I’m Going Nuts Here

July 19, 2010
Well, I occasionally go nuts. But that’s just the way I roll. Lol. Anyways, when I was partially sleeping in the middle of the night I found something that felt like some soft metal with no edges, just lumps. I already assumed it was one of those decoration rocks you put in gardens that look exactly like marbles. But, I just didn’t get why it was in my sleeping pouch or whatever you call it. I told Michael about it, he just said to show it when everybody was awake. Well, thank YOU for the notice, but there is something I found and I think you need to see. He ignored me ti’ll he fell asleep. Well, I just tried to ignore that when I fell asleep. But, when I fell asleep, all I could picture was black. See the reasons I think people don’t want to SHARE their dreams is because they either think it is too embarrassing to talk about, it’s a waste of time or I really don’t remember having any dream. I think it’s okay to share your dreams no matter what because they are a part of you.

Well, after 9 in the morning past I started to play Tony Hawk Scateboarding Project 8 for an hour. But, then, Daniel gave me alert that I was leaving ti’ll lunch. Which was okay with me, it was only 9 in the morning. Lunches are supposed to take place around 2 or 1. Well, I tried to ignore that and stop playing. But, then, I went into Michael’s room with him to check things out. When he was looking into my sleeping bag yes!!! Finally figured out what to call that thing I was sleeping in. Anyways, when he was looking into my sleeping bag, he found the exact garden rock I found. He was actually surprised to find it. Think about about how he would’ve felt when I showed him that. Hmm… anyways, when 11 hit the clock Ms. Ginger said she was going to make me a chicken sandwich with mayo on it, which was my perfect order. Than, we left. So, soon? Whatever, it’s not my business right?

Well, I got back home, gave my dad a MANLY hug. And just sat and watched Matthew play video games. I eventually took the Ds from him then he started to yell. Which was really weird if him. He said he didn’t play video games at all yesterday (two days ago). Well, lets see about that with mom. Anyways, time passed, my dad actually reminded me to make a birthday card for mom to make of the retreat on her birthday. I still thought my mom was going to be mad at me. So,I tried to make the best birthday card I could in her style of colors. Well, I felt sorry to actually break my mom’s heart. But, that was the wrong I caused. Anyways, my mom actually came back home and read the card and was satisfied. She didn’t look happy, so, I asked her if she was having troubles. She didn’t really.

Than, later on she said we were getting no more Christmas gifts for Christmas because we didn’t give my mom a present. A hello, last year on my DAD’S birthday we just gave him plain old cards. Nothing else, he was still happy. But, now thanks to dad I lost my ONE chance of opportunity to get my electric guitar or camera. Well, thanks a lot dad. I trained on the guitar for nothing. Eventually, Simon asked if I could come outside and we tried to make fun of ourselves. Instead we were bored. But, we saw a person that looked JUST like Alex. Eventually we saw it WAS Alex. He said he couldn’t play right now. The only information he gave us was getting drunk for 13th birthday and broke into a house. He went back up the street. Are you serious? Simon and I decided to follow him. Than, Savino was forced into our team. So, when I asked my mom to go check on him she said no. Unfortunately, Savino was allowed to go. So, he just left me standing there. Which really ticked me off. Now, I regret really telling him.

Well, afterwards, we went to Hobby Lobby. It was better than I thought. All of us were constantly asking to buy some COOL decorations for houses. I waned to get a front portfolio graphic. But, mom won’t let us bu anything ti’ll Christmas is done. So, Anabelle and Matthew annoyed me and I was being mean to them. But, just to top it off, my sister told me we went to How To Train Your Dragon and a dinner place for my mom’s birthday. I got REALLY sad. Than, my mom told Anabelle to go in timeout than say sorry. We tried to watch Avatar the blue people movie. It didn’t work so we sent a complaint to the company Redbox I guess.


26 comments on “I’m Going Nuts Here

  1. FiyaFiya says:

    Nuts? Me either..
    U play skateboard? Thats soo cool andrew. I have lots of friends who also spending lots of their time skateboarding.. Hehehe
    And wait..
    Watch the avatar movie agaainnnn?? Wow.. Dude, seems like u really love the movie.. Haha

    • Andrew says:

      You are nuts? Hey sister. We are family!!! 😀 I play in video games and in real world. Indonesian people, tell me about it. Well, actually the show.

