mom.

Man, THAT man just got home from work. He can’t watch!! Even when I AM watching. But, I tried to keep my self cool. Though, in order to do that I had to shut my mouth and let my dad watch. Ugh!! Grownups. Lol. Anyways, we had to wait an hour for the White Collar to end. While that we watched Big Time Rush since nothing else interesting was on. So, we actually found this new song from Big Time Rush called the City Is Ours. Here’s a clip of it: (than we had quiet time then went to bed). Oh dang it they give off stupid videos of them. F those youtube people. Lol.