War Of The Worlds

What Is The Movie About?: Well, the movie is about this lazy work man that doesn’t want to do more than should be done. The man only wanted to do average work. That character is played by Tom Cruise. Then, he gets stuck babysitting these 2 kids for awhile until their mother gets back from Boston. While babysitting the whole world becomes intertwined with these alien machines’s destinies to exterminate the planet. So, the kids and guy’s mission is to stay alive. As long as they can.

Why You Should See This?: Well, if you have a thing for violence or suspense this movie WILL be there to thrill you. The movie would also be good for the paranoid minds because it ends with a GREAT message for the paranoid. Also, if you happen to be depressed or glum because of your life. Watch this movie and then you’ll start tearing away. I guarantee it! The movie COULD also work for kids for a punishment or something. Like if your kids under 10 or 11 only like writing people killing each other or violence a lot. Show your kids the movie. Then, he’ll either get MORE interested in violence or he’ll start crying too. If he gets into it, say to you child that you need to do what I say to watch this movie. Got a trap. Hehehe.

My Perspective About The Movie: Well, I actually think this is my favorite movie throughout my 11 years. But, I’m going to wait for another movie to impress me soon enough. Anyways, the movie was good enough to actually make me want to dream about it or draw it. But, I thought the movie had too much screaming in it. Just to make it into an opera. Te rest I think is perfect. Lol. 😀


8 comments on “War Of The Worlds

  1. FiyaFiya says:

    I know the movie, but haven’t watch it yet.. Ihihihi.. 🙂
    But as usual, u did a great job reviewing the movie..
    So I think, I’m gonna go finding it then watch.. Haha..

    Hows ur day, nutty??

    • Andrew says:

      You do? Too bad you haven’t watched it. It is a good movie. Lol. You think I’m good at reviewing. Well, thank you. Now, all I need is some compliments from Americans. Yeah, rent it or buy it would be best. Hope u like action. Lol. Well, come tomorrow however you can than you’ll see nutty.

  2. nadiafriza says:

    War World of The World is THAT good to you? sorry to say but I kinda disappointed that this movie had to do with alien thingy.. imho, it was great until the aliens shown 😀

    many better movies than this one like District 9 if you love aliens 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Oh yeah!!!! That’s too bad, maybe you are just not into Sci-fi. It was actually boring until the aliens showed up. Lol. My mom watched that movie a few months ago. She said I’m not going to be able to see that movie until I get my own life. HELLO! It is rated r and heads pop off and strong blood. Not allowed to watch that. My mom was disappointed in District 9.

  3. Ifan Jayadi says:

    I seems It is an interesting movie. Maybe, next time, I have to watch it.

  4. hanyanulis says:

    I realy like the scene when Cruise’s recent attention-grabbing engagement to Katie Holmes and his desire to talk about Scientology at every possible opportunity have turned a few people off. At the heart of the film is the story of a dad forced to reconnect with his children and to do everything in his power to save them. As for the acting, Cruise, Fanning and Chatwin are perfect. Cruise shows a lot of range (more so than usual) playing a jerk who figures things out before it’s too late for his relationship with his kids to be salvaged.

    • Andrew says:

      You like that, I guess I do too. Scientology is complicated for me. Lol. Have you seen the movie? Yes, the whole story is about parents that will do anything to save their children.

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