  2. FiyaFiya says:

    Oyeahh.. Me so nuts! Haha.. So we’re family now? A Nuts family.. LOL

    Ah, one of my friends.. Even that he’s already go to college.. He still playing wit the skate.. Love to see it 🙂

    Hei by the way.. Do u have Yahoo Messenger id? Maybe we can talk through the YM! LOL

    • Andrew says:

      I guess we are family. Sing the song man! Oh yeah we are the nuts people. Lets celebrate!!!! Actually even grownups use the scateboarding. The game was actually very interesting. Hehehehe. My dad does, but, I’ll have to work on that problem.

  3. FiyaFiya says:

    me singing rite now..
    Yeah yeah yeah.. We are the nuts family..
    Talking over the Blog everyday..
    Hahaha.. LOL

    Give me ur Yahoo Id btw.. Let’s chat.. ROFL

    • Andrew says:

      What is that mean? Lol. Yeah, sing it! “we are family… duh duh duh duh duh… Lol. We are family”. Hehehe. Yes, nutty. Yes, well, not everyday, but okay. Well, I should ask my dad first then will get physical. Lol.

  4. FiyaFiya says:

    Guess what..
    One day if I really get to ur hometown..
    We’ll singing together, sing that nutty songs.. Hahaha

    • Andrew says:

      Well, are you being sarcastic about moving to me? How old are you currently now. Yeah, I’ll sing with you everyday to remember this talk we had. Also you type FAST!

  5. FiyaFiya says:

    Nope.. I am an angel, how could I talk and try to be sarcastic to u..

    ROFL.. U know Andrew..? It’s 1 a.m in Indonesia. I can’t sleep.. Oh God.

    Feels like Insomniaaaa..

    Yeah.. I type Fast. Is it oke if I comment a lot on ur blog? Hahah

    • Andrew says:

      Good, no bad at all. I’ll be your angel too. Hope you’ll be my babysitter when you live next to me nutty. Yeah, it is 1:29 PM at my place. 12 hour difference. Hehehehe. I always have the need for sleep. Don’t get the word. Yeah, oh hell yeah. It is good.

  6. FiyaFiya says:

    Baby-sitting u?
    Hahaha.. Oh, in fact I wish to go on a date with u.. Ahahahahaah.. Kiddddddiinngggg..

    I can’t sleep..
    Poor me :”(

    • Andrew says:

      ROFL to you too. Lol. Babysitting yeah, that will be the life. 😀 Wow, a 20 year old with a 11 year old. That would be a surprise. I loved it how you put the sarcasm. At first I thought you were telling the truth. Until you said Kidddddddiinnggggg. Lol. You can go to sleep if you want. Not forcing you to stay up.

  7. FiyaFiya says:

    It’s not becuz u forcing or what..
    I just really can’t sleep.. I have insomnia thingii. Oh sucks. Hahaa..

    20 and 11.. They will call me Phedophil, Andrew.. Hahahah..
    But for a cute boy like U, Lets go on a date.. Hahahahahahahaa.. Another joking and kidding..

    sorry for talking a lot on ur blog. Really enjoy the talks.. LOL

    • Andrew says:

      Oh, you have that feeling you are not tired. You’ve been BORN with the energy. What does that mean, and what kind of word means? Have you seen my pictures, I’m hot by my perspective. Lol. I get the joke. Hehehe. Yeah, so do I.

  8. FiyaFiya says:

    Hot by ur perspective?
    Heiii.. I love that words..
    “I am hot by my perpective”

    I have lots of energy..

  9. FiyaFiya says:

    Keep the chin up! and be happy!

  10. FiyaFiya says:

    Just read ur comment on my blog..
    Yeahh.. There is someone who did not want ro forgive my mistake. Ahh too bad.. :”(

    But well,
    I agree..
    Lets call each other ‘nutty’
    Have a nice day my brother 🙂

  11. FiyaFiya says:

    BF.. Deal?
    Have a nice day then..
    Really nice conversation..
    Ohya.. Send my best regard to ur family there.. Be Happy nutty!! 🙂 LOL

  12. darahbiroe says:

    aku musti translate dulu nuy

  13. FiyaFiya says:

    Darahbiroe said that he should ask someone to translate what u’re talking about.. 🙂

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