At Least Addiction Isn’t My Problem Anymore

July 16, 2010
Hey, I hope most of you have heard of the commenter that just came back. Well, some of you may not even remember her. Her name is Fiya. Recently changed into FiyaFiya. I actually think the name is more attractive in her style. I also LOVED her new gravatar. Anyways, I FINALLY remembered my dream. It was scary and horrifying. And felt like the movie Inception. You know why? This is how it begins. I was in a car and so was my brother and parents (my sister’s weren’t in the dream). We eventually went to the bassist’s house and then left to go back home. But, for some reason our car was right under the Eiffel Tower. We weren’t even IN Paris! Well, I felt this kind of hard and rubbish, plastic thing on the ground. One of the plastic plates for the floor basically in Preschool. Then, the whole earth was tipping over left to right. And just when I was about to get a grip on the tower legs the world tipped over full side left. My brother wasn’t able to hold on. He fell in the dark air. But, for some reason, my hands wanted to let go and I let go. Before I could get to dark air I woke up. Scaring the heck of myself.

I only just noticed I woke up around 1 IN THE MORNING and guess what CRAZY thing I did. I went downstairs. and it was dark. But, it was normal this time because in a dark room for quite a while. So, I was able to turn on the light without feeling paranoid or scarce. My aunt eventually came downstairs. Man, I completely forgot she was staying over. Not that I didn’t like having her around. It is just that I forgot she was here and it surprised me. I also forgot she was an early morning wake-up. Hahaha. Funny me. Anyways, I was told that my aunt and parents were going back to the wedding to arrange. Honestly, I don’t know how that place is going to look like. But, I do know who the bride and what other gender you call it in weddings.

We played video games on the exact time mom told us to do it on. And we stopped also at the exact time mom recommended. Just when we stumbled across Generator Rex we took 30 minute bath. We were able to take a bath and wash our hair. Except my sister left a load of bath water in the bathroom floor. I told her to dry it. Shes aid it was going to be as easy as pie. Well, I ignored that for awhile. Thunder hit 15 feet away from our house. It was a scary experience. Than, my dad did quiet time with us. Oh and FYI, we were done by 11:54 at night. Almost stayed up FULL time. Oh and tomorrow’s the wedding (today).


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