I Think I Hit The Jackpot But Still Fell Apart

July 25, 2010
Well, my apologies for posting so late. I was at Michael and Daniel’s house and they rarely use the computer. So, I guess I had a pretty smacking awesome time. Anyways, I woke up reminding myself that I wasn’t supposed to be on the blog or Farmville because last night (3 days ago) I had that discussion with my mom when we were sent to bed. Well, I had a good sleep. Couldn’t actually remember my dream, but STILL, had a good sleep. I eventually had to wake up stressed because my mom made this clothes collecting noises in my room. It just BUGS me! We eventually had to go to church. I was just praying we didn’t have to go to the 11 so I would miss the small group opportunity. Unfortunately, I had to do this sign up thing and then wait another week. Well, just great. Michael got to go and discuss in his small group while I had to hang out with these California guys and do a quiz.

Eventually, we ran into Ms. Ginger while my parents had to pick me up. We had a blast of a 5 minute conversation. Than, I asked if I could sleepover. Well, instead I got to stay over for 2 1/4 days. I was actually thrilled. Though, I was going to have to just stay with my regular clothes. Not so bad though. I eventually got to his house and went up to there bonus room. We were about to do Street Fighter but then we did some Tony Hawk Scateboarding AGAIN. Eventually time past by when we had to take lunch. I couldn’t remember exactly what we were having but I do remember we had pink lemonade. We finished and then got back to playing. Then, we night stroke, Michael made me a Play Station account. I was okay and thrilled with it. THAN, we had to go and eat dinner. I think after that we went to sleep. I had a blast, but still felt bored for some reason. I regretted doing the PS3 though.


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