I’m Under A Lot Of Pain, Stress, Depression And I’m Forgetting Too Easily

July 22, 2010
There was barely anything fun to do in my sleep. I didn’t feel comfortable at all in my bed since it was hot. VERY HOT. I can’t stand it. It makes me want to go to sleep, but I can’t because my COOL gland is forced to take shelter in a tent which still is very hot. Anyways, no dream was remembered ti’ll this day. I could only remember black again and nothing else. But, for some reason I still remember the dream I had about Paris and the Eiffel Tower. SCARY huh? After I woke up I desperately walked downstairs and didn’t really care how many noises or how fast I walking on the stairs. Because I was having a bad sleep. Luckily, I was able to keep my position in a good smile this morning. My mom seemed happy about today and she had a VERY GOOD SLEEP. Lucky for her. I tried to make myself happy with a little computer. Didn’t work.

So, I decided I was going to do some education and some exercise. I was able to do exercising without stressing my self or making me unhappy. Though, I did some handstand push-ups. It is basically when you stand up with your hands only touching the floor and you push your body up and down with your arms. So, you basically try to hold your WHOLE body just with your arms and lever it up and down. I was able to do about 4 I guess… but, I’m not able to push myself all the way down. Just halfway, which is good for my age. Oh and just so you know I had to read this book of sea creatures. Well, I learned some new things I USED TO know when I was 7. I remember when I was into animals SOO much I would only watch Animal Planet. Nothing else. Until my best friend Michael showed up he brought in Cartoon Network. I got bored of animals and got into games and TV.

When I was done I came to Simon’s house to ask for my gun back. He said a few days ago over the phone that one part of the handle broke off because he dropped it. But, he said it was cool. So, I saw it and to me it looked like an AWESOME sniper. I didn’t feel grateful or hate him. Just said thanks and walked away. My mom was watching the Nanny. I watched along with her it was all okay. I thought I was going to be able to take my anger away. It was okay. Then, we went to the pool as soon as possible. We had a pretty darn good time. I tried lots of swimming and got a lot better. Lol. Eventually, my dad had to go to work. Dominos basically. Then, my mom and I watched the Revenge Of the Bridesmaid. First time I actually saw it. It was interesting and made me REALLY angry. But, it ended good. Though, I wasn’t satisfied with the ending. Afterwards, my mom watched Grease, then I got depressed. Don’t know why. But, my mom was able to comfort me. 😀


4 comments on “I’m Under A Lot Of Pain, Stress, Depression And I’m Forgetting Too Easily

  1. FiyaFiya says:

    So it’s hot rite there?
    Here.. Cold.. So cold..
    Brrrrrr.. 😦

    OH My God..
    Nutty, we are exactly living the sama frustrated life.. :”(

    Hope everythings just fine.. As soon as possible..

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, even yesterday, I sweat yesterday SOO much you could see water through my shirt. Lol. Lucky you. Yes, but, not long for me. Lol. Yes it will be in a few months, but for now I’ll have to suffer my own punishment.

  2. nadiafriza says:

    handstand-push-up? wow be careful dude

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