Everybody Loves King!

July 11, 2010
Well, some parts in this post won’t describe him. But most of tis post describes him and talks about him. But, lets get to the morning wake-up. I was actually for the first time in 7 months sleeping in my bed. It felt very comfortable. But, I was trying not to get too comforted or I would sleep through the whole morning until my mom would wake me up for church. So, I was basically planning to get to the computer before we had to get ready for church. Oh and FYI, our church is the most populated church in the WHOLE USA! Awesome right? Anyways, I accidentally slept all the way ti’ll 8 in the morning. Well, luckily we were going to the 11 in the morning service. Well, that means I wouldn’t be able to see my friends this week again. But, lucky for me, she said we were going to wake-up around 10 in the morning. Well, guess how wrong I was. My dad came downstairs, than my mom and we had to get ready. My brain. Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay. Well, I didn’t get in SOO much trouble. But, a slap in the head. We eventually left.

Once we got at the church, I ran to my class. XTREME! Well, all the kids from the 9 in the morning service were leaving and just to tell you, there were a lot of people. So, it was hard for me to get past them. But, on the way, I saw my friends August and um… Asa! I was surprised. But, when I was about to say something, they asked what was my last name. Weird. I answered. Than, they said I think your in our group. Oh crap, I forgot about the small groups by then. I was just happy enough I was going to be able to go now. Well, I got inside. The music started. But, I had no small group. Curse this group! We eventually left and life went on.

When I got back, a few minutes later we went to Walmart. And we saw Savino there. That was actually kind of a surprise. He was also wearing the same shirt I had for church. Well, once we got back home, King rang on the doorbell. Now, this is his shining moment. He actually brought his basketball. But, when we were walking to Simon’s house, nobody was there. Well, we talked about our Farmville and how we were doing. Than, we went to Savino’s house. He was able to answer like always (man, Savino has NEVER not answered to me when I ring his doorbell, or anybody else for that matter, he’s only missed it once). Then, he came outside and insulted King but through jokes. Not offensive talk. Well, King wasn’t good at making jokes. For example, Savino was making these kind of jokes up: “King, you are SOO stupid you thought that bush was your house, the ground was your bed and you thought the road was your mom” well then, he was starting to get into racist things and then it got into more disgusting jokes. I just laughed. Savino was the funniest. But, King is average. But, he’s my friend. He doesn’t have to be funny.

After that, we went on chat through Facebook. But, before that, I asked my mom, she said to get off, so, I asked for King’s phone number FAST. He couldn’t give it. So, then I was stuck watching the World Cup. My dad almost victory danced when he thought they scored. But, then, they FINALLY SCORED!!! I was happy. My dad was happy. But, my mom was watching Harry Potter upstairs. You know, the ABC Family Harry Potter weekend. She loves it. Well, I decided to watch it with her. Then, it came to quiet time. Now, here’s is the ultimate King. He is the King. The ultimate. Here is something to express him off. Ta-daa! Well, that’s all I got. Lol.


9 comments on “Everybody Loves King!

  1. hanyanulis says:

    well, i like this one note…..

  2. Usup Supriyadi says:

    it seems I also like the king. :mrgreen:

    by the way, how are you, Andrew?
    I miss you, old as well I’m not here

    spain dad support?

    I hope your day is always nice Andrew,

    I’m an exam, please prayer good luck.

    • Andrew says:

      That would sound like good news to King. 😀

      Doing good. Yeah, I miss you too. My dad supported Spain.

      I hope so too.

      I’ll pray to God.

  3. ImUmPh says:

    It’s story about the final days. 😀
    Yeah.. go Spain! For the first time finally.

    Nice group Andrew!

  4. FiyaFiya says:

    do some cheerleaders dancing..
    Ur daddy go for Spain.. And I did either..

    And well. Spain takes the crown! Got the cup! Yeaahh..

    looks like King is so loveable.. But I like Savino the most.. The funniest one..

    Warm regard, Andrew.. 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Well, I’m not a cheerleader. Hehehe. Well, so did I. Your family then! Lol. Yeah, a few days ago they won. Well, you could say that since you’re a GIRL. Savino is funny, but he is more of an annoying, stubborn, brat. Trust me, he acts nice then turns mean. Like a wolf. 😀 Thanks Fiya. 🙂

  5. […] I listened to the Party Rock Anthem song after I finished school, hanged out with my friend, King, because he had to skip school to see his sister graduate and go to college. I feel his sympathy. […]

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