I Don’t Know How To Make This Up To You

Well, as a matter of fact. Today’s morning wake-up didn’t end so WELL. You know why? I actually for the FIRST time misunderstood the time I woke up at. I was predicting it to be about 7 in the morning. But, guess what?! It was actually 8 in the morning. I decided not to go on my farm because of this HORRIBLE event. All I did was do my blogging and all and eat breakfast. By the time I was almost done, my brother came downstairs. Then, my sisters Anabella and Patricia. That’s weird for two reasons. 1. Patricia is always the one waking up first. 2. they’re not all supposed to be awake. It’s only 8. Than, I realized I thought it was 7 so it had already been an hour. But, I forgot it was 8 in the morning then an hour added. How could I not realize that?! I’m really starting to regret even having to lose my time prediction because if I keep this going, I’ll be timeless and I won’t be doing my early morning stuff with privacy. Anyways, my mom was already work before I even woke up. So, all I had running around the house was brothers and sisters. We decided to watch Spongebob Squarepants. Than, when my dad was awake we watched Avatar the Last Airbender AGAIN. Man, we can finish the 3 books in just a few weeks. Right now we just got to book 3.

Afterwards, I got bored. Expected Simon to call up. But, he didn’t call or answer. I was starting to get suspicious. Afterwards, I wanted to go outside. But, I had the need to unload the dishes for some reason, but, it was already a good reason in my mind because I was doing a chore. Oh and FYI, I hope you don’t start to get weird around me, but, about 7 days ago, it was very hard for me to get disciplined to brushing my teeth. Ever since, I’ve been brushing. I’ve been trying to take my dad’s lectures and constantly reminding myself to brush. What’s wrong with me? Really?! Anyways, my brother was being annoying. I constantly got IN trouble BECAUSE of him. But, I was not going to let a little brother annoyance bother me.

A few hours later my mom came home while Patricia and I were making a Flip note writing again. Man, we are obsessed with that. Afterwards, we showed my dad and he was surprised. I was happy he thought it wasn’t just a junky thing we were going to get used to. Oh and FYI, I figured out my mom’s birthday is coming next MONDAY. Sorry I said Sunday. Sunday was Alex’s birthday. Oh and on Saturday I’m going to a wedding. So, hold your seat belts. We are getting ready for a big thing. Though, I got some popcorn and went on Google videos to try to find War of the Worlds. Unfortunately, they were all bad. Than, I was told by my dad to eat healthy. I was kind of sorry I didn’t eat healthy AGAIN.

Afterwards, we saw Family Matters. It was fun. Than, did Flip note Again. My dad actually gave pizza eventually. He got a multi-pizza. With the toppings bacon, ham, pineapple, red pepper and I guess some cheese. But, he expected us to EAT ALL OF IT! I was only able to eat one pizza all the way to the crust. Than, we went upstairs to go to sleep. Then, we figured out we had our aunt to stay over. Our days just couldn’t turn better from bad. 😀


26 comments on “I Don’t Know How To Make This Up To You

  1. ImUmPh says:

    Avatar AGAIN.:lol
    No a day without Avatar. 😀

    • Andrew says:

      I know, try staying in my family’s position. We are obsessed with the show… well… I’m not actually.
      Well, not on my brother’s watch no.

  2. FiyaFiya says:

    Long times I did not come here..
    How’s life?
    Heiiii… Seems like u really really loves avatar, dude? *wooohoooo*

    • Andrew says:

      Fiya!!!!!! Or may I saw FiyaFiya.
      I missed you SOO much. What took you so long?
      Well, if you read the posts I put you can tell if my life IS good. Lol.
      Yeah, the whole family LOVES it.

  3. Malin says:

    I had pizza today too. But with mushrooms, beef tenderloin and Bearnaise sauce at my favourite restaurant, outside in the great weather.

    • Andrew says:

      Pizza. What is your favorite shop? Mines is Dominoes basically because my dad works there. Lol. Beef tenderloin? Haven’t heard of that.

  4. FiyaFiya says:

    And by the way..
    I love the interaction between u and ur sisters, dude..
    Send my verrrryyyy best regard to them.. Okay?

  5. FiyaFiya says:

    So I guess I should start talk wit them.. Aitee??

    Well, I could say so just from what u have written here.. On ur blog..

    Ah so..
    Ur mom yeah..
    She got the best warm regard..
    If I live there, no doubt I’ll brought her A cute and yummy cake.. LOL

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I can tell my sister to talk with u. But, that’s useless. Do you know your phone number? Lol. Yes, if not, KILL YOU!!! Lol. If you lived in my neighborhood, I would knock on your door everyday. Lol.

  6. FiyaFiya says:

    Ur funny! 🙂
    Of course I know my phone number and hahaha.. Knocking on my door everyday? Will be glad to have u as my guest then.. Ahhhh.. Wish that we’re neighbor! Gonna be awesome.. We can talk, sing and play together every-d.a.y 😀

    • Andrew says:

      Well, please share it when we video chat on Yahoo or whatever it is called. Well, I guess whenever I visit you’ll go to McDonalds. I’ll keep you as my honored guest. Also, Asop will be there too, he said he’ll visit me soon. Yeah, what video games do you have?

  7. FiyaFiya says:

    Oyeah. I will.
    One day if we chat.. Hahaha..

    video game?
    I play the easy one.. You know, like the wedding dash or some spongebob game.. Hahaha

    • Andrew says:

      You’ll take me to McDonalds? Yes you are awesome!! Yes, we will. Lol. Yes video game. Easy ones are like ALL video games. like Guitar Hero I guess. Wedding Dash? Haven’t heard of it. Sponge bob I know, but, never played. I’ll teach you some VIOLENT games. Hehehehe.

  8. FiyaFiya says:

    I never win any violent game, dude.. I am terribly bad at that kind of game. Hahah.. So I play the easy one.. LOL

    once I reach the land of America.. I’ll take u to Mcdonalds then.. Haha..

    • Andrew says:

      Well, as I say, I can teach you. Hehehehe. Why? Because of VIOLENCE? Lol. I play with you if that makes you happy. Yes, awesome. Will be eating burgers talking and enjoying the talks. Yeah, that would be the heaven God has granted us. I’ll pray you’ll get enough money. Hehehehe.

  9. FiyaFiya says:

    Oh amiiiiinnnnnn..
    I plan to chasing for a scholarship..
    Wish me luck..

    Teach me then!
    U owe me a lot! Teach me Speaking in Romanian accent and also play the violent games..

    I think we really gonna get a good and fun conversation. Rite? Really nice to talk to u 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      What does that mean? Lol. Scholarship. Okay, good for you. Yes. Yes, I owe you a lot. Yes, yes, yes. Lol. I think that too. Wait, you are finally going to bed?

  10. FiyaFiya says:

    Nope.. I’ll still wide awake..
    mind to continue the talks? Hahaha..

    u owe me a lot..

    Hei, u don’t go out or something?

  11. FiyaFiya says:

    Nope. Nothing.
    Playing outside or something?
    Really wanna live in America..

  12. FiyaFiya says:

    Yess I do!
    America is one of my favorite country..
    Hmm.. Since I love the backstreet boys and most musician from USA.. Ahhaa.. If I am ur neighbor, u wont get boring. LOL

    • Andrew says:

      It is? I think Japan or Romania is my favorite. Lol. Backstreet Boys!!! You are going to get along with my mom swimmingly. Lol. Well, I know that for sure.

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