I Guess This Is The 2nd Craziest Day Of The Summer

July 23, 2010
Well, I gotta hand it to ya. Yesterday (2 days ago) WAS the 1st craziest day during the Summer. But, I decided not to post about it because I was getting hungry. I was messing myself up so I just made the War Of the Worlds post to at least get myself right I wrote an actual post. Well, yesterday, wasn’t too good in sleep. I woke up with my HAIR sticking out. Like I was that blonde singer in Guns n Roses. Lol. Anyways, I got downstairs and eventually used the computer. On the computer I went on Farmville. I guess I got about 2 ribbons that morning. I don’t know. Like fenced in and stuff. Then, I just eventually started eating breakfast. I had Tootie Fruities for breakfast actually. I hope you’ve heard of it. It’s the replica of Trix except just a red plastic box with the picture of a Kangaroo with a baby in the pouch. I love those kinds. The cereal in the paper boxes make me sick like that Cinnamon Toasters. Ugh! They mess me up when I go to the bathroom or other private things.

Anyways, we were finally gong somewhere after I guess a few weeks. We were going to this Home School area. Now, I constantly forget which one she’s talking about. Because whenever she says that it reminds me of that big industrial home school sale. But, it ends up most of the time at this little place. Anyways, we went to get my book first Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse. So, once I’m done with that I am moving on to the Battle Of the Labyrinth. Anyways, I read so far on the car trip 14 pages. You may think that is dumb well… let me tell you something. My sister Patricia and my brother Matthew were constantly making noises even though I said stop. We finally got there were I wasn’t constantly moved around in the car. Well, when I was reading a guy passed by me holding a root beer saying that’s the best version of ALL books. He finally told me he was 9. Then, these other girls showed up and guess who they looked like. They looked like Sam and Carly in kid version. We eventually had to leave afterwards where we got some books.

Well, when I went outside it was hot, just like the weather person said. It was about 96 degrees Fahrenheit. Enough to make me sweat AGAIN. We had tons of fun, but then Savino was pushing it. I told him to get off my property for the FIRST time. But, he just said he didn’t have to listen. I said I was going to have put restraining orders because I’m sick of that boy. Eventually I ignored him. But, then King started using Matthew’s scooter without asking. Man, he’s been doing this for a very long time. But, whenever I try to get a reason out of that boy. He says: “Matthew ALWAYS says no so it is unfair”. Really?! You don’t need to get stuff you want just because you want it. I forgave King easily. But, Savino was trying to back him up just because they were Facebook buddies. Hey I was King’s Facebook buddy first. The ONLY reason Savino got a Facebook because he heard us constantly talking about it. Man, I’m starting to really hate that boy.

Afterwards, I read inside the house and I put a towel on the pillow so my sweat doesn’t release through the pillow. In a matter or 5 minutes the towel was sweat like water. I eventually read my book and got to page 58. Woo ho!! Then, I took a shower. Went to sleep. Day ended.

12 comments on “I Guess This Is The 2nd Craziest Day Of The Summer

  1. hanyanulis says:

    hey dedu, where u pic about U’r activities spending summer time

  2. Gil says:

    Hey Andrew, I’m finally back from camp! Gotta start updating 🙂

  3. julianusginting says:

    hey bro….visiting you bro

  4. ImUmPh says:

    Hey. Long time no see. 😀
    Why you don’t tell me about Avatar. :lol
    What a hot day!

  5. arka says:

    maybe it was an annoying day for you.be patient!
    happy a nice day!

  6. Keping Hidup says:

    wait until you come to Indonesia – that’s what i call originally hot 😀

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